Monday, October 31, 2016

Pet fish and fish fry

My guy called me twice on Saturday. The first call was on his way to teaching his course, which was expected, except that he was half an hour early.

We talked about my recent trips to the pet store to get a new aquarium for Bubbles, one of my two betta fish. His tank is twice the size as his original one and comes with a filter, which the first one didn't have. It also has a fancy lighting system.

Somehow, we got into talking about fish and lunch. I was also driving, but was looking for a restaurant to stop by.
"I need to find a place to have lunch," I replied.
"Don't go to your fish store and have them fry some for you," he teased.
"Um, no. That would be bad if there were a fish and chips store next to it," I replied.
My guy called me after his course. I can always tell when he misses me when he needs to call me more than once in a day.
"I just came back from grocery shopping at a middle eastern store," he replied.
"That's good. I should stop by there sometime," I replied.
"You'd like shopping there. The place has fish. You can ask them to fry it for you," he stated.
My guy was being serious. What he didn't know until I told him was that I was feeding Coolio, my other betta fish, when we were talking. I had my guy on speakerphone.

It's a good thing that fish can't understand our conversation. They wouldn't have liked what we had talked about!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Technology has my attention as of late

All is well. Various distractions have caused me to steer away from blogging momentarily. They are technology-related distractions.

All this troubleshooting has been a bit of a pain. It seems that syncing photos to my iPhone works if I complete this procedure:
  1. Upload my photos to the Photos application on my Mac mini.
  2. Reboot my iPhone.
  3. Close the Photos application.
  4. Close (if it is open) and open iTunes.
  5. Connect my iPhone and sync it with iTunes.
It actually might be best to leave my photos off my phone. I will see how I feel, but at least I have resolved the issue.

Then, my Skype account got hacked on Thursday. I couldn't log into my account. I ended up resetting my password and then finding out that I have Russian contacts. 

It's scary, as my password was a decent mix of characters and numbers to begin with. The hacker managed to use half my Skype credits, which only amounted to $3 CAD. I am asking Microsoft to consider reimbursing me for the amount that I did not use.

On a good note, I have officially changed cell phone providers. I have a new Google Pixel phone, which gives me unlimited space to upload my photos to Google's Photos app.

The Pixel phone is wonderful thus far. My guy listened to me talk about it. I am his geeky gadget girl, after all.

I may ditch my iPhone at this rate! Stay tuned.

I will return to regular blog posts soon.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Technology baffles me, but at least my photo-syncing issues are fixed!

I have always been a troubleshooter. My latest issue with upgrading my Mac mini to the Sierra OS and then attempting to sync my photos to my phone has been fixed. I simply don't know which change that I performed actually fixed everything.

Technology is odd. I am immersed in it at work. It's an interest of mine, too. It's such a love-dislike relationship.

Anyway, I have done a few things to fix this issue:
  1. Changed the properties of my Photos library so that read and write access is granted to all programs accessing it.
  2. Powered off and on my external hard drive, which houses my iTunes library.
  3. Tried to rebuild my library by pressing the Option + Command (Ctrl + Alt) keys. I didn't get the repair option, so I loaded my photos library as normal.
  4. Started iTunes. I tried syncing both my iPod classic (yes, I still own one, as it fits my entire music collection, which is large) and iPhone. Both actions prompted an error message indicating that my photos library was unavailable.
  5. Closed my Photos program.
  6. Tried syncing my iPhone again. My photos synced!
  7. Synced my iPod again. It synced successfully, too!
Again, I did a bizarre set of steps. It will be a miracle if all this syncing works tomorrow. I can then get on with writing about my last spanking.

There are days where I want to book some time away from technology, fly to some tropical location, lounge around, and write in a ruled notebook with a fountain pen. It sounds perfect right about now.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Profiled for being a bad girl

I was pleasantly surprised to find that an excerpt of one of my blog posts made it on Spanking Blog. It was my post of being spanked hard and admitting that I was a bad girl. Thanks so much!

