Monday, December 31, 2012

Wearing a new dress shirt and feeling overwhelmed in the treehouse

I am still catching up on my blog entries. The following events occurred a couple of Mondays ago. Enjoy!

I got to work, wearing my other present that my guy had bought for me at Winners. I was sporting my striped dress shirt. It was blue with white stripes.

My guy went out with the new writer for lunch.  They returned from lunch just after I had arrived. Both of them liked my shirt. My guy asked me to do a catwalk. I wasn't interested in doing that. I am not that flashy sort of type. I'd probably do that in private, though.

Our boss came over to talk to my guy. I got pulled into the conversation. I actually had to come over to my guy's laptop and look at all the errors that he was getting running our software product's latest version.

Our boss then left our conversation. I was standing right next to my guy. He liked what he was seeing on me.

Moments later, he came over to my desk to talk. His hand went down the front of my shirt and groped my right breast. He then whispered the following in my left ear:
"Your black bra under your shirt is so sexy."
He asked that we have a treehouse meeting after work. I was fine with putting that into my schedule!

I could tell that my guy was getting a bit frustrated with trying to get our software product to run. He finally ran the upgrade script and things seemed to be working. I asked him to check. He asked if this was a "dry run," referring to the time where we were in the treehouse and he was dry-humping me from behind. Sure enough, everything was working fine software-wise.

So, we packed up our stuff and headed to our respective cars. We then drove to our usual spot and climbed into the treehouse.

I took off my long coat and placed it over the passenger front seat. We kissed a lot. I can never grow tired of kissing his tender, sweet lips.

He whispered that he wanted to test out unbuttoning my striped dress shirt. He did just that and went to fondle my breasts that were under my black bra.

My guy kissed my tummy. He then made a noise that resembled a fart while kissing me. We both laughed. Well, I laughed because I was ticklish, but we both laughed because it was such a funny sound. I excused myself. My guy thanked me for letting him kiss me there.

My slacks came off. I actually pulled them down because my guy found them to be elaborate. There was a side button and two hooks. He made me reach orgasm rather quickly. I was so turned on.

He fingered my butt next as we continued to kiss. He managed to finger my clit, too. Moments later, I came again. Yep, I was horny and my guy works wonders.

My guy did something different. He took down his slacks and briefs, and then shifted positions so that he was kneeling on the car's floor. He wanted me to give him a blowjob. I was lying on my side, stretched across the backseat of his car. I had his hard cock in my mouth and I groped his left buttock.

My guy likes being fingered. I attempted to finger his butt, but I was in such an awkward position. So, we changed back to something that we were used to. We need a cube van to really do what we wanted to properly.

He decided to spank me while I was giving him a blowjob. I felt so overwhelmed. I felt almost helpless. I actually had to stop, which made me feel sad. I was so upset that I sat there, with my head hanging down, crying.

I am lucky to be with a guy who is understanding and who senses when I am sad. He sat up and tried to lift my head up with both his hands on my face. He saw tears. I cried. He held me in his arms and sweetly asked why I was crying. I felt like I had let him down. He told me that all was okay.

He got a tissue and wiped my tears away. He buttoned up my shirt like the gentleman that he is. I always feel like a doll when he does that, which I enjoy.

My guy pulled up with briefs and slacks, and proceeded to get his laptop from his car's trunk. He came back into the treehouse and I took his laptop from him, so it would be easier for him to step inside.

When we first started seeing each other and he was on the road, he would tell me over Skype about a movie that turned him on. The movie had an older guy as a piano instructor who was giving music lessons to a young woman. My guy did the play-by-play comments back then, but I had never seen it. We watched it on his laptop.

The older guy reminded me of my guy. No, I don't mean the age thing. This man was touching her shoulders, her arms, and then made his way down to her breasts, and so on. She kept on resisting at first, but she ultimately caved and engaged in kissing and having sex with him. He reminded me of my guy and how he showed that he liked me at the start of our relationship.

My guy was clearly turned on. His erect penis made another appearance. This time, I was giving him a handjob as we were both watching the movie. My guy eventually came.
"Thank you for giving me a second chance," I whispered in his ear.
"There are always be more opportunities," he replied, understandably dopey.
We cleaned up and then cuddled. I always feel safe and content in his arms.

I'll write about what he had discussed in another blog entry.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Discreet affection at a farewell work luncheon

Two Thursdays ago was the part-time writer's farewell luncheon. This part-time writer, who told me when she was rehired that she "hates writing," decided that she was "not renewing [her] contract." Frankly, it was the best early Christmas present I could have received at work.

She took the job as a means to socialize with folks. I never understood why she returned at first, but it was clear as each month passed that she craved socializing with people. You could tell that actually doing work meant little to her. She took four weeks of unpaid vacation since she was hired back in June. I, on the other hand, have taken two weeks of vacation for the entire year and am carrying over my last week of vacation to 2013.

