Thursday, August 31, 2017

Staycation, concert, and quality time this long weekend

I am doing another staycation this upcoming long Labour Day weekend. I will be seeing a concert midway through it. I'm looking forward to it.

My guy may be able to drop by for some quality time. I won't be in his neck of the woods. However, it will be nice if he can escape. I miss him a ton.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

GirlyGoGarter and horniness

I was looking at my Instagram feed and noticed that someone had posted a photo of what looked like a garter around her thigh. I'm glad that I stopped and took some time to investigate what I was looking at.

I was indeed looking at a lacy black garter. It's called GirlyGoGarter. It is essentially a garter with pockets. Instead of carrying a small purse, you can put your money, cell phone, keys, lip gloss,... whatever you can think of, in this garter. The only catch is that it holds up to three pounds of goods.

It's brilliant! I actually want to order it in purple. It didn't surprise my guy.
"I am thinking about getting it in purple," I hinted.
"Sounds good. If it works well, I'd love to see you with the black one on. I'd buy it for you," he admitted.
"Are you getting turned on?" I asked him.
"I am. You'd look good in a garter. It could hold our condoms and lube, too," he noted.
He's practical and horny. It's a nice combination.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Boob pit

A friend posted this funny pic on Facebook:

I have a feeling that my guy would enjoy this pit for a bit. However, he does love to shop.

He has also said that he loves my breasts, often squeezing them and sucking on my nipples. I suppose that if the boob pit had replicas of my boobs, he'd be one happy guy!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Changing spending habits is tough

For a while, I have been trying to reduce costs. I am good in some areas, but horrible in others.

Years ago, I decided to get rid of all my magazine subscriptions. I am glad that I did. It was a waste of paper and money subscribing to them when I could read everything I wanted to online.

I had two cell phones. I didn't need two phone numbers. I am down to a single cell phone.

I introduced my parents to a cell phone and paid for that, too. I looked at how often they use it, which is minimal. I ended up switching their monthly plan to a pay-as-you-go one.

I am horrible when it comes to purchases. Some months, I am perfectly fine sticking to a budget. Other times, I see items on sale and I buy them. Do I really need them? Sometimes, I do. Most of the time, I don't.

Even though I do have lapses from time to time, I am doing fairly well on the whole. My guy, who is both a good shopper and an optimizer, thinks that I am doing pretty well. He feels that my having a lapse here and there is understandable. I appreciate that support.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

My guy was right about my nails

My guy is the first to admit that he noticed my nails when we first met. Although I would have thought that it would have been my face, he has always insisted that he looks at a woman's hands first.

He loves my hands, but the nails reeled him in. I remember being in the lunchroom and we were alone. He actually lifted my left pinky finger with his to look at how shiny my nail was.

He asked me when we were finally dating whether I would consider putting coloured polish on my nails. Back then, I had nail strengthener on, which was clear.

Since I have been training and supervising students at work, a number of them have thought that I go to a nail salon every week. I wouldn't be able to afford going 52 times a year. I have only been to a nail salon once so far in 2017.

Lately, I have had the administrator at work, as well as a female colleague, ask me about my nail routine. It's not complicated at all!
  1. Start with clean, natural nails.
  2. Apply a base coat, ensuring that your nail polish adheres nicely.
  3. Apply a thin first coat of nail polish. Let it dry. Polish dries faster when it's a thin coat.
  4. Apply a second thin coat of polish. Let it dry.
  5. Apply a top coat to seal everything. Let it dry.
That's it. The key is to find a nail polish colour that lasts.

I find that giving myself a manicure to be a nice way to de-stress. Same goes with a pedicure, but I tend to do the former more often.

When I am wearing sandals, my guy notices both the polish on my toenails and fingernails. He's observant. He does indeed love my nails.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

One of my student's last day - get Cutiebootie to kill you!

Friday was quite the day at work. I have three students this work term. It was the last day for one of them.

My manager is away on business all next week. As a result, we had a farewell lunch for all of them on Friday.