I have upgraded my Mac mini to the Sierra OS. At first, it looked like everything was running smoothly. I am now running into the same photo-syncing issues like I did last year between my phone and iTunes. Oh, what fun!

Once I have fixed all these issues, I will work on writing about my most recent spanking.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Realizing a blowjob fantasy

Fairly early in our relationship, my guy had a fantasy of having me greet him when he first walks in to the room. I would take down his pants and briefs, and give him a blowjob. His penis would then get harder as I sucked him.

The problem? My guy's cock gets hard pretty fast.

It wasn't a problem yesterday. We can consider his fantasy to be completed successfully.

I waited in what seems to be our usual treehouse location across from where he teaches his course on Saturday nights. He drove over, parked next to my car, and joined me in my car.
"Hi," he greeted me.
"Hey," I replied.
My guy quickly pulled down his trousers and briefs, which was in record time.
"Can you suck me while my cock gets hard in your mouth?" he asked me.
I didn't hesitate to go down on my knees in the backseat of my car and give him a blowjob. He was enjoying the moment. I was, too. It was different feeling his erect member get larger in my mouth.

We learned a couple of things during this exercise. My guy loves to pleasure me while I am sucking on him. The problem with doing these acts together is that I get aroused quickly and often reach orgasm before he ejaculates. So, it is best that I simply pleasure him first. He can then work on me afterwards.

My guy loves touching me as I give him a blowjob. It doesn't work well when he had cold hands and he touches my sides. I'm ticklish to begin with, so the coldness makes it worse!

Anyway, he eventually came and was elated. I fumbled for some paper towel. We both helped clean up.

My guy signalled me to cuddle up against him. We were a bit out of practice, since it was a couple of weeks since we last had quality time.

He smelled nice. I love his aftershave. It is the same scent that he had on when we first started dating, which was fitting for this occasion.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Spontaneous meeting - sucking and spanking

My guy and I thought that we'd be meeting sometime next week. He is full of surprises.

On Saturday, he called me while driving to his class. His car's bluetooth connection isn't the best, but it's tolerable.
"Hey, can you meet me after class at 7 pm? I miss you," he told me.
"I can. I miss you, too," I replied without any thought.
"Can you give me a blowjob like last time?"he asked me seriously.
"Sure, I'd love to," I replied.
"I can then punish you for being bad," he replied.
"But, I'm a good girl," I said, playfully whining.
It was a fun time, as expected. I have a sore butt to prove it.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Betta fish and personalities

I have two betta fish. I am glad that I got them after being a petless person for over a decade.

One of my bettas is named Bubbles. He does just that -- builds bubbles all around him. I have been told that he is simply a happy camper.

I am not crazy about the fish tank that I bought for him. It claimed to be easy to clean, but it truly isn't and doesn't filter well. On Friday, I decided to get another one. This one actually has a filter, so I hope that Bubbles continues to live up to his name.

My other betta is named Max. His longer name is Betta Max. Yep, I named him after technology from years past, but it is a play on words. My guy has nicknamed him Coolio. He simply lounges around and chills.

They have distinct personalities. I love them both.

It's nice seeing them swim as close to me and stare. They are probably more interested in being fed than my watching them swim gracefully towards me. I am just glad that they are my pets.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Cell phone provider change and a spanking to come

My guy called me later than usual this evening. It was great hearing from him.

Yesterday, I decided to change cell phone providers. I have been a customer with my current cell phone company for at least fifteen years. At my workplace, there is a corporate rate with another carrier.

I asked my current cell phone carrier whether it could give me some sort of deal. Nope. I'd have to pay $80 a month to subsidize a new phone. The plan is the same one that I am currently on for $60.

With my workplace plan, I get a new phone and my plan goes up to $72 a month. It's not bad considering that I get twice the data as my current plan. So, I have switched.

