Monday, July 24, 2023

Back again, discussing an annoying contact on a couple of apps

I have been taking extended time away from my blog. It's partially because I'm still trying to determine whether writing about regular topics about my life is a good fit here. 

I feel that it is. I don't have anything spanking-related to say. It's still dormant -- both my drive and the dating scene. I'm still not ready to engage in a relationship, romantic or spanking, with anyone.

All is good with me. I took a week off from work earlier this month to do a road trip to Ottawa. It was nice seeing three people whom I haven't seen in a while. It ranged from four years ago to when I was in high school when I last saw these people. Eons ago!

I am on a social platform that allows me to post photos of businesses, review them, and check in when I'm at them. There is one friend who has decided that she wants to rule all of Toronto, to the point where I think she checks in without really dropping by the actual business. It's kind of like a drive-by check-in.

Well, she has rubbed me the wrong way. Because she's friends with me on this app, she knows exactly where I check in. When she sees that I have overtaken her with check-ins to specific businesses, she will go there just to be the leader. She frankly sucks the fun out of checking and I don't appreciate her monitoring my check-ins that closely.

The whole point of checking in on this app is to indicate that I'm physically there. I'm buying something. I'm browsing. I'm supporting a business.

For her, it's a competition. It's being on top. It's annoying. It's not my style.

Well, she decided to overtake a neighbourhood where I have been the leader for years. We are also friends on Instagram. 

I'm pretty sure that both app give her full perspective on what I'm doing. In Ottawa, through a series of check-ins between me and our mutual friend on the review app, she sent me a message on IG to have fun with this person. Her monitoring was a bit creepy.

Yesterday, after she took over "reigning" my neighbourhood on this app, she commented on some sugar-free gummies that I had made and put up in an IG story.

I got new gummy moulds that featured cute animals. Most folks would say that they were all cute. She pinpointed to me two of the animals that she felt were cute.

Um, okay. Why did you have the need to be that specific? Do I really care what you think?

I frankly feel that she was rubbing in the fact that she took over check-ins in my neighbourhood. She was exercising her dominance by saying that she only liked some of the gummy animals.

I wrote back and said that ALL of them were cute. Two of my closest friends said that they were cute. Inclusive.

I learned that I can hide videos, photos, and live videos on stories for specific accounts that follow mine. I decided to hide them from this woman. She doesn't need to follow me that closely. I don't need to receive comments from her that annoy me.

Hiding stories from her instantly made me happier. It shows that social media can be detrimental with people who ruin the vibe and fun. She has ruined both for me. 

I don't need to interact with her. I'm glad that she no longer has access to my stories.