They chose a sushi place. It also serves ramen. I went with the chicken ramen and some beef gyoza. The food was yummy. This restaurant is in an industrial area. It is odd, but it works.

All three of my students compiled a number of fun tidbits, photos, quotations, and more that they came across during their time with the company. It was thoughtful and hilarious.

One of my favourite mentions was an instant messaging response from one of them:
Get Cutiebootie to kill you
It makes more sense if I provide some context. I don't kill people for a living!

We have an authoring tool. Sometimes, if you end up being stuck in it, I have the authority to kick you out of the system when you can't log out successfully on your own. To stop a process is killing it on Unix or Linux.

Before she left, my student gave me a box of chocolates. She advised that it's a family tradition to give chocolates as a parting gift. She is so thoughtful. The box was also in purple, which matched her top that she was wearing and happens to be my favourite colour.

It's nice to know that what I do at work means something and that folks appreciate what I do. She is off to study in Ireland for the next semester. She'll be fine.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Paddle hairbrush or thin leather paddle?

I have two implements. I let my guy choose which one he wants to spank me with.

The first is a wooden paddle hairbrush. It is rectangular, so it covers a lot of surface area when it comes to delivering a decent smack across each buttock.

The second is a long, thin leather paddle. It's kind of like a ruler, except that it's a bit wider in length. It's all leather and it packs a decent, consistent slap each time.

My guy prefers the latter. He has yet to spank me with the former.

I asked him why. He likes the longer handle on the leather paddle. He also likes how effective it is across my bare backside.

I'm good with whatever implement he uses. I simply love when he spanks me.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Stress - need a mental health day

I feel achy. Physically, I feel a dull ache all over my body towards the end of the day. It's such an odd feeling. It has persisted for a couple of days now.

I have a feeling that it is stress-related. One of my students is wrapping up her workterm on Friday. My other two students end their term the following week. I go back to handling everything until folks come and relieve me.

Next workterm, I only have one student. I also have one full-time person taking over most of my duties, but she needs to clear a background check. This check can take weeks.

I am supposedly moving on to do process work. However, my manager continues to dump ridiculous tasks on me. I truly don't have time to do work that he can easily do.

Tomorrow, which is really today, I am taking a sick day. I need a mental health break. I also need a physical one.

It is important to listen to what your body is saying. Mine is screaming for some rest. I can also tell that it is stress-related when the left side of my neck gets tight.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Grabbing my cinnamon buns and spanking me

I don't have a whole lot of time to look at tweets these days. This cute one from Cinnabon made me smile.

I shared it with my guy. He agreed that he should be the one to grab my buns, put me over his lap, pull down my panties, and spank me hard like the bad girl that I am.

If my guy was on Twitter, I would read his feed containing tweets like this one!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar eclipse and full moon

I thought that I would miss the solar eclipse on Monday. After all, I was at work when it happened.

I went to the lunchroom to fill my cup with hot tea. I saw five guys try and take photos from the window. They didn't have any special eclipse glasses on. Yikes!

My colleague let me know that there were folks downstairs who were happy to share their safe cardboard glasses with folks. She's sweet. We went down together, along with my manager and another one.

Sure enough, Sharky, who lusts after me, according to my guy, told us that the IT guy would share his glasses with us. I am fortunate to have a decent working relationship with him. Sure enough, he shared his glasses with me.

I put them on. Everything was black in my view, except for the cool, orange crescent moon. Whoa! I was impressed.

Naturally, on Twitter, I came across this gem:

I love the Fifty Shades movie series. I love this play on words from Fifty Shades of Grey. I couldn't help but laugh. Hard!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Fiddling with an old BlackBerry from my past

A few years ago, I had a BlackBerry Bold as my cell phone. It was my phone for three solid years.

I am not a business-savvy person. I didn't sell it. Instead, it just sat there in a desk drawer.

A few months ago, I found it. I decided to charge the phone and see what it would do. It booted up fine, still remembering that I was last signed in on October 12, 2012.