So, as expected, the part-time writer could not decide where she wanted to go for lunch. It took a project manager to suggest having sushi. She is not the generous type. Whenever we go out for lunch, she does not offer to drive. Although today was her day, she still didn't offer to drive.

I had to stop by the training room to get my guy. I wasn't expecting her to wait for me, along with two other colleagues. Obviously, she wasn't going to attempt to drive at all. My guy was kind to offer. He is truly a gentleman.

My guy sat next to me at the Japanese restaurant. There were eight of us. We were seated in a separate room, but the tables were separated. It was nice to not be seated at the same table with the part-time writer.

My guy is the type who picks up things quickly. He tried using chopsticks for the first time. He asked me if he was holding them correctly. He nearly had it. I taught him how. I also ordered sushi for him, as he didn't know what he felt like. It was sweet that he trusted me.

When we were all done eating lunch, we all talked. I discreetly caressed the back of his left calf and the side of his left thigh for quite a bit.

Two hours later, my guy drove the four of us back to the workplace. I was leaving for the day. The part-time writer asked if I was in the office the follow day, which was her last day. I said no. The funny thing was that my guy had clients to meet with on Friday, so he never got to see her. The other writer ended up feeling ill on Friday. So, it was fitting that no one was there on her final day. She has dropped the ball on numerous tasks, which all three of us have had to pick up the slack.

I asked my guy if he wanted my parking spot. He was game. I hopped back into his car and he drove me to mine.

He asked me whether others had noticed that I was affectionately caressing his thigh and calf. I said that I doubted it. I asked my guy if he was worried about it. He wasn't.

I could tell that he enjoyed my touching him. I would have loved to have massaged his crotch, but that wouldn't have been too discreet!

Friday, December 28, 2012

New cardigan and quality time to cheer my guy up

These events happened a couple of weeks ago. I am backlogged with posts, but do continue to enjoy reading along. =)

Sometimes, I don't know what to expect when I go into work on a Monday. This particular Monday was bizarre.

Well, I knew that my guy was in training class all week, so I wasn't expecting to immediately see him at his desk when I got to work. I knew that he would come up to see me on a break.

Well, I came into work and spoke to my writing colleague. She complimented me on my navy blue cardigan with purple horizontal stripes that went partially down it. I thanked her and said that I got it as a present.

As we were talking, my guy walked in. He looked at me. I looked up at him. We both waved to each other, as if we were looking in the mirror and seeing how we looked. We waved as if we were a single person.

My guy and I finally got to talk. Sometimes, our conversations are cute.
"Hey, is that a new sweater?" he asked me.
"Yes, it is," I replied. "A dear friend got it for me as a present on Friday."
"It looks great on you," he replied, almost patting himself on the back for being my personal stylus and buying it for me.
I must admit that my guy has great taste in clothing. It was a lot of fun shopping with him.

My guy was not having a good day, though. He told me that nothing was going right in the training course that he was in. One of the students had an old laptop and Windows had crashed on it.

My guy decided to share some biscotti with me. I ended up getting some hot water for my tea from the communal kitchen. He was standing behind me, admiring me from afar.

He had also dropped his lunch on the floor. Thus, he had been snacking on biscotti for most of the afternoon. He was not in a happy mood, as he was running on little sleep. He is the type of person who needs at least seven hour of sleep. He was up till 01:00, frying up eggplant because he was hungry.

I managed to get my guy laughing by cracking a few jokes. Another colleague had offered "happy pills" to my guy, which are vitamins with caffeine in them. My guy said that I didn't need to take any of them because I am always happy. Although that's not true, I am a pretty upbeat person on the whole.

I didn't think that he wanted any quality time and I wasn't sure if he wanted to talk. So, I called it a day at 18:00. My guy remembered that he had left a carton of milk in the training room. So, we rode the elevator together.

The elevator was ours. We kissed. He groped my left buttock. I caressed the back of his neck. He truly did want some quality time. We went into the training room. Sadly, there were folks there, but it's not the best place for quality time as IT guys have access to the room. He got the milk and we left.

We talked at the elevators. He asked if I wanted a quickie moment with him. Yep, we ended up meeting in the treehouse roughly fifteen minutes later.

My guy loved the grey dress pants that I was wearing. He told me that they guide him nicely to my crotch and they're nice for groping my backside.

He made me reach orgasm twice. Of course, we kissed quite a bit before hand. He loved the cardigan that he had bought for me. He wanted access to my breasts and unbuttoned it. I had a black bra underneath, which drove him crazy. He sucked my breasts. He kissed my tummy. He managed to tickle me, too.

My guy wanted me to give him a blowjob. I was happy to oblige. He was clearly horny. Just before he was about to come, I took his cock out of my mouth and gave him a handjob, firmly grasping the top part of it. I wasn't expecting him to practically scream in ecstasy when he ejaculated, but he did. I was so happy. He told me that it was intense and loved it.

