Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last post of 2017 - reflection and gratitude

I just looked at the number of posts that I have written in 2017. I am not sure what possessed me to write 346 posts. Somehow, I did it.

As many of you know, I am a writer by trade. It's simply in a much different form than what you have seen on my blog. This blog is the perfect place for me to unwind, put my thoughts somewhere, and share my fun spanking experiences with the love of my life, my guy.

I want to thank you for reading along this year -- perhaps even longer than that! Your support, encouragement, and friendship have meant so much to me.

I'd like to wish you a safe and happy last day of 2017, and a bright 2018 to come!


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Treehouse time and a handjob

I reached over to my guy's crotch area. I felt his wallet.
"Your cock is rectangular these days," I teased, which made him laugh.
"You're almost there," he noted.
Being dopey from a wonderful orgasm and a hard spanking will do that to a girl.

I found his erect penis and started to stroke it. My guy was so turned on that he immediately brought his member out for me to hold and caress.

I kissed its head first and then the shaft. His cock was responsive, which I always enjoy.

My guy wanted a handjob, so I went to work. He brought his phone out and we watched a video of a woman being taken from behind by a man.
"That's me," I noted. "I need to get a garter belt like hers."
"That would be nice. I would like that a lot," he replied.
My guy came hard. His cum coated my entire hand and ran onto his thigh. I referred to his cum as being warm hand lotion. There was a lot of it, which I haven't witnessed in a long time.

He was dopey for the longest time. I kissed him on the cheek as we both cuddled.
"I love when you kiss me like that," he noted.
"You're nice to kiss," I replied.
Treehouse time is always a treat with him.

Friday, December 29, 2017

My spanking with my new wooden paddle

The wooden paddle that my guy got me for Christmas is nice. It's a part of the Canadiana series, which has an engraved moose on one side. It's got a nice weight to it and it is wide.

I thanked him for all his gifts, including the paddle.
"It's time for your punishment," my guy said.
"No, I'm a good girl," I said, moving the paddle away from his grip.
"Take the position," he stated while trying to take the paddle away from me.
"I am in good girl position," I said, sitting next to him.
"No, I need you in your bad girl position," he said, beginning to pull me over his lap.
"Good or bad, this is my position," I replied.
As expected, that argument didn't work. He put me over his lap. My jeans and panties were intact, as we both knew that this paddle would deliver. It did!

My guy was correct in that this paddle would smack both cheeks simultaneously. Each swat delivered quite the sting to my poor backside. I loved it, although my bottom started to smart sooner than I had hoped.
"It hurts!" I exclaimed.
"I know," he said, continuing my long-deserved spanking.
"It hurts a lot," I emphasized.
"I love you," he said, continuing to paddle my backside.
"I don't love it," I said defiantly.
Naturally, he paddled my butt more. He finally played with me until I orgasmed and became limp across his lap.
"Thanks for spanking me. You spank well," I replied.
"You are my bad girl," he replied, giving me a few more smacks with his open hand.
I got up and gave him a long kiss. It was my thank-you to him.

My backside still aches a bit. It's a nice reminder of this fun evening.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Horn-y with gifts, including a wooden paddle

My guy and I are punny people. We also have a fun sense of humour.
"I love my winter tires. I don't know why I held out. It's great driving. So much grip on the road," I remarked.
"I would like to simulate the same thing with your boobs. More grip is great," my guy said, grinning.
We wanted some quality time after lunch. We often joke that it's my guy's let's-go-let's-go spirit that makes things fun.

We got into my guy's car. It has been a while since we were in his treehouse. It was cold, as it has been a colder-than-normal winter so far. My guy got out of the treehouse and had to head over to the driver's side to start his car. He accidentally hit the horn.
"You're so horn-y," I said.
Eventually, he started his car up and got back into the treehouse.

