Saturday, April 11, 2020

The ex-guy strikes a text conversation

A few posts ago, I wrote about my ex-guy sending me a short e-mail after realizing that I had not sent him any birthday greetings this year. He had included a picture of two purple birds. Purple is my favourite colour. I read that the two birds represented us.

Well, unfortunately, I was correct.

When I was writing yesterday's blog post, he texted me. I fought through putting that post up, as I was upset.

Ever since he has broken up with me, I have not shed a tear over him. I cried on and off yesterday. The hurt and painful feelings came flooding back.

I had not replied to the birds e-mail. Last night, he texted me and asked whether I was ever going to write back to him. In my head, since he ended our relationship, my first thought to that question hasn't changed. I told him that he broke my heart. I had nothing to say to him.

He wanted to chat over the phone or meet. I said that I wasn't interested in the former and that I needed to practise physical distancing from COVID-19.

The annoying part of this text message exchange was that this jerk decided to negotiate terms of a relationship with him. What? He said that it would be the same, except that we'd take out hotel stays and trips together.

I told him off. He claimed that he misses me and the fun times that we used to have. If he truly wanted me back, I would expect him to not take away aspects of our relationship that we once enjoyed as a couple.

I got a number of points off my chest:
  • I wasn't interested in talking to someone who broke my heart and has caused me so much sadness
  • I let him know that he treated me like dirt and that his needs have always superseded mine
  • I pointed out that his conditions and restrictions cited in this new set of relationship terms was nonsense and stupid
  • I had no problem telling him that if he had a heart, he'd understand that he was upsetting me by contacting me
  • I stated that I wasn't going to settle for these stupid relationship terms
  • I dictate the terms -- he doesn't
  • I didn't want to talk to him because things aren't the same between us
Yeah, it's sad that he ruined the start of my long Easter weekend. Although I am intermittently sad right now, I am proud that I stood my ground. I'm stronger than I realized.

In the meantime, I am listening to a lot of music to make me feel better.


  1. It's good you stood your ground. The less contact you have with him, the faster it will be to move on.

  2. He is just playing with you. He has no company so he thought he would imagine being with you over Easter. Push him out of your mind.
    Can't you zoom a friend(s) or something and have a good long girlie chat in your PJs?

    1. I agree that he's lonely and decided to strike up a chat with me. I'm doing much better now.

  3. It takes a lot of strength and determination, but you are doing the right thing. He is toxic!! If it is any comfort, remember the old adage "leopards never change their spots"!!. what he has been, he will always be.


    1. Thanks for your encouragement and support! He is toxic and I need him out of my life.