I told my guy about my new phone.
"You are my geeky gadget girl," he reinforced.
"I am your good geeky gadget girl," I teased.
"No, you are never good," he insisted.
"Yes, I am. Whenever your phone dies, I offer to charge it," I remarked.
"True, but you're being helpful. We need to state the truth that you are bad Cutiebootie and that you have another punishment coming your way."
It's exciting to get a new phone, a better cell phone plan, and a spanking to come.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Naming places of interest on a map with sexy body parts

My guy is the first to admit that he is directionally challenged. I started this conversation the other day.
"It amazes me how you have trouble finding your car in a parking lot. When it comes to finding and touching various parts of me, you have no difficulty. You don't need a map. Nothing," I remarked.
"That's true. I can find any part of you that I'd like to touch, even in the dark," my guy said proudly.
"I wonder why that is," I pondered.
"Maybe various neighbourhoods need to have sexy body part names, like misty valley or nipple hills. I would find my way just fine," he observed.
He would definitely be happy and would be GPS-free!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Costco and real Coke

My guy loves shopping at Costco. He called me tonight while walking on a treadmill at the gym.
"The new Costco is fifteen minutes away from my place if I walk there," he explained. "It opens in early November."
"That's great. You might as well live there. You can set up your bed with a new mattress and call it home," I replied.
"Shopping makes me happy," he admitted.
"I know. You get high on saving money," I said factually.
He loves talking to me while working out. He shared the results of his blood test. He knows that I have plenty of supportive suggestions to offer, as I have been there.

He is on a mission to reduce his sugar. His medication that he is on for depression spikes his sugar levels. He is doing well and has lost some weight.

We had a discussion about Diet Coke recently. When we first started dating, he told me that he'd take me to a movie and buy me real Coke instead of a generic cola.
"You can tell when a guy is really into you when he buys you real Diet Coke," he hinted.
"That's true. You are into me in more than one way," I said.
We both chuckled. So true.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Watching funny shows late at night, sleeping in, and being accepting

When you have been with someone for a while, it's nice when you just know that person so well that you don't have to explain why you do what you do.

My guy called me on Saturday in the afternoon. We were both driving. I was driving over to a new burger joint just east of where I live, where it serves various game meat (I went with a bison burger). I knew that my guy was driving off to teach his course.
"I stayed up until 02:30 this morning," I told my guy. "I woke up at 10:30."
"Wow, that's late for you. Were you up watching a show?" he asked me.
"Yes, I was catching up on past episodes of Saturday Night Live," I replied.
"Nice. I was up watching old episodes of Marries with Children. I woke up at 11:00 am," he replied.
We are similar, although we are who we are. It's nice that we enjoy comedy shows, staying up late, and sleeping in on weekends.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Costco and panties

My guy absolutely loves shopping at Costco. I tease him that he should live at his local store because he is there so often.

We had this conversation a while back:
"I bought a long-sleeved shirt at Costco today. I haven't bought any clothing there in years," I told him.
"That's good. I'm sure that you look great in it," he replied.
"I think so. I tried it on at the store, over my t-shirt. So, I saved myself a trip to return it if it didn't fit," I said.
"I do that all the time. I will buy a number of articles of clothing, try them on at home, and return what doesn't work for me," he confirmed.
"Too bad there aren't any fitting rooms. Instead, you'd simply see me trying on a bra over my clothes," I laughed.
"If you were trying panties on, I would love to see you trying each pair I give you and seeing your cute butt exposed. I would say, 'No, they don't work. Try these. Okay, let me see the first pair again...'," my guy explained, enjoying the visualization.
He can fantasize all he wants.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Fun soccer chat after intimate treehouse time

Our post-treehouse-time conversations are fun. It's probably because we are so relaxed and lethargic that we end up having jovial chats.

