Saturday, March 31, 2018

Purple hair gloss

I decided to put gloss on my hair tonight, several hours before seeing my guy. It is my second time doing it.

The first time, I got a dark blue. It looked good. This time, I did purple, which happens to be my favourite colour.

I am starting to see more grey in my hair. I don't have a ton of grey, but I see more of it. Gloss seems to do the trick of covering the grey hairs for roughly a month. It gradually washes out when you shampoo. I like the flexibility, as I like my natural hair colour.

I noticed tonight that after rinsing my hair such that the water runs clean, if I needed to do it again, more purple dye would appear. I went to gently wring out my pigtail and I saw a bit of purple, too.

Anyway, it's nice seeing purple highlights in my hair. So far, so good.

My guy is attentive when it comes to my hair. I'll see what he thinks soon.

I am checked in to my hotel. It has been a good day taking everything easy.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Staycation with my guy

I'm all packed. I am doing a staycation this long Easter weekend. I check into the hotel later on today.

My guy arrives early on Saturday morning.
"I'm so excited to see you then," he confided.
"I can't wait to be with you," I noted.
"Can you wear that shirt that shows off your nice shoulders?" he asked me.
"Sure, I can wear my cold shoulder shirt," I replied.
"When you wear it, it shows off your sexy long legs," he remarked.
It'll be fun to spend more time with him.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Birthday boy's wish - sex and a spanking

The other day, it was my guy's birthday. It is rare that we are together on our birthdays. I wished him a happy birthday in a text. He was funny by thanking me and then indicating that he had forgotten.

We got to chat later on that day.
"I loved when I got to spend the entire day travelling with you to Seattle on your birthday," I reminisced.
"I did, too. It was nice," he agreed.
"It was a special day," I pointed out.
"Yes, you made me horny, high, and happy," he replied.
"What would you like me to do to you on your special day?" I asked him.
"If you were here, I'd want you to kiss me all over, and then kiss my hard cock," he noted.
"I would love that. I can suck you until you cum," I offered.
"Yes. After that, I would bend you over to smack your bare butt until it was red. I'd then take you from behind until we both cum," he described, which turned me on.
Even though we are apart, it feels like we are together. A few more days and we'll be together again.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Teasing my guy on driving his future car

My guy is extremely protective of his car. I love teasing him about it, even when he doesn't have his future car.
"I want to get a 70's car," he admitted, bringing up a conversation we have had a while back.
"I know that you do. You'd be driving a boat," I remarked.
"Yes, cars back there were long," he noted.
"I can't wait to drive it," I replied.
"I won't be driving it into work," he said firmly.
"That's okay. When I visit you, I can drive it," I teased.
"Um, no. You are never driving it," he replied.
"I will wear you down like I have in the past," I remarked.
"You are my sweet kryptonite," he admitted.
I enjoy teasing him. He likes when I do, too.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 account hacked - fraudulent order

It is another episode of having my credit card compromised. Luckily, things end well.

On Monday evening, I was exercising on my glider and checking my e-mail on my phone. I noticed an e-mail alert from my account saying that my account changes went through. That alert was odd. I haven't logged on to this account for at least a month.

I decided to give it a try. Sure enough, I had been hacked. My mailing address had changed, as did my phone number. My date of birth was wrong, too.

I immediately changed my password. I then went back and changed my contact information.

This person decided to order a Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone in lilac purple using the credit card that I had on file. It was a transaction just over $1200 CAD. The only positive thing that I can say is that I concur with the colour choice. That's about it.

I immediately cancelled my order. For the reason for cancelling this order, I stated that my account was hacked. Customer service was closed at 9 pm. I will need to call back during business hours.

I went over to my saved credit cards and deleted the lone credit card on file. I won't be saving any credit cards on this site going forward.

After all of that, I called my credit card company to inform it of this fraudulent charge. Naturally, I won't be charged. I also let the woman know that I had cancelled this horrible order. My credit card has now been cancelled. A new card will be coming my way.

