Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Being bratty ends with a sore bottom

Last Friday at work was fun. I was being quite the brat.

I got to work in the afternoon. My guy walked in about half an hour later.

A colleague and I were talking about public transportation. She was complaining that seniors take forever to board streetcars. She is twenty years of age. I told her about the GO train and how the middle car has a ramp. The train conductor lowers it at every stop and then puts it away before the train leaves.

I had made a joke, which caused my guy to react. I teased him about his reaction to the point where he had to change the subject. He got a new Android phone and let me play with it.

He was amazed that I could fiddle with it and figure out how it works, despite not owning one. I noticed that he had his phone on vibrate and made quite the comment about how I needed to disinfect my hands after handling it. I continued teasing him. At one point, he gestured as if he were going to playfully hit me. My plan was working.

I definitely got him a bit worked up.
"You're a very, very bad girl," he whispered in my right ear.
"I think that you are mistaken," I replied.
"I could pour this [hot chocolate] on you," he stated, showing me his mug that was nearly full.
"Is that a threat?" I asked him in a low, sly voice.
"It's a warning," he said firmly. I smiled.
"Well, if you poured your beverage on me, I would have to explain the whole thing to two people and cancel my meeting. I would blame everything on you," I reasoned. He smiled right back.
I had a couple of meetings that afternoon. I came back to my desk and chatted with my guy again. He blew me a kiss and asked if I wanted to make out in our regular meeting place. I was game.

We left work just after 17:00 and drove to our regular spot, with our cars parked side by side in the lot. We both proceeded to get into the backseat of his car.

My guy gently stroked my face. It was sweet and nice. We kissed a lot. I love touching his chest as we kiss. He played with my right breast.

My hand felt how erect his penis was. He took it out of his briefs and pants. I then gave him a handjob. He came and was highly relaxed afterwards. We cuddled for a bit.

His right hand slowly made it to my crotch. I was getting turned on.
"Was I really a bad girl earlier?" I asked him.
"Come here," he said, shifting his sitting position to the centre of his car's backseat. I went over his knee with my tight jeans covering my soon-to-be sore backside.
My guy did not hold back on smacking my bottom. My spanking was hard.
"You are such a bad girl," he said, working on smacking each buttock. He then alternated between smacking and pinching each cheek hard.
"Ow!" I exclaimed at one point. I was turned on and my butt was getting sore.
At one point, he was telling me how naughty I was being. Each word that he said was followed by a hard smack across my backside. He has never spanked me like that before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The smacks came down hard and fast. He then helped me reach orgasm. My body was limp across his lap afterwards. I was happy and satisfied.

We then talked for an hour. I teased him from time to time. He slapped my hand a couple of times. He also swatted my backside when I was laughing hard and was leaning forward. I could feel how sore my bottom was as I sat there. I whined about it.
"Good," he told me. "It's nice that you'll remember your spanking for a couple of days."
I hugged him tightly.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sunshine, blue skies, black bra, and a red bottom

Wednesday was a good day. The sun was shining. I turned my guy on. And, I got spanked.

I probably have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I don't get depressed to the point where I do not want to get out of bed. However, a lack of sunshine does make me feel sluggish. I didn't feel that way on Wednesday, though.

I arrived at work in the afternoon. I continue spending half the day at home and the other half at work. My guy came in an hour later from lunch. I could tell that he got his new replacement frames for his eyeglasses. He looked good.

We teased each other for a bit. He came over to my desk to help me with a question that I had about our software application. He was sitting on my desk. I touched his left thigh gently. He liked that. When I had stopped stroking it briefly, he held my hand.

Towards the end of the day, he sent me a message on Skype, asking if we were going to have a meeting. I was game. We drove to our local parking lot and climbed into the backseat of his car.

We talked briefly. He touched my left cheek, stroking it gently. His hand then made its way down to my chin. I smiled. He did, too.

We made out. Sometimes, I feel that we are two teenagers who are madly in love. I could tell that he missed me and wanted me. He was kissing me passionately and intensely. He wanted to be hugged. We were in a close, tight embrace for a bit.

More kissing ensued. He went to touch my tummy and I giggled. I am ticklish.
"I want to touch your tummy," he said with a smile.
"I know. I'm sorry," I said, hugging him. He reciprocated.
"It's okay. You're sweet."
He unzipped and unbuttoned my jeans as we continued to kiss. I moved my hand down to his penis, which was erect under his jeans. He undid his jeans, too, and let me stroke his cock.

He went to hug me again. He then proceeded to put one hand under my sweater and cupped my breasts. He got a look at my bra.
"Ooh, it's black," he said, as if he were a boy who fancied an ice cream.
"Hold on," I said, taking my sweater off.
"Wow!" he exclaimed. "So sexy!"
He was completely turned on. He took his hard cock out of his briefs and wanted me to stroke it. He then did the jerking off as I played with his balls. He loved looking at my black bra that I was wearing. He ended up ejaculating in my hand. We then cleaned up and rested for a bit.