Last Saturday, we were parked in front of a soccer club office.
"We scored several goals tonight," my guy said with a smirk.
"Yes, we were goal-oriented and we scored often," I said.
"Penalties were given out," he continued.
"I got plenty of yellow and red cards. The red cards matched the colour of my butt after my spanking."
We were cuddling and laughing. It was sweet and memorable.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Post-spanking analysis

My guy called me on Tuesday night. I was grabbing some dinner when he called me.
"Hey," he said. "I'm at the gym."
"Are you working your arms so that you can spank me harder?" I asked him.
"I wish. I was amazed at how many smacks you could take before you cracked. I spanked you hard in practically the same couple of areas," he remarked.
"It was a great spanking. I am still sore, but it is dying down."
We chatted for quite a bit as he worked out on the treadmill and then stretched.
"You are a cute girl with a cute butt," he told me.
"Thanks. I'm a cute good girl, right?" I teased.
"No, you're a cute girl, but not good. A cute bad girl... yes," he reasoned.
It's nice being with a sweet guy who enjoys spanking me.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Treehouse time on Saturday night consisting of a hard spanking - part 2

My guy swatted my panty-clad backside with his hand. He shifted over to the middle of my car's backseat. I kissed him on the lips and obediently positioned myself across my guy's lap.

He spanked me with my sturdy purple acrylic ruler over my hot pink panties. I could tell by my guy's reaction that he liked the colour of them. He alternated slapping the ruler on each buttock. He told me that I was a bad girl each time. He then went into a stern talk about how bad I was. He punctuated each word with a hard slap across each buttock.

My butt was warming up and was stinging.
"It hurts," I said to him, moving my right hand over my butt to rub it.
"Move your gorgeous hand," my guy instructed, tapping it lightly with the ruler.
"My bottom hurts," I whined.
He moved my hand, kissed it, and then spanked me some more with the ruler.

I was squirming a bit over his lap as the slaps continued.
"It hurts a lot," I told him.
"Really?" he asked rhetorically.
He briefly put the ruler down and gave me a dozen smacks with his open hand.
"That hurts more!" I protested playfully.
"It's going to hurt more," he told me, pulling down my panties.
"Oh, no... not my bare bottom!"
I love when he pulls down my panties to expose my butt. I feel like I have been such a bad girl.

He used the ruler hard across my bare butt. I loved the sound of the ruler landing on each buttock.
"Admit that you're a bad girl," he said to me.
"No!" I said defiantly.
"I will continue to spank you hard until you say that you're my bad girl."
He probably got another dozen hard slaps in before I finally caved and said that I was bad. He chuckled, pulled my panties up, gave me a couple of lovetaps, and helped me sit down on my sore backside. We kissed and cuddled.
"From now on, I am going to spank you until you admit that you're bad," he said, holding me tightly.
"Okay. As you have said to me, all because I say that I am good, it doesn't mean that I am. Same goes with being bad."
We cuddled for a bit as the soreness set in. He's a good spanker. I enjoyed the hardest spanking that he has ever given me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Treehouse time on Saturday night - part 1

On Saturday night, I waited for my guy to finish his course at 19:00. He came out of the building about fifteen minutes later. He looked over at my car and headed over to his.

He wore his new pink shirt that he bought at the liquidation centre. He looked good to me, as always. He drove over to my car, honked, and we drove across the street to an empty parking lot.

My guy came over to the passenger side of my car, said hi, and proceeded to adjust the seat forward. I caressed his cleanly shaved head, which he told me that he'd do, along with wearing his new shirt. He smiled.

I adjusted my seat and we headed into the treehouse. We held hands for a bit. My guy had cold hands, as it's Fall after all.

We cuddled. He put his left hand into my back pocket. He then lightly tapped my butt.

We kissed. He pulled down my lilac sweater, so that my shoulders were exposed. He kissed my neck and shoulders. We then locked lips again and kissed. He wanted to play with my breasts, so he pulled them out of my bra and did just that.

I am ticklish. The fact that his hands were cold made me even more ticklish when he ran them down my sides. He thought that it was cute, apologized, and we cuddled some more.