It is sad that does not have a fraud department or some after-hours line. I had called support, but it is for their products.

It's not fun being a victim of such an act. I am simply thankful that I acted quickly to undo everything.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Jetlag and travel cause my guy to save some money

My guy has made it safely to his second and final city for business. He is there this week and then comes home, which we are both looking forward to.

He texted me on Sunday afternoon. It was nice chatting with him over Skype for over an hour.
"I got to the hotel at 3 am this morning," he explained. "I slept so much that I got up at 4 pm. I then ate."
"So, you had breakfast, lunch, and dinner just now," I remarked.
"Yes. I saved many dollars having a single meal today," he pointed out.
We both laughed. He is my Cheap Bastard, after all.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Reaching out when someone is hungry

At various intersections across the greater Toronto area, there are often folks who will walk between cars stopped at a red light to ask for money. Sometimes, if I have some change, I will give it to them, hoping that they use the money wisely instead of buying a pack of smokes.

The problem these days is that I rarely use cash to pay for anything. I am often using my debit card to pay for purchases. Sometimes, I pay using a credit card.

On Saturday, it was different. There was a man at the intersection that I was stopped at. He was holding a sign saying that he was "very hungry."

The thought that someone is hungry is horrible.

I don't recall his sign saying that he wanted money. Hungry was all that was in my head.

On Friday night, I had stopped by a Starbucks on my way home to buy a two-pack of dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I quickly remembered that it was in my purse. I had used my mobile app to pay for this item, which had a label with my first name on it and the date when I had purchased it.

I grabbed the package, rolled down my window, and handed it to the man. He seemed genuinely thankful.
"Thank you. God bless you. Have a good weekend," he said, cracking a smile.
"You, too," I replied.
The traffic light turned green. I drove off. I saw the man on the cement island, opening the package and eating. It made my day knowing that I helped someone out because I could.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Travel and hotel plans

It can be tough when my guy and I are apart. On a good note, it makes us look forward to when we'll see each other.
"I miss you," he told me the other day.
"I miss you, too. When do you fly back?" I asked him.
"I arrive on Saturday at 07:30," he noted.
"You tend to get the early flights back," I remarked.
"Yes, I do. It may be too early for us to me," he said.
"How did we do it the last time? Oh, I got a room," I recalled.
"That's right," he remembered.
"I can do that again," I offered.
"I would love it," he said, taking the offer up.
We get to see each other in a week. We are both excited about it.
"Will you wear that shirt that shows your shoulders and your long, sexy legs?" he asked.
"Sure. Anything for you," I said.
It's always fun to plan in advance.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Job interviews

A few weeks back, I decided to apply for a managerial job. Normally, I don't expect a response. I got one last week from a talent acquisition person.

I spoke to her on Monday. Everything seemed to check out fine. It was a good thirty-minute conversation.

Several hours later, she scheduled a second interview. I had that one on Thursday. 

Unfortunately, this person used Skype to talk to me. I could barely hear him. The connection was also bad, so I heard every other word.

Despite these technological challenges, I felt good about how I did. I was asked to submit writing samples. It's interesting trying to select samples from my past. It's nice that I have a decent portfolio after all these years. I have two from my past. Tomorrow, I will need to find something at work that I can submit.

This job is a step up for me. Considering that I have been leading a number of writers for a while and have been doing some of my manager's tasks these days, this job seemed like a good fit.

My commute time would be reduced a bit. I would be commuting to the west side of Toronto should I get this position.

I'm optimistic. I also don't mind if I don't get the position. It's nice to do interviews and get some practice.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Horny thinking about anal sex with having phone sex

The Internet connection at my guy's hotel isn't he best. Our Skype calls drop here and there. However, we did have a good phone sex chat the other day.