My guy's hand made it over to my panties. He was groping my right buttock.
"Have you been good?" he asked me quietly.
"I don't know how," I replied.
"You know what happens to bad girls like you?"
"Maybe," I teased.
"So, that means that you don't know?" he said, playing along.
I moved from my position of snuggling next to him. He moved to the middle of his car's backseat. I went over his lap. He pulled down my jeans and had a pair of pink panties on. I could see the car mat on his car's floor.
"Comfy?" he asked me. It was a serious question, but I also found it a bit humourous.
"As comfy as I can be," I replied, thinking that I'm going to get spanked, which is not supposed to be comfortable.
He alternated between smacking, groping, and pinching each buttock. I was completely horny. He did this for a good minute, occasionally rubbing the backs of my thighs.

He then pulled down my panties and continued to smack my bare backside, giving me a few pinches along the way. The last four smacks were hard across my bottom. I could feel the sting. I loved it.

While over his lap, he played with my clit, to the point where I came. I was so wet. I loved it.

We then sat in the car and relaxed. We talked for nearly two hours about everything. It was the perfect ending to the workday, especially cuddling up to him with a pink backside to match the colour of my panties.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Up and down... elevator rides are fun!

My guy was wondering if I would come to work for half the day today. Sure enough, I appeared. We were both happy. The ongoing joke that we have with another colleague is that whenever he is at work, I shouldn't show up. The reverse holds true, too.

He had disappeared for a couple of hours this afternoon. He was taking a look at all-season tires for his car.

We like to talk at work. It was just before 18:00 and we talked for nearly two hours. The events from last week had finally hit him. He felt blue.

The good news is that his replacement frames for his eyeglasses should arrive this week. His cell phone that seemed to be toast magically worked again.

He confided in me that he was listening to an audiobook that made him cry as he was driving to work today. He has heard me cry over the phone a couple of times. He is obviously comfortable telling me when he is sad. He wants to talk more about the book with me.

My guy later suggested that he find an audiobook that talked about spanking. I told him that listening to it could be dangerous while driving. I know that I couldn't do that. I'd need to listen to it at home.

He shared his Quality Street chocolates with me. He automatically gave me a caramel that is shaped like the tip of a penis. Today, he gave me another chocolate with a Brazil nut in it. Naturally, I had to find another chocolate that resembled the shaft of a penis. Yes, we like shapes and have fun with our chocolate.

He looked at me and liked the skinny, grey corduroy pants that I was wearing.
"You look amazing," he said. "Those pants highlight your figure nicely."
"Thanks," I replied, accepting his compliment, which is difficult for me. I am extremely humble.
"You are beautiful," he gushed. "You have such a pretty smile and I love how your hair frames your face. Few women can pull that off."
My guy knows what to say. We got to talking about my sixty-pound weight loss that I have been able to maintain for several months now. I had talked about what to do with my clothes that no longer fit me because they are huge on me now. Should I throw them off the top of a tall building? Burn them in a bonfire? Donate them? Keep them in case I gain all the weight back?
"I love the way you look," he admitted. "I don't think that you'll regain the weight. Just donate the clothes."
"I have gained all the weight that I have lost in the past," I indicated. "This is the longest period in which I have maintained my weight."
"That's good," he remarked. "You may think that you could lose some more weight, but I like how you look. I like hugging you."
The best part of the evening was leaving the building. We made it out to the elevators. He leaned over and kissed me. He is becoming more expressive these days.

We got into an empty elevator. We both have a thing for being together in one. I like the idea of stopping an elevator between floors and being spanked by him in one. I think about him sitting on the carpeted floor and my going over his lap. It's the perfect place to get a spanking. It's in closed quarters. It's in a tiny space. I can't escape. It's an intimate place.

Anyway, he pressed the elevator button to go down to the basement. Our cars are on the ground floor. We kissed passionately. He grabbed my hip and touched my left buttock. He moved over to my left breast. I loved it all.

We got to the basement. He pressed the tenth floor button. We hugged and made out some more. We repeated this procedure a few times more.

The coincidental part about our making-out session in the elevator? These days, I have been listening to "Up and down" by Pet Shop Boys. My wish came true today. Perhaps I need to find a song on spanking now.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Minor tweaks to my blog links section

It has taken me some time to convince myself to switch from the old Blogger editing interface to the new one. I have been using the new, cleaner version for at least a month. So far, so good!

I finally got around to changing my blog links on the right menu pane. The older version would not allow anyone to click a link and have it open in a new window. I finally installed the new blog gadget, which automatically does what I want it to do. I also got rid of some older blog links that no longer exist and have added a few new ones that I have been reading as of late.