I touched his crotch. His penis was hard in his pants as we kissed.

We both ended up taking our pants and underwear down. He wanted me to give him a blowjob. I proceeded to while he fingered me from behind.

I came first and ended up nuzzling his hard cock afterwards. He told me to rest there for a bit. I kissed his erect member. It responded by getting bigger. I continued sucking it while I was kneeling on the carpeted floor. Just before he ejaculated, I pulled it out of my mouth and jerked him off. He came all over my hand.

I went back to my seat and sat there. We both cleaned up. I then pulled my panties up, which made my guy upset that there wasn't any access. I told him that there was. I just had my panties on.

I caressed my guy's perfectly uniform head. We kissed a bit more. He then started slapping my butt.
"Do you have your ruler?" he asked me.
"Yes, it's on the front seat," I replied.
"Good, let's use it."
More about my spanking in my next post.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving in Canada!

I have plenty to be thankful for. Thanks for following along, whether for the first time today or for a while. It means a lot.

I still have a sore backside. It is obvious that my guy did a fine spanking job the other night. I am thankful that he loves me and that he enjoys spanking me.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Keeping his word by spanking me

On Friday night, we had this conversation over the phone while we were both driving home in our respective cars:
"Starbucks is expensive," my guy remarked, favouring Tim Hortons more.
"Starbucks is good, just like me," I said.
"You are never good! I am going to punish you tomorrow," he replied.
"No, I'm a good girl. Maybe I shouldn't come see you," I teased.
"No, you will come and I will make you cum," he insisted.
"You want to see me because you miss me," I hinted.
"I miss punishing you," he pinpointed.
"You're so mean!" I replied.
He kept his word. I am sitting here with a sore backside. All is well!

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Self-propelled lawnmower and loving hand-holding time

My guy visited the liquidation centre that we were at a week ago. He was excited to share with me what he had bought.
"I got a self-propelled lawnmower for $200. It is regularly $500," he said, with pride.
"You must be thrilled with your savings," I noted.
"Yes, CB is happy," he replied.
"I like that you got a self-propelled mower. First, you don't have to exert yourself as much, so you do less work. Second, you can follow the lawnmower so you don't get lost leaving your property," I noted.
He laughed. He is a good sport.

He told me the other day that he wished that he had more time to hold my hand and love me when we went shopping last week. It's nice when he's mushy and sweet.

I'm excited to see him on Saturday!

Friday, October 07, 2016

Commuting, chatting, and meeting on the weekend

My drive to and from work can be tedious. On a good day, it takes me 40 minutes on way on the highway. When it snows, it's more like two hours. Traffic and some drivers can be horrible.

After work on Thursday, I was hungry and decided to grab some dinner. I got back into my car and started my drive home. My guy called me. He could tell that I was in my car, just as I knew that he was walking outside.

I wish that I could talk to my guy while I drive home every day. I was nearly there before we hung up. He was on his nightly walk and he didn't get lost, which was an added bonus.

We are seeing each other on Saturday, after he is done teaching his course. It makes me look even more forward to this Thanksgiving weekend. There is plenty to be thankful for in my life.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

My guy loves it when I am dopey

A couple of weeks ago, my guy and I had treehouse time on a Friday afternoon. It was a warm, sunny day.

He made me reach orgasm first. I then made him ejaculate all over my hand. It was a nice feeling having my right hand coated with his cum.

I had a roll of paper towel in my car. We used it all to clean up. I ended up holding the cardboard tube in my hand.
"Wakey, wakey!" I said to him, using it as a megaphone.
"I am sort of awake," my guy admitted.
"Cleanup in aisle 1," I said, continuing to talk through the cardboard tube.
"Is that where I am?" my guy said, equally as lethargic as I was.
"Yes, major mess!" I stated with a smile.
"I love when you are dopey and use a cardboard tube as a megaphone," he smiled at me.
"It's fun!"
It sure is.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

E-mail app suggestion from my guy

I tend to be the one who provides technology-related suggestions to my guy. He often tells me that he dislikes technology, despite both of us working in the field.

