Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Arriving in Stockholm, checking in to a hotel for a paddling and a blowjob

We arrived at Stockholm airport just before midnight. Going through customs was incredibly easy and the woman there was friendly, welcoming me to Sweden and Europe for the first time.

My guy is an absolute gentleman. He fetched my suitcase from the carousel. The sad part was that he had asked the car rental place to wait for him to arrive. Sadly, it closes at 23:30 on Sundays. By the time we had received an answer as to whether the rental place was open, it was 01:00. Rather than spending $100 one-way to fetch a cab to get us to our hotel, we stayed at one of the airport hotels.

I am glad that we did. We were both tired, but not completely tired. We both needed a shower.
"Let's shower together," my guy said, kissing me tenderly.
"I don't know," I said, a bit tired and knowing that showering together would make an even longer night.
We hugged and kissed. He playfully spanked my backside. As expected, he took off all my clothing. He noted that my panties were wet. I told him that it was all his fault. He took off his clothes, too. He then took my hand and led me to the bathroom.

The shower had translucent walls. We stood under the shower head. I lathered my hair and started to wash it. He then took some shower gel and lathered me up. I did the same to him, starting with his chest and working my hands around him. We kissed and hugged while showering.

His hands moved to my pussy and started fingering me. He loved the access. At one point, he ended up fingering both my pussy and butt. I have never reached orgasm in a shower before. It was wonderful. I felt so relaxed afterwards. We continued to shower and rinse off.

My guy got out of the shower first and wrapped a clean white towel around me. He then got one for him and we both got out of the shower.

After I had towel-dried my hair, my guy was hungry. It is incredible how predictable he is. He needs food every four hours, it seems. If he goes to bed on an empty stomach, he does not sleep well.

He ordered lasagne. I asked for a Coke Light (I learned that it's diet Coke, but not to order it by that name). Half an hour later, he was happy eating his lasagne and insisted that I have a bite of it. It was yummy.

Once we were done with eating, even though it was closer to 03:00, my guy wanted to spank me. He had asked me a couple of days ago to bring my toys with me. I didn't fail in that department. I handed him my fuzzy purple paddle.

He unravelled my white towel from my body. My naked body went over his lap. He gave me a few smacks with the leather side of the paddle.
"You have been rebellious as of late," he said, rubbing the fuzzy side of the paddle against my bare bottom.
"No, I haven't," I protested. "I am a good girl."
"You really think so?" he asked me, still toying with the fuzzy purple side of the paddle against my skin.
"Yes," I said.
He landed a number of smacks with the leather side. I was so aroused by his teasing me with making circles on my backside with the fuzzy side, thinking that he'd spank me lightly. However, he would end up changing his mind and smacking my backside hard with the leather side. This playfulness continued for at least five minutes.
"Your butt is getting red," he said.
"It's all your fault," I playfully whined. "You're a big meanie!"
"Calling me names isn't helping your situation," he said.
He was right. More hard paddling ensued. He finally stopped when I offered to give him a blowjob.

I have never nuzzled his cock after he has showered. It was nice to do just that freely against my guy's bare skin. Normally, I tend to nuzzle his erect penis when it is either in his pants or briefs. I loved how it felt against my cheek.

A while back, I had purchased a feather duster. I brought this fun toy with me, and dusted his balls and cock with it. I loved using it. My guy loved how soft the feathers were.

I had brought my tube of Good Head strawberry oral gel. I applied a bit of it on the tip of my guy's penis. It reacted positively! I put some more down his hard cock and spread the gel evenly with my finger. My guy loved it. I then began to lick the tip and then the rest of his cock as if it were a yummy popsicle on a hot day. My guy commented that my tongue was driving him crazy. My guy came. He came a lot.

We cleaned up. We hugged and kissed. We then went to bed, setting our alarm clock for 10:00.

It was certainly a long day. It did end on many high notes.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Taking flight

My guy and I had booked our flight to Stockholm two Thursdays ago. We were flying out the following Friday, right after work.

He travels a lot, so he gets airline perks. It's nice to ride on his coattails. At the airport, we checked in quickly and headed into the Maple Leaf lounge. We ate and drank. I loved the white chocolate macadamia cookie. While seated across from each other, he took several pictures of me.

We had two flight segments. The longer one was a problem in that we were not seated next to each other. The check-in counter woman was not having a good day. She started addressing us by asking, "What's your question?" Wow. Sure enough, she did not attempt to find seats next to each other, regardless of whether they were available.

My guy is quite the negotiator. He got a woman to switch seats with him. I was so relieved. I was sitting next to a man who was wearing a yellow sweater and green pants. He had a female friend sitting a couple of rows behind us, to our right. She kept on coming over to visit him. I got annoyed hearing her say, "Here's your snack," and handing him cookies every few minutes.

It was great sitting next to my guy. We kissed. We held hands. We watched a movie together. We ate dinner together and chatted.

Afterwards, we pulled our blue blankets over us. My guy unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. His hand guided mine around his erect penis, which he had skillfully taken out of his briefs. He was horny as all can be.