We cleaned up. I told him how much I loved shopping with him the previous Friday. I also told him that I loved when he held my hand at Winners and when we walked out of the store holding hands to my car. It meant a lot to me, considering that my ex was never into public affection. My guy was touched. He kissed my hand and then my face.

We cuddled. We talked. It didn't feel like a quickie. We were there for nearly two hours.

I asked him if he was awake. He was. He was also cheerful and content. It's amazing what treehouse time can cure.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas!

By nature, I am a reflective person. I am particularly reflective during this holiday season.

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement over the years. Life is quite the road trip. You keep going, but you don't know what is going to really happen. You stop and go. You meet people and forge dialog. Friendships and relationships develop. It's all good.

I am grateful to have you tag along with my life adventures. I am grateful for your support and your kind words.

I am also fortunate to have my guy in my life. I recall when I first told him that I liked to be spanked. He has never backed down from a new challenge, but he did tell me back then that he had never spanked anyone before. The other day, he told me that he has grown to love spanking me -- that there's a nice rhythm involved. It's amazing how our relationship has bloomed over the past year, both emotionally and physically. We are closer than ever and I can only hope that it continues.

Here's hoping that you spend Christmas with your loved ones and have a great one!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Checking up my sadness and spanking aftermath

I have mentioned in the past that I tend to initiate writing e-mails to my guy, to see how he is and such. Lately, when my guy is concerned about me, he tends to send me e-mails.

Sure, we Skype, but we're not always online at the same time, unless it's during regular business hours. Yes, we both have cell phones, but our texts are short and we are often meeting somewhere and need to communicate quickly. Writing e-mails allows us to express a lot more.

On Thursday, both of us were working from home. He sent me an e-mail, asking if I was feeling better -- both emotionally and physically from the spanking that I had received the previous evening.

I wrote to him, saying that I wasn't sad like I was on Wednesday. My backside was sore, as expected. I liked how I had a constant reminder of the fine level of service that I got from him whenever I was seated.

I also hoped that he wasn't scared from my crying while receiving such a hard spanking from him. I told him that I was sad. Being scolded and spanked hard while being so sad caused me to cry. It was an emotional release and I felt much better after letting my sadness out.

My guy wrote back tonight. He told me not to worry about crying in front of him. He let me know that I am comfortable doing it and that I can tell him exactly how I feel. He admitted that he was worried about me on Wednesday, but he knew that I would get out of my blueness phase.

Last week, he said something to me that was significant in my eyes. My blog posts these days are a bit messed up (I have two older posts to complete, for instance). On Wednesday, he told me that I was the best girlfriend he could ever have.

To most folks, using girlfriend would sound like being in high school and perhaps even like we were naive young kids starting out in the world. My guy using this word to describe me is huge. He has never used it before, although it has always been understood since we've been together. I told him that. It meant and still means a lot to me.

Just when you think that you can't grow closer as a couple, you truly do.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cheering me up and crying while being spanked hard

On Wednesday, I woke up feeling blue. For a while now, I have felt like I am being taken for granted at work -- that I will always be there for folks. I am the dependable one. Folks expect me to meet deadlines and have tasks done quickly. I don't feel like my work is ever good enough to others, mainly because my workload is still through the roof.

I got to the office in the afternoon and said hi to my guy. He looked nice in his blue sweater. The new writer came to talk to me. I then moved over to her desk, for I had to pick up a new parking pass from the human resources (HR) person sitting across from her. My guy also had to get a new parking pass.

It was a nice conversation between the HR woman, my guy, and me. My guy knew that I was heading downstairs to hang my parking pass on my car's rear-view mirror. We walked down together, talking and catching up. We then went back to our floor. He asked how I was. I told him that I was feeling blue.

We talked in the kitchen for a bit. He's a good listener. I felt a bit better, but my sadness wasn't completely gone.

Towards the end of the day, my guy logged on to Skype.
"Wanna grab some Chinese?" he asked me.
"Food or me?" I asked playfully.
"Food for now," he replied, adding a smiley face after his statement.
"I thought so. Okay. Maybe dinner will cheer me up."
"I hope so," he replied.
We packed up our stuff and walked out the door together. We got into the elevator and talked with a guy who was trying to escape work. We wished him a Merry Christmas and exited the elevator.

My guy offered to drive us to the restaurant. So, I put my stuff in my car and got into his.

We talked towards the end of our drive to the Chinese restaurant that was up the road. I first introduced the restaurant a few months ago. My guy is completely hooked on the food.

My guy loves my hands. He truly believes that I should be a hand model and has offered to take pictures of them. So, we tried that using my phone. The photo shoot was fun. I was joking that it was a lot of hard work.

As usual, the food was excellent. The company was much needed.
"Maybe you need to be punished to make you feel better," he suggested.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to be spanked. He was being his usual sweet self by making tonight a me night.