In my profile, I have removed my e-mail address. It is not that I don't welcome your feedback. I am horrible at responding to e-mails these days. I do respond to comments on blog posts a lot faster, so please continue to do that!

Those are all my recent changes to my blog. I suppose that I should hit the sack. The combination of springing ahead due to Daylight Saving Time and going to work tomorrow is probably going to make getting up a challenge. We'll see.

My guy is pretty good at going to bed at a decent time. I am horrible at it. I need to learn from him. Then again, my habit gives him a fun reason to spank me. I will need to suggest it to him.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crazy week and a plan to spank my guy

This week has been quite an odd one for my guy. However, many positive outcomes have occurred from the bizarre experiences.

I will attempt to be brief. My guy had his eyeglasses broken by a former colleague (FC). FC was recently fired. I have been told by several colleagues that FC was mentally unstable and wasn't taking his medication. Whether he was fired because he was off his medication and couldn't cope is unclear.

Anyway, a colleague, who is here from a different part of the world, had no idea that FC had been fired. He told her that he wanted to talk to someone in the office and asked that she use her badge to get into the building. Being who she is, she let him in. Although we have a policy to not let people who do not show proper identification in, she didn't want to deal with him and let him in. She has always felt that FC was too creepy for her liking.

FC was looking for my boss, but he wasn't there. The first person FC recognized was my guy, who shook his hand and asked how he was. FC took my guy's glasses off his face and snapped them in half.

In a nutshell, both someone in upper management and the human resources person asked that my guy press charges against FC. Both my guy and I were on the same page. Having charges laid against FC will not help him get better. He needs help and support for his mental condition. FC is not going to do well in life with a criminal record.

My guy and I have the same personality. He had thought about driving himself home with his broken pair of glasses. I was concerned and had offered to drive him home. The company, thankfully, decided to pay for him cab ride home. He lives fairly far away from work.

We are both cool and calm people. My guy was handling everything well. I asked if he was okay, delicately brushing my finger against his nose that did not have his glasses sitting on it. We have actually grown closer as a couple.

My guy is extremely affectionate. For the first time, he came to my cubicle, sat on one part of my desk, leaned over, and kissed me on the lips. He has never done that before. I was not expecting him to plant a kiss like that at work, but I loved it. I held his hand between both my hands. I was glad that he was okay.

To top off this day, his cell phone had died. He could receive calls, but could not make any. He was having such a rough day, but was taking everything well.

This post was to talk about how to introduce him to receiving a spanking. It's difficult to playfully justify a reason for spanking him. He is a decent person and I am fortunate to be with him. Like me, a reason isn't necessary to justify receiving a spanking. I just want to be spanked for being naughty behind closed doors. I like it. He is curious about whether he would like being spanked. When role-playing, it does help to make up a reason for getting spanked.

His birthday is coming up. It would be perfect to playfully spank him on his special day. If not, I like the thought of receiving his birthday smacks on my bare backside. I do think that we need to discuss how hard he would like me to spank him. As they say, communication is important. My spanking him for the first time is no different.

Just out of curiosity, I decided to do a quick search on the topic of spanking someone for the first time. It is interesting how many articles are out there on how a man should spank a woman for the first time. There isn't as much material written for a woman who wants to spank a man.

Perhaps I need to write such a guide once I figure out all the details.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Warming up a bottom on a cold day

I have briefly talked about spontaneity in the past. It gives you a fresh perspective sometimes.

On Monday, my guy and I hadn't communicated all morning. I decided to come into work for half the day. I didn't know if he was at work. He didn't know whether I would be stopping by the office this week.

I had put my laptop in sleep mode just before 13:30 and ventured off to work. I realized once I had arrived at work that my guy was in the building somewhere. His winter coat was hanging on the back of his office chair.

I connected my laptop to the network. On Skype, my guy had said hi to me seven minutes after I had packed my laptop away. I wrote back and said hi back. He was online somewhere. I wasn't sure where.

For the first time, I went into the kitchen to try out the new water cooler. Sure enough, my guy walked right in. Sadly, we could not make out like we had wanted to, for there was a colleague sitting there, eating his lunch. We just said hi and met up in our cubicle area.

We talked for quite some time. We then quietly discussed meeting in the parking lot on Skype. I had suggested 17:00. He was good with that. He actually told me half an hour before our meeting that he was going to grab a bite to eat and meet me there. He is boyish, which is charming and I love about him.

We met at our usual spot. I got into the backseat of his car first, which was different. Normally, he gets in first.

It was nice to hug him and be in his arms. He then unzipped my sweater and made his way to my bra. He then played with my breasts. As always, we kissed for a bit. He then unzipped by grey, skinny corduroy pants, and fingered me until I came.