He had purchased my Christmas gifts. He's thoughtful and sweet. He got me the following:

  • Jann Arden's "Feeding my Mother," which is a hardcover book
  • A ceramic owl bobblehead that I had hinted about wanting a few months ago
  • A sturdy wooden paddle
We had a chat about the wooden paddle.
"It's solid and huge," I replied.
"Yes, it's enough to smack both your cheeks at the same time," he remarked.
"It's going to hurt," I replied.
"Of course. It's perfect for my bad girl," he hinted.
More on its effectiveness in my next post.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Phone calls for a lunch date and spanking

My guy gave me a call yesterday afternoon.
"Hey, do you want to do lunch?" he asked me.
"Sure," I replied. "Did you want to meet halfway?"
"Yes. How about our old Chinese restaurant? At 3 pm?" he asked me.
"Sounds good. See you then," I replied.
I got there at 3 pm. I got a phone call from him.
"I'm stuck in traffic," he replied. "I'm going to be a bit late."
"That's okay. I'm already here," I said.
"I know. You are always so punctual," he said. "I'm sorry."
"It's not your fault. It looks like there's an accident," I reported, looking at my map app.
"I have your Christmas presents. I got one that is wood and good to use on your backside," he noted.
"I'm intrigued. It's because I'm a good girl, right?" I teased.
"No, you're a bad girl. You need to embrace that side of you. I am here to punish you."
He called me a third time to indicate that he was ten minutes away. It was wonderful news.

He got to the restaurant parking lot safely. I got out of my car and I held on to his arm as we walked over in snow
"You're not wearing boots. You're such a bad girl," he remarked.
"You're wearing shoes, too. You're a bad boy," I remarked.
It was nice having a lunch date with him. He noticed that I had cut my hair. He held my hands in his as we talked.

Our food came out. He had ginger chicken. I had spicy garlic chicken. We ate and chatted some more.
"I like when you wear a v-neck sweater. It makes me imagine what I want to do to you. Your boobs also make an infinity sign in my mind," he noted, smiling.
"I like that nerdy reference. If someone who wasn't mathematical had heard that remark, he would have looked at us oddly," I remarked.
I love that he is so thoughtful, attentive, and sweet.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boxing Day, cuddling, gifts, and reading

Happy Boxing Day! I normally don't go out on Boxing Day for sales. It's too crazy dealing with aggressive shoppers. I also don't have anything I truly need to get.

The other day, while my guy and I were cuddling, he asked his usual question.
"What would you like for Christmas?" he asked me. "I'm late, as always."
"I know. I have your presents already," I cited. "You've been travelling, so you have a good reason."
Naturally, my gift was having him to myself when he came off the plane and drove to the hotel to spend some time together. I truly have all that I need.

Frankly, I feel like I don't read as much as I should.
"I don't have Jann Arden's latest book," I replied. "It's a hardcover one."
"I didn't realize that she was an author," my guy admitted, as he knows that I love her music.
"Yes, she is. I have all her books so far, but haven't got around to picking up this one."
I have two weeks off from work. It's the perfect time to curl up and read when it's all white outside.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas - Fifty Shades of Santa

Merry Christmas!

It has been wonderful connecting with and getting to know you over the years. Thanks for reading and following my blog. It means a ton!

I must have been living under a rock. A Facebook friend posted this parody of Fifty Shades of Grey. This one is fitting for today, as it's Fifty Shades of Santa.

I apologize in advance if this video has ruined your entire perception of Santa. Enjoy!

All the best,

Sunday, December 24, 2017

A loveseat is perfect for a blowjob

My guy asked me whether I could suck his hard member's head. I was perfectly fine with the request. It had been quite some time since I gave him a blowjob.

The great thing about the hotel room's loveseat is that it is the perfect height for my guy to sit down while I go down on my knees to suck him. He loved my tongue licking his head and shaft. He also liked how my lips looked wrapped around him.

He was in ecstasy. Moments later, he came all over my hand as I had pulled out seconds earlier. He was happy. So was I.

I went to get a facecloth to clean my guy up.
"Let's go cuddle on the bed. I love cuddling up next to you," he said sweetly.
"I love your idea," I said.
It's wonderful having him back. We both have missed cuddling.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Cuddling, kissing, spanking, and fingering

My guy and I sat on the loveseat to cuddle and talk. I caressed his head, and he kissed my face and neck.

We then spent a bit of time kissing. It was nice.