The battery doesn't hold a charge all that well. At most, it lasts a full day without doing much. In the past, I could go four days of medium usage before I truly needed to charge it. Ah, the beauty of not having a touchscreen!

Last night, I decided to unlock the phone. You can do it for free. It works fine with my new current cell phone provider, except that my e-mail can't be fetched.

I decided to get a new battery for the phone. I should get it sometime this week in the mail.

As much as I love my Google Pixel phone, part of me likes the idea of having a smaller phone with only the basics that I need. The e-mail part doesn't work right now. It doesn't bother me. I am good with the phone and text messages working. If I truly need to use e-mail, I can always use the browser to access it.

It's sort of my side project to figure out what works and what doesn't with this phone these days.

The funny thing is that I also have an iPhone 3G. We'll see what I end up doing with that phone!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Wearing yoga pants with no panties

The other day, I was at the post office to pick up a few parcels. There was a bit of a lineup.

In front of me was a woman who was wearing athletic yoga pants. They had a zebra pattern, except that it was more grey and white. She also had sneakers that you simply slide your feet into them.

She was jiggling her leg such that her butt was giggling with her. I couldn't help but to notice everything moving. 

I'm not big on anyone shaking their foot or leg when they are sitting down, let alone standing up. Somehow, it feels like a minor earthquake is happening.

I do like looking at butts. I always have. Male or female, I'll look! She did not have any underwear on. It made me think whether yoga pants have some sort of gusset these days. They certainly don't support jiggling.

As you can tell, I don't own a pair of yoga pants. I like wearing shorts or leggings when I work out.

I wonder whether my guy would like the idea of my wearing no underwear with yoga pants. I'll need to ask him what his thoughts are.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bowling, lunch, beer, and puns

The workweek is finally over. Yay!

It has been an interesting, busy week. I was supposed to interview a candidate for a student internship position. He stood my manager and me up. It turns out that he thought the interview was for next Thursday. Yes, he thought it was a week later.

On a good note, I had fun going to a team bowling event on Thursday, having lunch with the same group on Friday, and grabbing a beer with my manager after work to end the workweek. Everything seems to have balanced out.

As for my guy, he recently entered a contest to win a Ford Mustang. My guy is punny. I decided to tease him with his pun.
"How come Yukon not win a GMC?!" I asked him.
"You're cute," he said, smiling at me.
We are a punny couple, which helps.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Testes job being processed

At work on Thursday, I had submitted a job to be processed. I write for a living and needed to see what my output looked like.

Naturally, there can be a number of jobs being run simultaneously. There were five other jobs happening.

One writer ended up creating a project called Testes and submitting a job to see its output. Nope, no joke. Testes.

Maybe I should create its sidekick, Penis.

Naturally, it makes more sense if I submit a job called Spank Me. My guy would make sure that this job would be completed by him!

It's never a dull day at work.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dreaming of a library and the fountain of cum

I had a couple of vivid dreams last night. The first one had me in an elaborate library, trying to renew my library card.

It's interesting that it wasn't my first time dreaming about being in such a setting. I will need to do a bit of research to figure out what all this symbolism means in a dream.

I also dreamt of giving my guy a handjob. His juices flowed down his erect cock as if it were some sort of fountain. Yes, the fountain of cum!

Again, I can only speculate that I miss my guy and I want to be near his fountain of cum.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tea tree oil allergic reaction - fuller lips

I have a facial wash that has tea tree oil in it. I have been using it for a few months now, alternating between it and another cleanser.

Yesterday, I cleansed my face using it. I got some on my lip. I use a facial brush to clean my face. After I was done, I rinsed my face off.

Well, I didn't realize it later, but I ended up with a minor allergic reaction. Even though the tea tree cleanser was on my lip for a couple of minutes, it was enough to plump part of my upper lip. It was a bit itchy and red.