I was sort of on my back. He came over and sweetly kissed me all over my face, shoulders, and neck. He then sucked my nipples, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

He pulled down both his jeans and his briefs. I then gave him a blowjob. I worked on him for a bit. He was enjoying the moment. I could tell. He came and we just rested in each other's arms for a bit.

It was a fairly nippy day outside. We had the most spontaneous chat in quite some time.
"My butt is cold," he said to me, wanting to pull up his briefs and jeans.
"Do you want me to smack it to warm it up?" I said with a huge smile on my face.
We both laughed. However, it did spark a good conversation.
"Do you like to give spankings more or receive them?" he asked me curiously.
"I am a switch," I admitted. "In the past, I probably gave more of them, but I love getting spanked, too."
"Does giving spankings turn you on as much as receiving them?" he asked me.
"Yes," I admitted. "I get aroused either way."
"I should let you spank me."
I wasn't expecting that statement from him. At first, I didn't know if he was willing to spanking me when we were talking about what we liked when we first started to get to know each other. I knew then that he wanted to.
"I never asked you if you wanted to be spanked, because I don't expect that everyone will like it. I will never pressure you. You don't have to," I said.
"I need to find out whether I'd like it," he admitted.
Perhaps I have either a closet spanko or I am with someone who is genuinely curious about trying new things and figure out what it feels like to be spanked.

I know that I can't spank him hard for the first time. We'll see how this chapter evolves.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Rescheduled meeting due to sickness

Unfortunately, the parking lot meeting didn't pan out.

Just before 11 am, my guy and I were texting on Skype. He told me that he was coming down with a cold. He seems to come down with a lot of them these days, which concerns me. I used so many sad smiley faces during our chat today that it was probably a record for me.

Here's an excerpt from our online chat. I started asking him if my guy (MG) would like to reschedule our meeting:
MG: I guess I'll reschedule
Me: :(
MG: Sorry about that. I was looking forward to it, too.
Me: I knew that it'd be a sad day. :(
MG: Why?
Me: I need to add a sad face to my profile
MG: Will make it up to you next week
Me: You're sick +  I won't see you = :(
MG: I know
MG: But you need to show me your beautiful smile
MG: It makes me feel bad when you are sad
Me: I know, but I can't help it
Me: Well, do get some rest and get better soon, so you can make it up sometime next week. :)
MG: Yes, that's much better :)
Me: But, I don't feel :)
MG: I know
MG: I'm really sorry
Me: I need a smiley that pouts
Me: It's okay. We'll deal with you next week. ;)
MG: Sounds good ;)
My guy says that he's not an emotional person. The fact that he told me that he feels bad when I am sad makes me think otherwise. That statement was sweet.

I did go into work today. He was still there. He had told me that he was going to leave after lunch. Instead, he waited for me to arrive. We talked. We laughed. He blew me a kiss from his cubicle, for he didn't want to give me his cold.

I told him that it was great to see him again. I am a lucky girl to have such a guy in my life. My backside patiently waits to be spanked by him.

Friday, March 02, 2012

E-mail exchanges, parking lot meetings, and a spanking to come

My guy has written a number of e-mails to me this week. Normally, I am the one who tends to initiate them. It has been quite the role reversal this week.

The day after our backseat session in his car, he wrote me an e-mail. It was unexpected, but sweet:
Hey there sweet girl,
How are you doing? Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. It was very special.
I wrote back to him:
Hey, playful badge-pulling guy!
Yesterday was nice. Sitting is a constant reminder for me. It's all good. Thank you, too.
My guy is boyish. The other day, he tugged on my retractable work badge a few times. He then looked at my photo and said that it was a nice picture of me.

My guy likes spanking me. It's nice. I don't have to say anything. He will normally whisper in my ear that I have been bad or just ask whether I have been a good girl. If not, he will go ahead and lightly smack my backside to indicate that he wants to give me a spanking.

The wonderful part about the other day was my going over his lap. It is probably one of my favourite spanking positions. I feel close to my spanker. I get extremely excited and wet. I can feel his penis become more erect as he spanks me. I love it when my panties come down and all you hear is the sound of my bare buttocks getting smacked repeatedly. I love the thought of having a sore, red bottom afterwards and being sore for at least a day.

The neat part of our relationship these days is that we think about each other a lot. We think about the same things a lot. Tonight, we had another brief e-mail exchange. He kicked it off by asking whether I would be in the office tomorrow. He wasn't there today, but I had come in for a few hours. I have been to work three times this week. He has only been to the office once.

I wrote back to him:
If you'd like a parking lot meeting, we can do it at 2 pm tomorrow and I can avoid going into the office. Otherwise, if you have another suggestion, just let me know and we'll take it from there.
My guy responded, "Actually, a 2:30 pm parking lot meeting sounds good."

I am liking these meetings. They prevent me from working too hard at home. They are a lot of fun with someone you care deeply about and a nice way to kick off the weekend with sore backside.