After dinner, we drove to our usual treehouse spot. I reached out and held my guy's hand. I squeezed it. He reciprocated.

I ended up teasing me. He playfully mocked my laugh. I acted like I was offended and took his hat off, caressing his head.
"I don't like you," I said, obviously not meaning it.
"I like you a lot, though."
We got into the treehouse. I admitted that I wasn't sure if I was in the mood for quality time. Instead, I wanted to be held in his arms. I needed that. I took off my long, black military coat and cuddled up next to my guy. He held me, telling me that things were going to be okay. He kissed my forehead tenderly as he generally does.

I would say about fifteen minutes later, we started to kiss. He wanted to strictly focus on me. I had a grey, v-neck sweater on. He played with my breasts and ultimately dipped his hands under my sweater and bra to play with them.

Normally, my guy unbuttons my pants. I did that tonight and pulled them down, along with partially pulling my panties down. My guy played with my clit. We continued kissing as he fingered me. Moments later, I came and rested my head against his chest, feeling rather limp. My guy kissed my forehead again, gently removing his hand.

I asked him if he would spank me. He didn't hesitate. He pulled me across his lap and pulled my panties down to my thighs.

These days, I can tell that he truly loves to spank me. He does it hard and there are moments where he delivers multiple smacks in rapid succession. He scolds me in the process. I absolutely love it.

What happened next was unexpected. I was in a sad mood. He was spanking me hard and scolding me. I ended up crying almost uncontrollably. My guy stopped spanking me. His other hand caressed my upper back. Frankly, I think that I had scared him.

The spanking, although hard, was not the cause of my crying, which I think my guy believed was the cause of my outburst. I have to say that the emotional release was needed.

He apologized for spanking me so hard. I told him not to be. He had three fingers up my clit. He truly wanted me to feel better. I did. After I had reached orgasm, I sat up and looked at him.
"I haven't cried during a spanking in a long time," I said to him.
"Is that good or bad?" he asked me.
I kissed him. He knew what the answer was.

I rested my head against his chest and we cuddled some more. More kissing ensued. I reached down to his crotch and found the tip of his hard cock. I rubbed it with my right hand. It drove him crazy. I wanted him to feel good, too.

So, his slacks and briefs came down. We continued to kiss as I gave him a handjob. It worked out nicely. He was just as dopey as I was afterwards.

My guy said several sweet things to me afterwards. He told me that I was a special person and I was everything that he needed, which made me tear up. He always tells me that I'm funny and beautiful, but his comment meant more tonight. He also pointed out that 2012 was "the year of the Cutiebootie," which made me smile. We both agreed that it has been a great first year together. I told him that I wanted another great year with him coming up.

It always nice to be wanted and loved. It's important to have someone who can cheer you up when you're feeling down and who is there for you. I am grateful to have my guy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skype excitement

Last Wednesday, it took some time for me to get motivated to do some work at home. I think the combination of gloominess outside and the fact that I need a vacation has finally caught up with me.

I got to the office in the afternoon. I ended up talking to folks while I took out my laptop and connected it to the network.

I realized that I didn't have my cell phone with me. Perhaps it had fallen out of my bag in the car. So, I went downstairs to the parking lot to find it. Along the way, I stopped by my boss's desk, asking if we could reschedule our Friday afternoon meeting to today. He was fine with that arrangement.

Yes, I went outside with a black cashmere sweater and a pair of grey corduroy pants. The temperature was hovering around the freezing mark. For some reason, I don't find such conditions to be cold. Perhaps it is because I used to live in Winnipeg for nearly a decade.

Sure enough, my cell phone was sitting in the backseat of my car. I fetched it and went back into the building. I had to see someone on the eleventh floor, so I took the elevator all the way up. I ended up chatting with another colleague first before finding the other one that I needed to speak to about a work-related problem.

I finally got to my desk and chatted with yet another colleague who has a number of ulcers in his eye. That must be painful. Apparently, he wears contact lenses and bacteria was the culprit.

I would say that roughly an hour later, my guy came upstairs from his training class to see me. He always makes me smile when I see his face. We talked for a bit. My boss was running late. He eventually caught me and we talked for about 40 minutes.

My guy was done with his training course at around 17:30. We talked a bit. He asked me out for dinner. I couldn't say no. We left work. He offered to drive. I was good with that.

We held hands as he drove. My guy tends to have cold hands. I am the complete opposite. I ended up heating his right hand up.

We went to a Chinese restaurant up the road. He let me sit on the padded bench.
"I thought that you liked the bench," he said to me.
"I don't mind either way, except when I am sore, like last week" I hinted.
"We can fix that," he said, grinning at me.
We ordered dinner and chatted. His company is always enjoyable. Our time spent eating and chatting was a combination of sexual innuendos, and serious conversation.