I told my guy about it. Naturally, he was concerned.
"Are you okay?" he asked me.
"Yes. I have Reactine, so I took a pill to calm the allergic reaction," I replied.
"Good," he said. "You already have full lips. I can't imagine your having even larger lips that are itchy."
"That's true. You have nice full lips, too," I noted.
"They miss yours a lot," he admitted.
My lips are fine today. I just need to be careful with my facial cleaner.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Headache and stress

There are some folks who stress me out at work. On Monday, two of them managed to do so.

I ended up with a headache after lunch. My manager sits next to me. The last time I had a headache, I ended up with an eye stroke in my right eye. It felt similar, so I took it easy.

I ended up taking a couple of pain killers, drank some hot tea, tried walking around the floor at work, and ended up relaxing in a small meeting room. It all helped a bit, but I still had a headache.

My manager indicated that if I wasn't feeling better after half an hour, I should go home. Of course, I needed to be okay driving. I ended up leaving early at 16:00.

I do feel better. It has been a while since I have felt this stressed out. Luckily, I am working from home for a couple of days. I should be able to destress.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Teaching and spanking

My guy teaches a course during both the spring and fall sessions. It's good because the educational institution isn't far from work. It's pretty much equidistant from where we both live.
"What would happen if I showed up in your class?" I asked him.
"It would be similar to your showing up at one of my training sessions at work. Your presence would make my day," he admitted.
"You're sweet," I replied.
"You would definitely make teaching more interesting. I would make you stay after class and spank you for being a bad student," he said.
"When is your class starting?" I asked, with both of us grinning at each other.
It's nice that we both like to fantasize.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Installing an instant messaging app on my guy's phone and wanting to be spanked

My guy is the first to admit that he doesn't like technology. I have always found that to be an interesting remark, as we both work in the technology sector. He does pretty well under the circumstances.

We have an instant messaging app at work that all employees use often. I asked my guy a while back whether he has installed it on his phone. He did install the app, but had some problems configuring it.

The other day, at our usual Chinese restaurant, I helped him with the configuration. Moments later, he was able to sign in and use the app. He was happy.
"You are my geeky girl. Thank you," he said, smiling at me.
"You're welcome. I'm your geeky gadget girl, right?" I asked him.
"Yes, you sure are," he confirmed.
"I'm your good geeky gadget girl," I said, smiling.
"Um, that depends. I like when you are bad, so I can bend you over and smack your butt hard," he admitted.
I like when he tells me that I am bad. It makes me happy and horny.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lovetaps and smacks

After giving my guy a handjob while resting my head on his bare thigh, we rested in the same positions. I was lying on my left side after being fingers by him on the other end.

We chatted after sex. My guy started to lightly smack my bare butt, alternating between butt cheeks.
"Changing positions makes me think that it was a bad idea," I playfully said to him.
"No, it's a great idea," he said, giving me another smack.
"Bad idea," I replied.
"Excellent idea," he confirmed, smacking me yet again.
"Such a role reversal!" I exclaimed, with him punctuating my sentence with another smack.
The slaps continued as we continued to chat.
"Are you going to stop?" I asked him curiously.
"I don't want to. I love your butt," he said, giving me another smack.
"At this rate, I am going to be sore," I replied.
"Good. You're my bad girl," he said, giving me several light lovetaps.
He caressed the top part of my hip. He loves how smooth my skin is in this area. I love that he loves all of me.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Kisses and boob squeezes

My guy had to run an errand this past weekend. He said bye to me for a bit. He kissed both sides of my face, which I enjoy.
"I love when you smile at me," I said, with my hands on each side of his face.
"I love when you smile back at me," he replied.
We kissed. He then helped himself to both boobs and gave them a light squeeze.
"Hey, that's new. Is that going to be the norm?" I asked him, demonstrating on his not-so-well-endowed breasts.
"Yes," he smiled, repeating the squeeze procedure.
My black lacy bra has a bit of a push-up factor. It's a light support bra. He likes my breasts, especially when I wear this bra.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Compatibility test - laundry

My guy and I get along, which is one reason why we have been a couple for a while. We both came to the conclusion that we are compatible. We aren't carbon copies of each other, but we have some differences that make things fun.