He took off my sweater and looked at my black bra. He took out my right breast and sucked on my hard nipple. I loved it.
"How have you been?" he asked me.
"I've been good, but you always say that I am bad," I replied.
"That's because you are a bad girl," he pointed out.
"No, I'm a good girl," I insisted.
"I need to punish you. You have been bad for a long time," he remarked.
"No, I'm a good girl. Can I kiss you?" I asked.
"You can. I still need to punish you," he insisted.
I love kissing his full lips. We had one long kiss before I went over his lap to be spanked.

I had a thin pair of shorts on. He started spanking me with his hand.
"You are such a bad girl," he told me, smacking each cheek.
"No, I'm good," I replied.
"You're a sweet girl. You're a sexy girl, but not a good girl," he reasons, spanking me more.
I told him that he was being mean. He pulled down both my short and my black panties. The smacks became harder across each buttock. I have missed being spanked by him. He has missed spanking me.

He pleasured me. He fingered my wet pussy until I came. I rested limp in across his lap. He kissed my bare left hip.

Moments later, he fingered by butt. He started with one finger and eventually had all four inserted. I loved it. I came hard and then became even more lethargic. He hugged and kissed me.

My guy went to clean up. I got cold and put on a sweater.

He came back and we cuddled some more.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Meaningful hugs with my directionally challenged guy

My guy's plane was scheduled to arrive at 07:30 on Thursday. The plane had touched down ten minutes early. However, he had to wait longer for his luggage.

I could have slept in more, but got up just before 07:00. My outfit consisted of a short pair of blue shorts with a floral pattern and a purple v-neck sweater. A matching pair of lacy black bra and panties were underneath.

My guy eventually arrived at my hotel room at 08:35. I opened the door and we embraced lovingly. It was the I-have-missed-you-so-much type of hug. The door wasn't even closed yet!

We finally moved a couple of steps into the room and closed the door. We hugged some more, with a few tender kisses squeezed in. I got to caress his uniform head, which I find sexy.
"Can I freshen up?" he asked.
"Sure," I said, taking his coat.
My guy opened my closet. I pointed to the washroom.
"Directionally challenged still... some things never change," I remarked.
"Yep, I'm still me," he said, smiling, and headed in the right direction.
It was great to have him back.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Bakery run for me and travel day for my guy

I dropped by the bakery as planned to get some goodies for work. Traffic in the greater Toronto area is horrific during the start of rush hour. I spent over two hours cutting across the city.

Naturally, when I need to check in to my room to use the restroom because my bladder is about to explode, I end up behind a woman who looks at everyone behind her but the hotel person helping her out. She is also painfully counting her change to pay for a bottled pop.

Finally, I got checked in. My room seemed like an eternity to get to. When I did, my bladder was happy. I can blame my long commute while sipping tea.

Afterwards, I went out to fetch some dinner. My guy pinged me on Skype.
"Are you checked in?" he asked me, knowing how I tick.
"Yes, I just did. I'm getting dinner. Where are you?" I asked him.
"I'm in the lounge in Cairo" he replied.
"How long do you have before your flight?" I asked.
"45 minutes," he stated.
"It's good to chat with you for a bit before you leave," I remarked.
My guy is on his way back. We are both excited.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Plans and spanking checklist of important items

I like when plans and arrangements fall into place. It's nice.

I put in some hours at work on Saturday. I indicated to my manager that I would be cutting my day short on Wednesday, which is today. It gives me time to hit a bakery to get some vegan baked goods for a potluck snackfest at work this Thursday. I have one vegetarian in the group who cannot eat anything with egg in it. Often, I see her excluded from celebrations involving cake. So, I'm going to fix that problem for our gathering.

Wednesday is also when I check in to my hotel room. I like when I have enough points to do a mini staycation. My guy flies in on Thursday morning, so it makes sense to have a room for some quality time and relaxation.

I am all packed. I always feel like I am missing something, though.

Spanking implements? I have a leather paddle and a wooden ruler. He can also use his hand on my backside, which I prefer the most.

His favourite clothing items before they come off me: Black lacy panties and bra? Check. Short skirt? Yep. Low-cut sweater? Definitely.

To say that we are both looking forward to seeing each other is quite the understatement!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Two more days before I see my guy

My guy returns home in a couple of days. Naturally, I am excited to see him.

It has been almost a month since I last saw him. I miss his kisses and hugs.