In the past, I had set up private folders on a shared drive that only my guy and I can access.
"How come you haven't shared those photos of my taking you from behind?" he asked me.
"I haven't got around to it. I'll do it now," I replied.
The last time he saw the photo, he came instantly. We both love that photo. It's a good close-up of my spanked, pink backside with his hard member inserted.

I remember my being apprehensive at first when it came to anal sex. The thought of my guy's hard member going into a rather tight spot made me wonder how painful it would be. We found out that anal sex is incredible with the appropriate amount of lubrication and my being spanked beforehand.

Whenever my guy travels afar and is jetlagged, he gets horny easily. He came quickly, envisioning the photo in his mind.

I finally got around to sharing all our photos. He's happy. I am, too.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sleeping and chatting

My guy has made it safely to Nigeria. He is jetlagged, so I didn't hear from him until Tuesday.
"I was so sleepy after work on Monday that I came back to the hotel and fell asleep on the bed in my work clothes," he admitted to me.
"That's okay. I feel like sleeping in my clothes at work right now," I cracked, which made him laugh.
We had a wonderful conversation and some quality time, which made my workday much more enjoyable.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

New phone with a new work e-mail app

A while back, my guy and I noticed that our app to access our work e-mail was going away forever. I did some research and found a decent replacement. I told him about it in an e-mail.

He recently got a new cell phone. I got to play with it, as I am geeky gadget girl.
"I haven't installed our security app yet," he pointed out.
"That's okay. You have plenty of time. Did you install the new e-mail app?" I asked him.
"Of course. I do whatever you say," he replied without any hesitation.
He's sweet.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Little food changes make my tastebuds happy

I spent the weekend tweaking what I eat. I have done a couple of minor changes, but they made quite the difference.

For a while now, I have been making smoothies, with celery as the main ingredient. It helps regulate my blood pressure and get more veggies into my diet.

The last time I saw my doctor, she indicated that I needed to boost my good cholesterol. I don't eat enough avocados, so I bought six of them. I decided to put one of them in a typical batch of my smoothie mixture. Wow! My smoothie became creamy and even more delicious. Why didn't I think of adding avocados sooner?

The other change was my going to my local health food store. I had to get a specific supplement that has been helping me a ton. I saw the vegan section, and went with chicken fingers and fish fillets that do not have any meat protein in them.

I had the fish for lunch and I was blown away. They tasted just like fish fillets. I had the same reaction when I ate the chicken fingers. Both were so tasty and good.

I like these couple of minor changes that have made my tastebuds happy.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Travelling and parking

My guy is travelling on business again. He is gone for a couple of weeks. He gets to visit two countries during this period.

I already miss him. I am hoping to hear from him once he lands safely.

We are similar. When I went on vacation, I parked in a particular spot at work. I just learned that my guy has parked his car in that same spot.

It's cool that we like the same parking spot amongst the hundreds at work.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

For those who are celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a pint of beer, or cabbage and corned beef, enjoy your day!

I normally paint my nails green for this occasion. However, I just got back from vacation and haven't got around to it. We'll see if I can squeeze a quick colour change.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Back from vacation

Hello! It has been a while. I am well-rested from my week-long vacation and am back.

I had a good time. I met up with a couple of friends and we saw the ballet a couple of times. We ate our way around town and shopped.

I was in the same timezone, so all is well as far as energy goes, even after Daylight Saving (no s at the end) Time. I went back to work on Thursday and brought back chocolates to my entire team.

I always like the first day back at work. It's a question of reading up on e-mails and catching up. I am now looking forward to Easter!

Thursday, March 08, 2018

A rarity - at work on a Wednesday, eating sandwiches on a different floor

I normally work from home on Wednesdays. Yesterday, I did for half the day. I had meetings from 08:00 till 11:00.

I then hauled my luggage and laptop into my car, and ran a couple of errands. I had to get some gourmet goodies from my friends.