I am a slow eater. He was watching me as I continued to shovel some food into my mouth.
"You are so beautiful," he said to me. "You're cute, you know."
 "Thanks," I said, looking into his eyes. He's not so bad himself.
"Your hair frames your face nicely. You have a cute chin. And, those lips! They should be doing something else..."
My guy hinted that he was getting hard. It was funny to see him get the bill and pay for it quickly. I could tell that he was in the mood for treehouse time. We cracked open our fortune cookies and looked at our fortunes. I taught him how to say his fortune in Cantonese. The woman hadn't come back to provide change. Instead, my guy asked if I had change. I did, putting down nearly three dollars. We headed out the door.

My guy definitely wanted some treehouse time. I told him that this request was unexpected, but nice.

He drove us to our usual spot and we climbed in. My guy then said that he had forgotten something. He was looking for something in the front seat area, so he was arched over. I got quite a nice view of him bent over, with his backside available. I couldn't help but to swat his bottom. He didn't complain. It was a good sign.

What he was looking for was not in the front seat area. He had to climb out of the treehouse and look in his car's trunk. He was looking for a surgical-type glove. He thought that fingering me would be fun with one on.

We kissed as soon as he came back into the treehouse. I then hugged him. My hug ended up consisting of my going over his knee. He started to spank me with a few light swats.
"What did I do?" I asked him.
"Do you really need a reason?" he asked me.
"Yes, it would be helpful," I said, not really wanting a reason, but I wanted to see his reaction.
The smacks across my backside became harder. He likes giving me six smacks in rapid succession these days. I truly enjoy when he scolds me, punctuating every word with a stern smack across each buttock.
"I am going to spank you so hard that you'll need to sit on that padded bench (in the restaurant) tomorrow," he added, which completed made me incredibly horny.
He stopped spanking me and decided to finger me from behind. I was lubricated, which was an understatement! Moments later, I was one happy girl.

I then worked on my guy. He took down his slacks and briefs. He was erect, as he had mentioned during our dinner conversation. It wasn't a surprise.
"Suck me, Cutiebootie," he whispered in my ear.
My guy saying my name during treehouse time is something different. We have never said each other's name. We tend to when we are talking, but never when we are intimate. It was a nice sign.

I sucked his hard cock. I loved how it felt. In a weird way, it was kind of like dessert for me. Again, it didn't take long for my guy to ejaculate.

We cleaned up afterward. We were both dopey, although I was more in that state than he was. It was to the point where I stayed in the backseat and my guy drove me back to my car at our workplace's parking lot after we spend some time chatting and cuddling.

My guy revealed to me that during his training class today that he saw my name pop up in Skype. He was excited that I was at the office that he took a break. He wanted to see me. Unfortunately, I wasn't at my desk when he decided to break. An hour later, he came back to our cubicle area and found me. We chatted. It was sweet that he had the need to see me.

We have a ramp that leads us to our building. I was kind of out of it. I actually said, "Whee!" as my guy drove up it. My guy stopped the car in front of mine and looked at me.
"You are so dopey," he stated, which was pretty obvious. "You only came twice."
"Yes, and I also ate more carbs than I normally do, which makes me lethargic faster," I pointed out.
He nodded as I got out of the backseat and then gathered my stuff from the front seat. I thanked him for a nice evening, hugged and kissed him, and then closed his car's door. He waited for me to get into my car and start it before he drove off. He's nice that way.

It was a great evening out. I have a sore bottom to prove it.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My early Christmas gifts - shopping at Winners

Last Friday was a trying day for me. I felt sluggish, probably because I had worked hard at getting a number of tasks done the previous day and I hadn't fully recovered from it. The morning consisted of my not doing much. I just sat in front of my computer and read a few e-mails.

I got to work on Friday afternoon. It was nice to see my guy. Unfortunately, our boss had a last-minute task for both of us to do. We had to provide word counts of all our documents (me) and presentations (my guy).

The unfortunate part about my task is that the two largest sets of documentation are online help files, all in HTML. It's not like Word where you get your word count automatically. I ended up downloading a free copy of software that counts words for practically every possible file format. I was so happy.

I told my guy about it. He wanted a demo and came over to my desk. I showed him. He touched my shoulder blades and grabbed my right side, near my armpit. He is the only guy that I know who likes doing that. It's sweet and I like it.

He then moved to my left side. His hand went down my jeans to squeeze my left buttock. It has been quite some time since he has done that.

I had entered all my totals in a table and then sent the file to my guy. He entered his numbers in and sent everything to our boss, copying me, in an e-mail. We then quickly packed up and headed out the door.

My guy told a fellow colleague that there was shopping to be done. Yep, today was my early Christmas. We were headed to Winners to get me an outfit.

I offered to drive us. My guy put his stuff in his car. I pulled my car next to his car, waited for him to get in my car, and we were off to the local Winners.