I enjoy how he tells me that I'm due for a spanking. It makes me happy.

Thursday can't come soon enough!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Trying out streaming music services

I love music. For a while, I have been using Amazon Music. Almost a year ago, I bought an Amazon Echo speaker (the U.S. version, as Canada didn't have it available until now).

I decided to cancel my Amazon Music subscription. For some reason, I spent last month trying to get the app to work on my phone and nothing loaded. It worked just fine until recently. As much as I love telling Alexa to play music from my library, there were limitations. I didn't get the entire set of songs from some bands or artists.

These days, I am doing three-month trials with Spotify Premium (99 cents for three months) and Google Play Music (free for three months). So far, I am pretty happy with both. The tough part is deciding which one I will ultimately be going with.

Both have a ton of music. I love the variety.

Google bought Songza years back. I loved Songza because it had playlists based on your mood or what you felt like listening to. Google has incorporated that aspect of Songza, which makes me happy.

Spotify is popular. It even works with my Waze GPS app.

The good news is that I have roughly three months before making a decision. For now, it has been fun testing and listening to fabulous music.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

At the office on a Saturday... it isn't the norm

I had to do some work on Saturday. Normally, I try not to take my work home. However, this work requires that no one is actually in our authoring system for me to copy a number of files over.

I woke up this morning and it was sort of cold. The electricity was out. I couldn't tell you how long I was without it. Considering that it has been colder than the norm this week temperature-wise, I decided to drive into work. The office has backup power in case we have a full-blown power outage.

To my surprise, I bumped into a handful of people. I wasn't expecting that!

In the lobby, I said hi to a manager. I used to work closely with him. He's probably 6'6" in height.

Four hours later, I met a software developer who is probably four months pregnant. She asked me what I was doing at work. I responded and then asked her.
"The usual," he replied.
"What do you mean the usual? Our being here is not normal!" I exclaimed.
It was a good laugh. It's nice to bump into someone whom you don't work with that closely these days.

Finally, we have a new department head. I doubt that she knows who I am, but I said hi to her on my way back to fetch my stuff and go.

Thank goodness I have a week of work to go before I am on vacation.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

My summer job at a fish and chips store

As I grow older, I have noticed that many folks who have helped me along the way are passing on. I have yet another story to share.

I grew up in a friendly neighbourhood in Toronto. I went back there the other night to have dinner with my friend. We did a lot of reminiscing.

There used to be a fish and chips store a few blocks away from where I used to live. It was a family-run business. A Chinese couple owned and worked at the store for over thirty years.

When I was old enough buy an order of chips (fries) wrapped in newspaper for a dollar, I would visit the store after school. They were terrific.

A few years later, I asked my mom whether she could ask the owners if I could work for them that summer. My mom would often visit the store to get dinner. Sure enough, I got it. I had just turned eighteen years old.

I felt that I was slow learning about everything. However, my boss, Mary, had a chat with my mom and said the complete opposite -- that I was a quick learner and a hard worker.

I learned how to wrap fish and chips in newspaper. I even folded a number of open-faced newspaper holders for chips, so you could eat out of it as you walked. I honed my skills talking to and serving customers. I even learned about orange roughy.

The couple often insisted that I have dinner there. I felt odd about it. Eventually, I caved. It was delicious, as always.

The store closed just after I had earned my undergraduate degree. I have often wondered about the couple and how there were.

I decided to do a search. I learned that Mary had passed on in 2009 at the age of 72. She, like her husband, were kind and treated me like family. I regret not seeing them as much when my family had moved away a year after I had worked at the store.

May she continue to rest in peace.

Friday, December 15, 2017

That poppy looks like a butt

On Wednesday night, I went out for dinner with a dear friend. We have known each other since high school. She now lives on the west coast of Canada.

She is back in town for a wedding. It was nice seeing her and chatting for three hours in our old neighbourhood.

Before we left the restaurant, she was looking at the various works of art on the wall. They were all poppies.
"See the poppy in the second framed piece of art, third poppy from the right? It looks like a butt," she remarked.
I looked at it. I agreed.
"I like how this artwork is now a Rorschach test," I remarked.
It's great having creative friends who see butts everywhere.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

New winter tires and shuttle driver comparison

Wednesday was a long day. It was also a good one.