I decided to drive into work and spend the afternoon wrapping up some tasks. Instead of sitting on my regular floor, at my regular desk, I went to a completely different floor of our building and worked in a quiet little room.

Each floor has a lunchroom. I went to fill up my mug with hot water for my tea. I saw a tray of sandwiches. At first, I felt weird about getting some, as it's not my regular team of folks that I work with. I had to use the women's room, so I left my tea in the room and then came back.

A sweet woman whom I don't see often said hi to me. She was in charge of said catered sandwiches. She was covering up the sandwiches, as she didn't want the bread to get hard. I helped her with that task. She insisted that I grab some sandwiches. Cool!

Things just work out, I suppose.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Vacation is coming... yay!

I am on vacation in a day. I just finished packing. My flight is fairly early on Thursday morning, so I am heading over to a hotel close to work and will crash there for an evening.

I always feel like I have forgotten something. Luckily, I will be in the States, so I can pretty much find anything that I need.

The other day, I asked my guy whether he needed anything. Naturally, he said that he was good. He also said that I'm good with gifts, so he left it to me to choose something for him.

The only downside to travelling now is that our dollar isn't all that strong. Sure, it's better now than it was a year ago. However, I will be shelling out more than I want to.

I do have self-control these days when it comes to spending. I have a few items that I want to buy while I am down south, but they won't be breaking the bank.

Starting Thursday, I won't be blogging as regularly as I have been. A girl needs a break! I will check in here and there, but will be enjoying being away from a computer or laptop for a bit.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

My spanking at work

I parked in front of our office at around 22:15. My guy and I badged into the building, and then took the elevator to our floor.

We entered our little meeting room. We both took off our coats. My guy was sitting down, in front of the mini table in the room.
"It's time for your spanking," he stated, pointing at the table's white surface.
"You mean I sit here?" I asked, sitting where he had just pointed.
"No, the other way," he said, gesturing in a circle to reverse myself.
I bent over the table. Surprisingly, it is the perfect height and size for a spanking.

I was wearing blue jeans that were hugging my legs and were form-fitting.
"It's too bad that we don't have a paddle," he said.
With that statement, he started spanking me with his hand. My entire spanking was over my tight jeans. My guy smacked each buttock hard.
"It hurts," I whined playfully.
"Good, you've been a bad girl," he commented, continuing to spank me.
It was a nice, long spanking. He must have given me close to a hundred smacks.

At one stage, he was caressing my calves, thighs, and butt, and then gave me a few hard smacks.
"You are such a tease, Mr. Meanie!" I exclaimed.
"I can't help it. I love your legs and your cute butt," he admitted.
Finally, he made me reach orgasm, which felt so good. I was limp and rested for a bit. He gave me a few light smacks across my butt before I got up and hugged him.

We cuddled for a while. It was the perfect evening considering that we were at work.

Monday, March 05, 2018

Dinner and spanking options

We left the office the other night and headed towards my car. Although dopey, my guy noticed my winter tires.

"Hey, I get to see your winter tires on Bluie for the first time," he said.
"Yep, they are my Michelins," I replied.

We got into my car and I drove us to our usual Chinese restaurant. It was nice holding hands along the way.

I parked. We walked over to the restaurant. We had forty minutes before the restaurant would close for the evening.

We were promptly seated at a booth. We were advised that the kitchen would be shutting down at 21:30.
"What do I normally get?" my guy asked me, still sobering up.
"You get the ginger beef," I replied.
"Oh, yeah. That's right," he said, smiling at me.
Moments later, I placed our order. We then chowed down.

My guy sobered up quite nicely once there was food in his system.
"Do you know how much your hotel room was when you visited me?" he asked me.
"I'm not sure. I'll need to look my bill up," I said, getting my phone.
My guy is pretty good at paying me back. Although I would have been fine shelling out the bill, he always insists on at least splitting the cost. He's sweet that way.

We finished just before the restaurant closed. Nice! We paid and left.