My guy is fun to be with. He thinks that I'm equally as fun to hang out with.
"Are you wearing your seatbelt?" he asked him, groping my breasts with his hand.
"That was subtle," I said.
"I am just concerned about your safety," he admitted.
"Sure," I said, unconvinced.
At one point, our joking became so fun that I ended up pulling down the visor in my car, moving the shutter over to one side, and having him look at himself in the mirror to reveal who was being the "bad person." We laughed a lot.

After that, we drove holding hands to Winners. Our relationship feels like a high school one sometimes. I can't complain.

We had a fun time there. I had told my guy the other day that I needed a winter coat. He had picked out one that was what I had wanted. It was a double-breasted wool coat. He teased me about the double-breasted part the other day. I tried it on, but the coat was a bit tight. He was attempting to button the coat, but ended up feeling my breasts. Ah, how nice!

My guy has good taste. Although we didn't find any decent dress pants for me, he did manage to pick out seven different tops for me to try.

We went through some hideous ones.
"This one looks like a tennis ball," he stated, referring to the top's colour. "I want to take a paddle and smack it."
"That sweater does remind me of a tennis ball! Does it come in a pair of pants?" I asked him, hinting that he could smack my backside with that paddle.
My guy wanted to see me in every outfit when I was about to go into the ladies' fitting room. I told him that it would be a long night. Instead, I wore every outfit and took pictures using my camera phone. It was a first for me.

After I was done, I shared my pictures with my guy. I took a shot of my buttoning up a nice cardigan sweater, which revealed my black bra. He loved that photo. He looked at it longingly for a minute.

In the end, he bought me two tops. Yes, the cardigan that I wore over my black bra was a keeper. He also liked me in a striped, blue-and-white dress shirt.

We walked over to the cash register. He held my hand as we walked over there, with his other hand holding the two articles of clothing that he was about to buy for me. After that, we continued holding hands as we walked out the store and to my car.

It was a sweet evening. We got into my car and we kissed for a bit before we made the drive back to work.

Yep, we continued to hold hands. He is a sweet guy and I enjoy such moments with him. We continued to joke.

We got to the parking lot at work. I parked my car next to his. We kissed some more. He then whispered in my ear.
"On Monday, you are going to wear one of those articles of clothing, right?" he asked me with a stern tone in his voice.
"What if I don't?" I asked, challenging him.
"You know what will happen to you," he nodded. "I am giving you an option of choosing which outfit to wear first. Whether you wear it or not, you will be punished."
I wanted to hear that statement. We hugged and kissed a bit longer before he got out of my car and into his.

We both admitted that shopping was a lot of fun together. We normally don't go shopping for clothes together. We should more often.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CWS challenge #4

I am guilty of missing a challenge, I believe. However, this CWS challenge looked like tons of fun. So, I had to participate.

The challenge involves creating blowjob-related e-card. Here's my attempt:

Goodnight! =)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A work-related call with punishment implications

Down the road, I'll need to add a blog post explaining the reason behind my guy getting me an early Christmas present. For now, I'll describe last Thursday.

The last spanking that I got from my guy was indeed one of the harder ones that I have received in quite some time. It took nearly three days for the soreness to completely fade away. I could tell that first night that it was some spanking session. I fell asleep on my back and woke up on my right side. He had spanked my bare left buttock a lot harder than the right one. The pressure of my sleeping on my backside was too much and I shifted positions during the night.

Last Thursday, I worked from home. I worked hard and was pleased with everything that I had accomplished. I shut down my laptop at 18:30 and decided to blast music.

It was 19:12. My cell phone rang. It was a call from work. Who on Earth would call me? Yep, my guy was still there.
"Hello, Cutiebootie speaking," I answered.
"Hey," my guy said.
"Hey! Is this a work-related call?"
"Yes, in a way," he said in an awkward manner.
"In that case, I should hang up," which made us both laugh.
I could tell that he needed help. He needed some metadata from me. In a nutshell, he needed my metadata to run our software application and show how it works to a group of clients the next day. I told my guy that I had to get my laptop out of hibernation mode.

We talked while my laptop was booting up. My guy said that he would make up for this work-related phone call the next day. He was planning to take me out to Winners (it's owned by TJ Maxx) to get me a new outfit as an early Christmas present.

This week, my guy is an instructor to a number of clients.
"If I were in your class, would you pass me?" I asked him hypothetically.
"Of course," he stated confidently. "You're sleeping with the instructor. It's a guarantee."
"Maybe," I pondered.
"In undergrad, I am sure that you could have slept with any of your professors to improve your marks," he teased.
"My computer science and math professors weren't exactly attractive," I explained. "Now, if they looked like you, I wouldn't hesitate."
"Aww, and you don't think that you're smooth?" he teased.
"You're better at it," I pointed out.
"That was smooth."
"It's all true."
I like when my guy hints at spanking me.
"So, we're going to get you some nice clothes tomorrow and you will wear them."
"What if I don't want to?" I asked him.
"Are you challenging me?" he asked me.
"No," I replied. "I just might say no to whatever you decide to get me."
"Well, you know what happens if you don't comply, right?"
"No," I said playfully.
"I will have no choice but to punish you."
He will punish me no matter what I do. I like that.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Call me, maybe? Yes, I will because I miss you!