I finally got my winter tires installed on my car. It makes a huge difference. I'm glad that I got them.

I had to get a shuttle ride home and back to the car servicing centre. I had two different shuttle drivers.

Some drivers need to work on their conversational skills. I felt like I was being interrogated by the first driver.
"What's wrong with your car?" he asked me, pulling out of the service area.
"There's nothing wrong with it. I'm getting winter tires," I replied.
"Are you parents Chinese?" he asked me.
"Yes," I replied.
"How long have you been in Canada?" he asked me.
"All my life," I replied.
"How long is that?" he asked.
"I'm not telling you. I would be revealing my age," I said firmly.
The interrogation stopped. I turned the table and asked him about cruises that he has been on.

On the contrary, I enjoyed chatting with the driver going to the service centre to pick up my car.
"Hi there," I said, getting into the van.
"Hello. Cold, huh?" he asked me.
"I used to live in Winnipeg. Today is a good day," I replied (-14°C).
"You must be a good winter driver," he concluded.
"You do learn how to drive in winter conditions when you are in Winnipeg," I replied.
We ended up talking about his winter driving experiences in Tokyo and more. He had one other customer to pick up. We all ended up chatting about being a mail carrier (this customer's mail carrier had just handed him his mail while he was walking towards the van).

When I was doing paying and getting my paperwork, my service advisor shook my hand, and wished me a happy Christmas and 2018 to come. He's a good person.

I drove home happy with my new wheels.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

MonPère - a travel pillow with hands

I was briefly looking at my Facebook feed. I stumbled upon a story about a new travel pillow.

This pillow stood out. Think of Gumby, but without legs. It's a pillow with hands that you can bend to conform to your head, neck, and body.

The product is called MonPère, which translates to my dad in French.

It looks like fun. It coils away.

If I bought it, my guy would probably try spanking me with it and try being hands-on.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

First snowfall

We got our first snowfall this winter on Tuesday. It happened just before 16:00. Yep, just before rush hour begins. How fitting!

A colleague indicated that he was going home early and would work from home. I liked that idea and followed suit, indicating to my team to do the same, if they wanted to. Our manager was at an appointment in the afternoon. Perfect!

It was good that I had left the office early. It took me nearly two hours to get home. On a good day, I can get home in forty minutes.

I'm getting winter tires installed on my car on Wednesday. My timing is a bit off, but it's better a bit late than not at all.

My guy is fortunate to be missing all this snow. However, the first snowfall is always nice to look at.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Thinking about a former manager who has passed on

Over a decade ago, I moved to the States. It was one of those bold leaps of faith. I didn't know anyone. My skills matched a position as a technical writer.

I was a contractor at Big Blue. My mentor was a gentle soul. He was also my manager. He was helpful in making sure that I was okay and was confident in my abilities.

At the beginning, I thought that I was slow at learning everything. He was encouraging, stating that it was the contrary -- that I was a quick learner.

When I look back, I was a decent writer. I made my deadlines either early or on time. I managed to pitch in and help others, often working extra hours to pick up the slack left by others.

I recall working 12-hour days for 12 days. A student had left the company and didn't do a great job on his deliverables. 

A colleague and I were there on the weekend. We were both contractors. Our manager was also there. We chatted around my office. He was grateful that we were there, pitching in.

When I got laid off, my manager waited till around 16:45 that Tuesday. My office door was three-quarters closed. He knocked and let himself in.
"I am sorry that you got laid off," he said sincerely. "It should have been me and not you."
I can still hear his voice telling me that. It was moving. He was nearly sixty years old and was about to retire.
"It's a business decision and I don't take it personally," I tried to comfort him. "I go home to Winnipeg and there's nothing wrong with that at all."
He smiled and seemed at ease. He let me know that he would be arranging my farewell luncheon. He also got a parting gift for me. It was a Java mug. I worked on the Java team. It was fitting, even though I am not a coffee drinker.

He was generous and sweet. I just learned that he had passed away two years ago from Parkinson's Disease. May he rest in peace.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Hugging purple Woolly and waiting for a spanking

I have mentioned that I love my stuffed sheep that my guy bought me earlier this year. He's purple and his name is Woolly.