Nearly a year ago, I found an app called CloudMagic, which allows us to seamlessly connect to our work e-mail without any issues. My guy loved this app and told me that it changed his e-mail organization and work life for the better.

A couple of weeks ago, CloudMagic changed its name to Newton. It also changed its payment structure from being a free app to charging nearly $70 a year for premium services.

I received an e-mail from him on Monday to try an e-mail app called Alto. He told me, "It's FREE. CB very happy. =)"

I let him know that the basic features of Newton still work after the 14-day free trial that gives you all features. I gave Alto a try. I like it a lot. The user interface is cheerful.

My guy did well with this suggestion. I told him so. He is a happier CB.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Road trip, suggestions, and gems

My mini road trip is over. I did a fair bit of driving, but the concert was wonderful and worth the effort getting there.

On Sunday, I took my time driving back. I am glad that I did.

My guy told me about an outlet mall in the town next to his. I decided to drive there on my way home. I'm glad that I did.

I found a store that sells British food items. I ended up getting curry sauce for chips (also known as fries) and blackcurrant jelly. I love anything blackcurrant. My guy has always remembered my drinking blackcurrant tea when we were both in Stockholm. I had it every day.

I should do more road trips more often. I have learned so much about how kind folks are and some places that are pure gems. For instance, I found an excellent latino restaurant. The food was amazing!

Unfortunately, all good things have to end. I head back to work. Still, it makes Monday more bearable knowing that I had a fun weekend.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Grumbling, shopping, caressing, and driving

On Friday, I decided to take a vacation day. Without knowing it, I did a good job avoiding some issues at work.

I gave my home phone number a while back to my manager when he needed to talk to me and I was working from home. I have noticed that when he panics, he tends to use it to call me. I'm not that crazy about it.

The other weekend, he asked for my cell phone. I refused politely and said that he had my number. He said that it was my home phone number. I told him that it is tied to my cell number, which is true.

The thing is that my home number is my away-from-work number. I don't want to hear about work, especially when I am on vacation.

Well, on Friday, my day off, he let me a message to tell me that the new contractor that I had been training for two days decided to resign. He cited personal reasons -- his mother is sick. That's fine. However, is it worth it to leave me a voice message when he has already mentioned it a couple of times in work e-mails?

Anyway, it was good that I didn't give him my cell phone number. When he did leave that message, I was in my guy's hometown. He had called me and didn't see me at our favourite liquidation place. I advised that the route that I normally take had a road closure close to the liquidation centre. So, my detour was an extra five minutes away.

It tends to be a madhouse at this place. You get the best bargains at 10 am sharp. To make my guy get up early and snap out of sleepyhead mode, you have to tell him that there is a sale going on.

We met in the store. I couldn't find a bag to put my two items in. My guy had snagged a bag and told me to place my items in his bag. I did. We then split up to look for bargains. He came back about fifteen minutes later with a cart. Yep, he's a pretty savvy shopper.

He looked stylish. I admired his clean-shaven head when he removed his cap for a brief moment.

We chatted and talked about our purchases. He asked me what I thought about his new shirt that he had snagged. It was almost a light pink with blue stripes. I liked it. It's a nice departure from his typical grey, blue, and brown colours.

I bought three pairs of designer pants for a combined total of $20. Yep, I was so happy with my purchases that I haven't done much shopping this weekend.

After we had checked out, my guy walked me over to my car to help me load my goodies into my car. I told him that he looked good and asked if I could caress his head. He took his cap off. I helped myself. I love when he has shaved his head. It's sexy and highlights how perfectly uniform the shape of his head is.

I had to make tracks to Windsor, which is across from Detroit, for a concert that evening. My guy and I were happy that we could spend time together saving money and shopping. It is always great to shop with him.