I work from home on Tuesdays. My guy never ceases to amaze me with his sweetness.

I was having a good, productive workday at home. The phone rang. It was clearly a number from work.
"Hello, Cutiebootie speaking."
"Hey, there!"
I paused for a few seconds, not because I couldn't figure out the voice on the other end. I wasn't expecting my guy to call me.
"Hey, how are you?" I asked him.
"Good. I needed to hear your voice," he said sweetly.
"That's so sweet," I replied. "You've been sweeter than I could have ever imagined."
"Aww," he said, melting a bit. "It's the next best thing on a Tuesday."
We talked for a bit. He asked me how things were on "my end." I had to ask him which end. So, I first talked about my day.
"How is your other end?" he asked me mischieviously.
"It's sore," I said without any hesitation. "It's sore when I sit, walk, move, ... you did a fine job."
"I'm glad," he replied, sounding rather proud that he had spanked me thoroughly the previous night.
We chatted some more. I thanked him for thinking of me. I could tell that he missed me today. It was nice to hear his voice, although he was losing it from talking so much. It's nice to get away from Skype when he is a suburb away.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Hard, sound spanking and more

I was working from home on Monday morning. It was just before 13:00 and I was about to grab some lunch before heading into the office. My guy (MG) logged on to Skype and started a conversation with me. It was nice, but I was shocked. He knows that I go into the office on Mondays, so we tend to chat when I'm there.

My guy is in a course all week. Here's an excerpt from our Skype chat:
MG: Hey there
Me: Hey
Me: How goes it?
MG: Same old, same old
MG: Just started the advanced course. Guess who's in it
MG: The cool couple :)
Me: Who's the cool couple?
MG: The two guys from the other course
Me: Ah, you must be having such a fine time then! :)
MG: oh yeah. I'm ignoring their asses big time.
Me: So, I suppose that you need more breaks.
Me: lol
Me: It's nice hearing from you
MG: You, too.
MG: Are you coming to the office today?
Me: I am, or is that a warning sign that I should say home for some reason?
MG: No, it is not a warning sign :)
MG: It would be nice to see you
Me: That's sweet
Me: Seeing you would be great
MG: You're a doll ;)
Me: :)
Me: An occasional talking one
MG: lol
MG: Let's see if you close your eyes when you go on your back
Me: lol
Me: I think that you know the answer to that!
MG:Yes I do lol
MG: I like to play with dolls. Undressing them and all
Me: I'd like that... kinda miss that.
MG: Me too
Me: :)
Me: I gotta grab some lunch before I head into the office. I will see you soon.
MG: Sure. Drive carefully
Me: Will do. Have fun ignoring those jerks.
Me: :)
MG: I will :)
Me: :)
I got to work. My guy came to see me during a break from his course. We caught up.
"Software developers think that I am from Venus," I said to my guy.
"Venus, huh?" my guy pondered. "You must be a goddess. Well, you are to me."
My guy said again that I would win a performance award at work next year. He's kind, but I doubt that I will, despite my putting in a ton of hours and work.
"I'm in professional services," he said to me.
"I must be a part of the unprofessional services" I joked, hinting at our time spent in the treehouse.
"We should have a meeting today," my guy hinted, looking at my breasts.
"Yes, we need to have a discussion."
My guy was done with his course at 17:15. We left our floor and headed to the elevators. We got an empty elevator to ourselves. My guy stated that he loved the double-V sweater that I was wearing as we walked into the empty elevator. The doors closed. He groped my right buttock as I caressed the back of his head and kissed him passionately.

We headed to our respective cars and drove over to our usual place. He greeted me by groping my right buttock again before I climbed into the backseat of his car. Yep, we were ready for treehouse time.

We started off by kissing. We usually do. I could tell that my guy had truly missed me. He was giving me tons of kisses down my neck, my shoulders, and just under my right breast. It was nice as I cupped the back of his head in my right hand, caressing it while enjoying his sweet lips pressed against my skin.

He lifted up my bra and sucked my right nipple. It was heavenly. He nibbled on it for a bit and went back to kissing around my breast.
"I want to eat you," he said in his usual sexy voice. It was nice.
My guy was really into me. I ended up lying on my back, stretched out in the backseat. He was right on top of me. He lifted up my sweater and kissed my tummy, which made me giggle. Yep, I'm ticklish.

He did something different. He kissed my belly button and used his tongue to lick around it. Yep, I'm ticklish, but it was nice. No one has done that before. He told me later that he loves my belly button.

We hugged a bit before he rubbed my crotch. He didn't undo my pants just yet. I was already turned on by all the butt-groping action that it didn't take much effort for me to come.

He undid my pants. It made me laugh. He eventually got my pants down. He also slid my lacy panties down while we were kissing.