Woolly makes me smile when I see him. He's huggable and is always smiling. He also has a uniform head, just like my guy.

My guy and I had a chat about Woolly.
"Woolly is such a perfect gift. He makes our time apart more bearable. I cuddle up to him every night," I admitted.
"You're so sweet," my guy remarked. "I wish that I was in bed with you, spanking my bad girl."
Just over a week, he can do just that.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Saving money thanks to my stable eye prescription

It has been two years since I last got my eye exam. Although I have felt that my nearsightedness hasn't changed, I still needed a new prescription.

Ah, the joys of getting older! Two years ago, my optometrist indicated that my nearsightedness was improving, which meant that I would start seeing changes when I read. Sure enough, it has slightly. I read better with my contact lenses out or my glasses off. Otherwise, wearing my contacts with my reading glasses (it's an extremely low prescription) works just fine.

On Wednesday, I had my eye exam. Typically, it costs me $90, with my health insurance helping to cover that cost. Since I had my eye stroke, my eye exam was considered a followup appointment. As a result, the Ontario health care system picked up the tab instead. Sweet!

My prescription hasn't changed. I get to keep my existing pairs of glasses. Yep, I got two pairs two years ago. There was a deal that essentially got me two pairs for the price of one. I love the cost savings!

Today, I ordered a six-month supply of contact lenses that combine correcting my nearsightedness and reading. I am looking forward to them. I tried them in the past and they were helpful, but that was roughly a year ago. My insurance picks up the tab.

It's nice saving some money. I am thankful.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Sharky, pleasure, and math

It has been a while since I wrote about Sharky, a software development manager with whom I work on various documentation tasks. These days, we have a ton of software releases for existing customers. Naturally, they need release notes and documentation.

Last Friday, we crossed paths. My team was working on a major software release and we had to build our documentation. It's a long story, but it does take some time, even with some tasks being somewhat automated.

He indicated that there would be only one trouble report (it's essentially a bug report in either the software or documentation) to indicate in the release notes. I was good with that.

On Monday, I followed up with him. He had changed his story. There were 21 trouble reports and counting! Okay, being a one-year-old toddler versus a 21-year-old undergraduate student is a huge difference. Why can't he count properly?!

Anyway, this past Monday, he assigned me a trouble report to work on. It was incorrectly dubbed as a documentation issue for our part of the software, when it should go to a different writer. I wrote an e-mail to him to explain things. I indicated that he could reassign it to another writer or I could simply reject the trouble report.
"Cutiebootie, I reassigned the report," he said to me.
"Thanks. I wasn't sure whether you wanted to reassign it or have me reject it, which I enjoy," I said.
"I didn't realize that it gave you pleasure -- that it is pleasurable for you," he said.
Of note, Sharky has a thing for me. My guy and I have discussed various actions that he does or says that supports his attraction. My guy often teased me by saying, "But, Cutiebootie, he lusts after you."

My manager had heard the pleasure and pleasurable references. His eyebrows automatically raised as his eyes got larger. Last year, he went on about how Sharky resembles George Clooney. Although I don't see it, I still tease my manager by saying that Sharky is his boyfriend.

Ah, what fun!

I told my guy about it. Naturally, he takes it in good stride.
"He has good taste in women. Anyone would lust after a cute Chinese girl like you," he admitted.
"You're sweet. He's creepy, though. And, he can't count!"
I don't do well being with someone who can't do simple math. Thank goodness my guy and I are math nerds.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Yee-haw! Part 2

I work from home on Wednesdays. My guy pinged me on our corporate instant messaging app towards the end of my workday.

We chatted for quite some time.
"Are you in the countryside?" I asked him.
"Nope, I'm in the city," he replied.
"I guess that you won't be saying yee-haw, unless you are cuming," I noted.
We both laughed.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

A visit to the lab - how much water should I drink?

December is a busy month as far as medical appointments go. I typically have to visit my dentist and doctor. I require blood and urine samples. On top of all these appointments, I also have an eye test.

On Tuesday, I had to visit the lab. I normally work from home after such a visit. However, I had to go into the office to make sure that my student, who was training a new contractor for the first time, was okay. She did well and I told her so. She felt good, too.