I drove us back to the office.
"I can either spank you in your car or at the office. I'm giving you the choice," he said, holding my hand.
"How about at the office? You have never spanked me there since we moved buildings," I said.
"Sounds good. No one is at the office at this hour," he noted.
"I'm a good girl, though," I playfully teased.
"No, you're not. Why do you think that I always spank you?" he asked.
"You like to," I noted.
"I do," he admitted.
I always enjoy getting a spanking from him.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

A handjob at the office

Before I got to the office on Wednesday night, I asked where my guy would be. He pointed out the floor, and advised to turn left when I walk out of the elevator, and then turn right to find the meeting room.

I did just that. There was no meeting room given those instructions. It then occurred to me that my guy is directionally challenged, which explained everything.

I circled the entire floor. I finally found a room that had lighting. It helped that we were in the office just after 20:00. I opened the door and walked in.
"I couldn't find this room, so I walked the entire floor," I said to him.
"I know. I got confused," he admitted, smiling.
He got up and walked over to me. We embraced. I had my badge in one hand and my cell phone in the other as I hugged him. He had his right hand groping my left buttock, which made me happy. It was a good minute being in his arms. I could feel his hard member against my crotch.

I took off my jacket after our intimate hug. I sat next to him and cuddled up against him. He was wearing a navy blue wool sweater and a nice pair of dark grey slacks.

He was hard and horny. He undid his belt, and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. His boxer briefs also came down. I wrapped my hand around his erect penis. It had been a while since I last did so.

I gave him a handjob. He was happy to see my peach polish on my fingernails. He was turned on.

I pulled out my phone and found the photo that he had taken of us a month ago. It was my spanked red butt with his hard cock in me when we had anal sex. Within seconds of my guy seeing that photo, he came all over my hand. Some cum had dripped onto the chair.

He was extremely dopey afterwards. It was another sign that he missed me a ton and that I did a good job with making him ejaculate.

I went to our lunchroom to clean up. I got some paper towels to bring back to our room and clean my guy up.

He was so happy. I tenderly kissed him a few times. I then hugged him for a bit.

When my guy was ready, we worked on calling the helpdesk to get his password reset. I love our priorities.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Mushy, boyish, horny guy

My guy asked me to call him when I was approaching the office. The whole point was to determine whether he was done getting his password reset to access our work network.

He called me about twenty minutes later.
"Hey, where are you?" he asked me.
"I'm still driving. I'm about seven minutes away from the office. How about you?" I asked.
"I just arrived at the office. I miss you," he replied.
"I miss you, too. You're being mushy, which I love," I noted.
"I'm hard. Can you play with me when you get here?" he asked me.
"You need to get your password reset. We should do that first," I reasoned.
"I don't think that I can wait," he said in his boyish way.
"You're going to be dopey at dinner," I pointed out.
"You can have all of me," he said.
I like how he is such a horny, mushy boy. It's endearing. Nothing else seems to matter. 

He told me to drive safely.
"I love you," he said, sweetly.
"I love you, too. See you soon," I replied.
He truly misses me.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Date night at the office

My guy called me at around 19:30 on Wednesday night.
"Hey," I said.
"Hey," he replied. "How are you doing?"
"It's nice to hear your voice," I replied.
"I love hearing yours," he said, with dinging noises in the background.
"It sounds like you're getting into your car," I remarked.
"Yes, I am. I am headed to the office," he stated.
"How come?" I asked him.
"I can't connect to our corporate network. It looks like my password is locked and I need to be at the office to get it unlocked by the helpdesk. Did you want to swing by?" he asked me.
"I wasn't planning on driving to work at this hour," I noted.
"I know. We can go for dinner," he said.
"Sounds good. I need to do a couple of things before I go. I'll let you know when I'm by the office,"
"Great! Drive safely," he said happily.
"You, too. See you soon!"
It's always interesting when technology fails, but it is a blessing in disguise.