He played with my crotch for a while. He then unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, and fingered me. It is difficult to keep quiet as I am reaching orgasm. I managed to keep a low profile on the whole, except for my breathing. I came and rested my head against my guy's chest. He kissed my forehead, as always.

My guy wasn't done yet. He managed to get his hand under my backside and was at it again, making me reach orgasm. I looked like I was humping him in my seat. An older woman was sitting next to me. My guy told me later that she had glanced over at me, gave me a weird look, and then went to sleep. See, he causes trouble!

I was relaxed afterwards. We still had to make my guy happy, too. So, while we are doing all of these fine activities under blue blankets, I wrapped my fingers around my guy's hard penis and started giving him a handjob. We were French kissing while I was jerking him off. He was truly enjoying himself. He came, to the point where we both noticed that his jeans had semen on them after the fact. Oops!

Luckily, we used his blanket to wipe up. I had an extra blanket, which I used to tuck him to sleep. Everything worked out well.

We both slept for a bit after that. It's amazing what activities you can engage in on a plane.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Back from vacation and not loving his goatee

Hello, everyone! I am sorry that I haven't written much as of late. I decided to do a last-minute trip with my guy to Stockholm. He was there for business and I was there on vacation. After work, it was all pleasure for both of us!

My vacation was great. I have a ton to write about, including a number of spankings that I had received.

As promised in my last post, I was going to indicate why I was sad during what was a delightful treehouse session.

My guy decided to grow a goatee. I had forgotten that my face is sensitive to stubble, especially when it rubs against my face when I am kissing a stubbly guy. Indeed, my face got irritated. A day later, I had a couple of pimples around my lips and above my chin. My face is also oily, so any disturbance causes my pores to clog up.

Anyway, what was unexpected was when my guy said that he would be keeping his goatee for a bit. I said that treehouse time would likely cease. He didn't quite get it at first, until I told him that my face can't handle stubble that feels like sandpaper.

My reaction was equally as unexpected. I started to cry. I am sure that my guy thought that I was overreacting, but he realized a couple of days later that I was not making up the fact that my face breaks out when it is irritated. I was so upset that he caved and said that he would only grow a goatee when he was travelling on his own. It was kind of him.

While we were in Stockholm, he was clean-shaven, which I appreciated. Perhaps my frustration that day was wanting to kiss him so badly, but that it hurt to do what I loved doing. It was an unnecessary obstacle for me. When he told me that he wanted to keep his goatee, I just lost it.

Anyway, all is well. More spankings posts are coming. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A goatee and one long, hard spanking

Just before I was about to have my lunch, my guy (MG) started a conversation with me on Skype:
MG: So are you bringing in your trusted ruler today?
Me: It's always in my car to resolve pressing matters. Is today such a day?
MG: I guess you had it coming for so long. Time to own up to your actions as a bad girl.
Me: But, I'm always a good girl. (showing a wasn't-me emoticon)
MG: Not where I'm standing!
MG: And you know what happens to bad girls...
Me: I suppose that I will find out later today, huh?
MG: Oh yeah. You'll find about the painful truth.
Me: =)
MG: ;) 
He's good at setting up the scenario. He told me that he looked forward to seeing me in the office. The feeling was mutual.

Oddly, our work area is a bit crazy these days. It can be quiet for half an hour, and then you hear this mad scramble of folks talking to one another. 

My guy was not a happy camper with this weird chattering cycle. He couldn't wait to leave, but he had come into the office late. So, we both left work at around 18:00. I left a good ten minutes before he did. I waited at our usual spot for him.

He got out of his car and looked into my car. He calls me gadget girl now and again, because I have gadgets for my various electronic devices like my iPod and cell phone and enjoys teasing me. He then asked if I had brought my ruler. I grabbed it from my car's glove compartment and stepped out of my car.

We hopped into the backseat of my guy's car. My guy was growing a goatee. It has been a while since I have kissed a man with one. I don't do well under such conditions. My skin is incredibly sensitive. I did like touching it.

We kissed. Sure enough, my face didn't like his goatee. I was getting goatee-burn on my upper lip. He was laughing at me.
"I don't think we'll have too many treehouse meetings if you keep it," I said, partly joking, but I was also serious.
"You won't be with me because of one body part? There are other parts, you know."
"It hurts to kiss you now," I pouted.
"So, you think you have a say in whether I keep my goatee?" he asked me.
"Yes," I said.
"Well, we'll see about that," he said, taking the ruler from me.
We kissed some more. My upper lip was getting irritated. My guy stopped and unbuttoned my sweater that he had bought for me. He wondered whether his goatee would irritate my nipple. He was sucking each nipple, which was incredibly relaxing. He flicked them. He loved caressing them.

He asked that I nuzzle his cock, which was clearly hard under his slacks. It was nice to gently rub my left cheek against his crotch. He started scolding me by slapping the ruler over my grey pants. It felt good as I continued to nuzzle him.

My guy was tugging at my pants. I unbuttoned and unzipped them. I had a pair of black lace panties on. I signalled my guy to sit in the middle of the backseat. I then obediently went over his lap. He pinched each cheek. He then pulled my panties down.