He led me over his knee. He was fingering me from behind. I was incredibly wet.
"You're such a slut," he insisted. Without much warning, his firm hand landed across my bare left buttock.
I could tell that this was going to be a hard spanking. He did not disappoint. He scolded me and spanked me a number of times in rapid succession. Six hard whacks landed on my left cheek, followed by the same number on the other.
"Are you ever going to learn?" he asked rhetorically, continuing to punish my backside.
"It hurts, sir," I said, feeling the warmth and sting.
He fingered my clit between the sets of smacks that he was performing across my now sore backside. He finally stopped spanking me and decided to finger me to orgasm. It was wonderful. I rested across his lap, limp, but happy.

We kissed some more. We talked briefly.
"I'm sorry that I hit you so hard," he told me apologetically.
"No, you're not," I said, which made him chuckle. "You enjoyed every moment."
A few moments later, he confessed that he liked spanking me hard.
"You have become a great spanker," I said, complimenting him.
"I do enjoy spanking you."
It was now round three. He was fingering my butt.
"Do you feel like a slut?" he asked me.
"I have felt like a slut when I climbed into the treehouse," I replied.
I was still bent over his lap. Instead, I rubbed my face against his hard cock that was still housed in his briefs and pants. I came again.
"I'm dopey," I admitted, sounding childish.
"But, you only came three times," my guy reasoned.
He unbuckled his belt. His slacks slid down. He pulled his briefs off.
"Can you touch my thighs?" he asked me politely.
Being dopey, I gently rubbed the inner part of his right thigh. He knows that I like squeezing that part of him and I did just that. He likes when I do that, too.

I moved to his other thigh, squeezing under his thigh and rubbing the length of it. I found his left buttock and I groped it. He quietly moaned. He still makes me believe that he is a good candidate for being spanked if he likes having his bottom squeezed and caressed.

I wrapped my hand around his erect cock. He started to jerk him off. I wanted to suck him and did just that. I got down on my knees in the treehouse and started sucking the tip of his penis. I then worked my way down the shaft. My guy had his eyes closed, definitely enjoying the experience as he continued to finger my butt.
"Do you like sucking me?" he asked. I mumbled something that resembled an affirmative response.
He told me, as usual, that he was about to come. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and he came. He was dopey, but not enough to not make me come again. It took a bit longer, but I did.
"Are you not going to let me sit down?" I asked him, as he still had his finger up my butt.
"I like it there," he admitted. "It's nice to have it hug my finger."
"Well, it's going to look funny when I'm at the grocery store and your finger is still up my ass," I stated. "I'd have to say to the cashier, 'Don't mind him. He's with me.'"
"He's in me," my guy said, laughing.
We cleaned up with my finding the box of tissues and my guy trying to get them out of the box. I held the box down to make it easier. The box was on his chest for the longest time until I managed to move it.

We cuddled afterward, with my head leaning on his chest, like we normally do. My guy drifted off and snored for a bit. He knew that he had, too. We were holding hands. I was rubbing his thumb with mine, which was reminiscent of when we both hinted that we liked each other. We both agreed that we liked this moment a lot.

Naturally, we chatted some more. I may need to talk about that in another post.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Timing and a timely award

I briefly mentioned that my guy isn't the type who enjoys going to company Christmas parties. He joined the company several months before I did. I have been to one. My guy has yet to go.

Well, that all changed.

Last week, he was approached twice by two different human resources folks. My guy talked about the whole situation with me last Thursday. My thought was that he was going to receive some recognition. This notion had also crossed my guy's mind.

My guy said yes to going late Wednesday night. He wanted me to go with him. I didn't have a dress and thought that we would spend a quiet night together on Friday. Frankly, I am just not ready to go to such a large function. It's a combination of my losing sixty pounds, my trying to cope with this accomplishment mentally, and my recovering from a pinched nerve. Baby steps.

It's weird how timing can make a world of difference. Unfortunately, I had missed taking pictures of my guy receiving his award and probably tearing up at the function.

My guy told me that he sat at a table with a bunch of executives. He sat alone, with an empty chair next to him.

Tonight, we were cuddling after we had some quality time. My guy told me that there was a slide show happening throughout the evening. A number of pictures were taken from various company events.

We had a Halloween potluck. My guy saw my picture appear. He told me that he stood there, looking up at my picture, loving my smile and admiring my cute chin, and was missing me a lot.

My guy is genuinely sweet. He was amazed that I knew exactly what I was wearing in that photo. He remembered my outfit, too.

Perhaps I should have crashed the party by showing up in regular clothes. I felt bad about not being there, but my guy understood.

He told me that I'd win that award next year, as I have carried the documentation department on my own for a year. I am not sure if it'll happen. He wished that colleagues could vote. I am fortunate to have someone who has so much confidence in me.

I'm off to bed with a sore bottom. More about that in another post!