Saturday, July 14, 2007

This old man, he played one, ...

Roughly a week ago, at work, I was working quietly at my desk. All you could hear were my fingers typing quickly on my keyboard.

I was distracted by one word that my friend, DJ, had said to another colleague.

The word? Paddywhack.

Yes, I'm referring to the nursery rhyme that starts off with this:
This old man, he played one,
He played knick-knack on my thumb!
Knick-knack, paddywhack,
Give a dog a bone,
This old man came rolling home.

Of course, I sang it like this as I was growing up:
This old man, he played one,
He played knick-knack on my bum!
With a knick-knack, paddywhack,
Give a dog a bone,
This old man came rolling home.

The goes backs to my early years of associating paddywhacks as birthday smacks. To this day, whenever I hear the word paddywhack, I get aroused, for I immediately think of getting my bottom smacked.

I truly think that DJ is a closet spanko. I thank him for saying that word today. It has made my day.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Aftermath of birthday spanking 2007

I woke up at around 08:30 the day of my birthday and could feel the dull ache from getting a rather sound birthday spanking roughly 8.5 hours earlier. It was nice.

It is a ritual for me to whine to my hubby after getting my bottom smacked.
"My bottom hurts," I'll playfully say in a whine.
"Good," he'll reply.

When I first reacted this way earlier in our relationship, he actually felt bad for me. I then had to tell him that I do it because it's a playful way of telling him that he did a superb job of smacking my backside and having its soreness last for a couple of days. He appreciates this odd way of complimenting his handy work... ha!

I decided to head over to the beach at around 15:00. I sat there on a wood bench. Probably ten minutes later, I felt like squirming, for my butt was getting uncomfortable. I'd get in my car. With the sun beaming down and warming my car seat, it was kind of a soothing reminder of how warm my backside felt after my birthday spanking.

I did get a few love-taps at the end of the night. My bottom was definitely sore. It's back to normal now. Temporarily. Thank goodness!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My birthday and the spanking that goes with it

G and I have a ritual. In the past, as soon as it was midnight, I'd be over G's lap for my much deserved birthday spanking. It's that time of year where I bare my backside for a good, long birthday spanking.

It was actually 00:06 when the festivities took place. I had on a pair of white hipster panties and a pair of pajama shorts that are made of lightweight cotton. I obviously wasn't going to protect my backside from this celebratory ritual.

I was first bent over a desk. G lightly gave me n + 1 love-taps on each cheek. I'm a math geek, so let's just say that y = n + 1, where n is my age, the extra spank is for good luck. As a result, I got y light taps. Additionally, in math, when doing a proof, the left side of any equation must equal the right. So, I need to have the same number of smacks on each cheek. Of course, I make exceptions to this rule, because I can!

The shorts came off and y love-taps continued on each cheek. G lowered my panties and the same exercise took place on my bare bottom.

I wanted pinches this year. Did I ever get them! I got y pinches on my bare bottom, which kind of tenderized it for what was coming.

He pulled both my panties and shorts up. He then instructed me to lie over his knee. I did so obediently and with heightened interest.

Over my shorts, y slightly harder smacks were administered to each cheek. He pulled down my shorts and did the same procedure over my panties and my bare bottom.

He asked me to bend over his lap, with my arms holding me up, my torso parallel to the bed, and my bottom conveniently available for his right hand to swat. y hard swats on each cheek. My bottom was warming up nicely. I could feel it.

I was then asked to stand up. I did. I had to place my hands up against the wall, as if I were being stripped and searched. It was intriguing. He gave me y hard smacks on my now sore bottom.

I went over his knee again. He brought out one of my favourite paddles. It's made of wood. The width is similar to a wooden ruler. The thickness must be a quarter of an inch. I was paddled over my shorts, over my panties, and then on my bare bottom. All were y times on each cheek. However, he continued to assault my poor bottom with the paddle. I got the flat, ruler part used during four sets of y swats or 4y. He then changed the position of the paddle in his hand, striking it over my bottom as if it were a short cane 4y times. I got the flat part of the paddle again y times on each side.

To end my official birthday spanking, he pinched my now sore, pink bottom fifty times on each cheek. Yes, this deviated from the y equation. I didn't mind, although pinches do hurt on a tender bottom! He then gave me a few hard smacks to see if I was truly sore. I was. We then cuddled.

I am now sitting here, with an awfully sore bottom. Birthdays are fun times for me. What more could a naughty girl ask for?