He primarily used the wooden ruler on my backside, occasionally swatting me with his bare hand. My spanking lasted for quite some time.
"Do you still think that you have a say?" he asked me, spanking me with the ruler after saying each word.
"Yes, because it's not enjoyable to kiss a hedgehog," I said.
"You really think so?" he questioned my response.
"Yes," I said defiantly.
"You're so stubborn," he said, and continued spanking me hard with the ruler. I loved it.
He actually spanked me while slapping each cheek with eenie-meenie-miney-mo. We both burst out in laughter. It was cute. I love when he's playful.

My guy, at one stage, said that my bare bottom was red. He fingered me and asked if I wanted his finger in my pussy. I said yes, but he was teasing me by saying no. Instead, he spanked me some more. I loved every moment.

He remarked again that my butt was red. He pulled up my panties and loved how he could see the redness through my black lacy panties. He finally let me reach orgasm. It was intense and wonderful. I hugged him tightly afterwards, as I normally do, but even more so after this spanking.

Needless to say, he was working on me today and eventually made me reach orgasm a couple of times more before I became dopey, which he finds cute. At one point, I was doing impressions of Ernie and Bert. Don't ask.

I will write about the not-so-happy moment that had occurred in the treehouse in my next post. We ended our evening by talking, hugging, holding hands, and cuddling. He couldn't help but to caress my right breast. He then had to stop. He knew that once he starts, he won't be able to stop.

It's nice to be wanted. It's equally as nice to be loved and spanked.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A sound spanking and a flash drive joke

It's nice to write a brief post, saying how sore it is to be seated. I got my much anticipated spanking on Monday evening. It was great. My bottom is smarting.

I cried after the spanking, but it wasn't because I was sore. It was unexpected.

I will need to expand on both topics soon. I promise!

Before I hit the sack, I will share one little humourous tidbit. My guy was telling me that his work laptop was running out of disk space.
"I don't know why that is," he explained. "I don't know what is hogging up all my disk space."
"Maybe your extensive porn collection is taking up gigabytes of space," I said, being my cheeky self.
"No," he exclaimed. "I have them all on a flash drive."
"How fitting," I said. "Your fine collection is on a flash drive. When in doubt, whip it out."
My guy and I laughed for a bit.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Excited all day over an opening salutation

I realize that my posts are not in sequential order as of late. I will link the new ones with my older posts once I actually compose the new ones!

My guy wrote to me on Sunday morning. We tend to give each other nicknames in our opening salutation. These nicknames don't normally stick. It's just our way of showing affection to each other.

Well, I wasn't expecting him to start off by writing, "Hey, longing for punishment girl," but he did. Ever since I read that line, I have been wet and happy.

Needless to say, it is a huge turn-on for me. The anticipation of knowing that I will be over his knee for a sound spanking on Monday makes me horny. He knows which buttons to push. I have not been this excited with a spanking warning for quite some time.

On Friday, he called me sweetness, which is one of his usual nicknames for me.
"I love when you call me sweetness," I said. He proceeded to kiss me on my lips.
"See, sweetness," he said with a huge grin on his face.
"Is that your experiment to prove your hypothesis?" I asked him.
"Yes. I kissed you, and your kiss was sweet. Therefore, you are sweetness."
He's funny and cute.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Friday: the beginning and end

I am behind (no pun intended) in my blog posts this week. I do have the urge to write a few things down at this hour.

Before I left for lunch, I asked my guy online if it was okay for me to crash his meeting this afternoon. He said that there was a spot for me in the training room.

Well, I got to the room and it was practically a full house. My guy introduced me as the writer, joking that any complaints about our documentation should go to me.

You can tell that my guy and I have chemistry, as we feed off each other when it comes to humour. I indicated that didn't like the sounds of that statement and threatened to leave the room. Everyone laughed at our banter.

It was a fun, informative session. We basically were like a comedic team. I even got to shake the hands of several new employees there.

We both had a meeting at 16:30. We left the training room and headed to the elevators. We had an entire elevator to ourselves.

It has been ages since we have been in this scenario. We kissed passionately. I enjoyed caressing my guy's head in my hand. My guy was caressing my right breast.

We got to our meeting. We sat facing each other. At one point, my guy sneaked in a wink, which was cute. He did motion as I was about to leave work that he wanted treehouse time. I was game. He winked at me again.

A future post will talk about our treehouse experience. At the end of our time together, we had this conversation while my guy was groping my left buttock.
"I need to punish you more," he said. "We have been so focused on other things that I have not been punishing you as often as I should."
"That's because I have been good," I said in a matter-of-fact way.
"Noooo!" he objected. "You are always bad."
"That's not true," I said in a girlie tone.
"Next week, I will spank you hard. But, you'll be wearing pants and not a skirt like today."
"But, I want to wear a skirt. We're in a heatwave and you have easier access to my backside. That's what you have taught me," I reasoned with him.
"When I see your legs, I get horny," he admitted.
"There's nothing wrong with that," I teased. "You can spank me for disobeying your clothing request."
He liked that. I politely asked him to stop talking about spanking me. I admitted to him that I was getting turned on, but was perfectly content after having our quality time. Our next meeting is on Monday.