I always have a challenge when it comes to figuring out when and how much water I should consume before hitting the lab. I typically have an issue with not drinking enough water. On Tuesday, I finally got my formula down.

Roughly an hour before I visit the lab, I need to drink a bottle of water (500 mL). Half an hour before visiting the lab, I need to double that and drink a litre. I then drive to the lab, sipping on a bit of my bottled water. I get there and I am good.

I needed to have this method of madness documented somewhere as a reference.

My bloodwork is pretty straightforward. I don't look at the blood being drawn out. The nurse doing it has a gentle manner. I typically don't even feel the needle go in. We chatted. She liked my berry nail polish.

I am pretty beat, though. I am not sure if having blood drawn makes you more fatigued.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Mushy mode and hotel plans

My guy and I had been playing Skype tag. We finally got to chat on Monday afternoon.
"Hey, where are you?" I asked him.
"I'm back in Cairo," he replied. "I miss you so much."
He's still in mushy mode, which I like. I miss him, too. He also said that he misses his bad girl.

Two more weeks remain before he comes home. I have booked a hotel room for us, which we are both looking forward to using.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Rock of Ages - spanking scene

It's Sunday afternoon. I rarely turn on the TV at this hour, but I decided to have a quiet afternoon of lounging at home.

I flipped channels. Rock of Ages, the movie version of the musical, was on. I decided to watch it.

I like musicals. I already knew after the first ten minutes that it wasn't a good flick. However, I watched it like a train wreck.

What shocked me was a spanking scene. While the mayor's wife is belting out "Hit me with your best shot" with fellow Church worshippers, her husband is getting spanked with a ruler by his mistress.

If the spanking scene were more convincing, I would perhaps like it. I'm just here to share this surprising tidbit with you and to tell you not to bother watching this flick!

Sunday, December 03, 2017

From booze to writing

On Friday, my team completed our documentation work for a major release. We were unwinding by chatting.

Our chat led to going on the LCBO site to look at alcohol. Earlier in the week, I had made the suggestion to go out to a bar, and celebrate by having a drink and some appetizers. They were good with it.

I had the site on my laptop and was sharing it on a huge TV that we had in this meeting room.

Our manager knocked on the door before entering. I quickly changed screens and threw up our editing tool.

He came in to talk. I have a feeling that he came in simply because he had no one to chat. Moments later, he left.

All of us had a good laugh. One of the writers was impressed that I had switched screens so quickly. It wouldn't have looked that great to have various bottles of booze displayed!

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Feeling horny and coming together

The other night, my guy and I chatted on Skype. I was driving home from running errands. Both of us were horny.
"I miss my bad girl," he said to me.
"No, I'm your good girl," I corrected him.
"You are far from being good. If I were with you, I would bend you over, pull down your lacy black panties, and spank you hard till your butt is sore and red," he replied.
I was extremely aroused. I drove home safely, parked, put away my groceries, and went to change into something more comfortable. We then continued our conversation.
"What did you change into?" he asked me.
"I'm wearing a peach and white striped t-shirt with a blue bra underneath. I am also wearing black panties that have polkadots," I replied.
He was turned on. So was I. We both pleasured ourselves until we both came together. It was good.
"That song, Come Together, has a new meaning to me," I said in my state of dopiness.
Both of us laughed.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Work, concert, and countryside... yee-haw!

It has been a busy week. We have a major software release to get out the door.

My team spent Monday and Tuesday doing test uploads to a software repository. I have a couple of colleagues who were originally tasked with doing this work, but they just didn't get it. Instead, they watched as we did the work.

Today (now Friday), my team does the official uploads for this release. Since we know that the test uploads went fine, we expect the same to occur on repeat.

During all this chaos, I managed to see Jann Arden perform in Toronto on Wednesday night. This show was  different than the one that I saw in October. This show had an orchestra backing her up and it was Christmas-themed. I had a wonderful time. She never disappoints.

My guy is doing fine in Cairo.
"How are things?" I asked him on Skype.
"Good. I'm in the countryside," he replied.
"What's the countryside like?" I asked him.
"It's flat with some shallow buildings. Yee-haw!" he exclaimed.
"I didn't realize that the locals there say, 'Yee-haw!'" I remarked, laughing.
He is good at making me laugh.