One topic that we both like is laundry. Another is cleaning. We never get bored of figuring out how to clean items. We both enjoy doing laundry.
"Can you wash your sneakers in the washer?" my guy asked me.
"Sure, I have done it. It works pretty well. I don't have a dishwasher, but I would recommend using that because you do," I pointed out.
"Really?" he said, intrigued.
"Yes, it works even better than the washer," I replied.
"My sneakers are muddy from camping, so I'll give it a try."
Compatibility makes a relationship so much easier. We learn from each other and we grow.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

A freshly shaved head and hotel sex

When I first saw my guy at the hotel room, I couldn't help but to caress his head.
"It's so smooth and nice," I said.
"It's freshly shaved just for you. I did it thirty minutes ago," he replied.
"It's nice and sexy, just like you," I noted.
He smiled. He noted that my room smelled like nail polish. I explained that I had to touch up my nail polish. He looked at my purple polish and liked it.

He also liked my short skirt. I also had a blue and white striped t-shirt. My guy decided to undress.
"Are those new pants?" I asked him.
"It's a long story, but I got them in Frankfurt," he pointed out.
"Ah, probably when you had to stay an extra night," I recalled as he nodded.
"Take off your skirt," he said.
I didn't exactly have a chance to do it myself. He took off both my skirt and panties. He went ahead and attempted to undo my bra. He took a quick peek.
"You're wearing the black bra. I want to see it on you," he said, taking my t-shirt off.
He played with my bra straps, pulling them down. He liked the look.

We cuddled for a bit. He kissed my neck and back, which was nice. I caressed his chest. We then kissed.

We moved down the bed and stretched out. Our legs were intertwined. We hugged and kissed. I groped his butt. He groped my breast.

He got on top of me and we had a passionate, loving experience. We both came. We relaxed for a bit.
"We can't do that in the treehouse," he said, smiling.
"That's true. King-sized beds are roomy," I replied.
It was a good start to our staycation together.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Tardy guy surprises me with an early welcome

I arrived in my guy's town at around 18:00 on Saturday. My guy texted me.
"Hey, are you at the hotel?" he asked me.
"Yes, I just checked in. You can swing by whenever you're ready," I wrote back.
"Are you good if I swing by at 19:00?" he asked me.
"Sure," I replied, providing the hotel room number.
My guy tends to be tardy. I am the punctual one.

He knocked on the door at 18:45. Miracles happen.

I opened the door. He had a huge smile on his face. He walked in. We hugged and kissed.
"You're early," I said, surprised.
"Yes. I couldn't wait to see you," he said sweetly.
I'm glad that he showed up early.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

A thoughtful call before travelling along a busy highway

This long weekend couldn't have come at a better time. Work has been busy. It has been the perfect time to unwind, relax, and spend some time with my guy.

I made it to his town just fine. Traffic, for some reason, seems to be bad on highway 401, no matter what time of the day it is. I managed to bypass half of my journey along this highway on Saturday afternoon. When I got on it, there were some stop-and-go moments, but it was smooth otherwise.

Before I left my home, my guy called me.
"Hey, sweetie," I answered. "How are you?"
"I can't wait to see you," he said cheerfully.
He wished me a safe trip. I always like when he calls.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Packed for this long weekend

I am all packed. 

Leather paddle? Check.

Short skirt, black bra, and low-cut t-shirt? Check.

My guy and I spending time together completes our checklist for this long weekend.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Boat cruise, achy legs, and my guy

On Thursday, my entire team went out for an departmental outing. We did a boat cruise along Lake Ontario. It was relaxing and great.

I spent the rest of the day by the waterfront before I met up with a former student, who is now a friend, for dinner. It was wonderful catching up and chatting for over three hours.

I did overdo the walking part. Right now, my legs are tired and a bit achy.

I get to see my guy on Saturday. I can't wait!

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Fraudulent credit card charges

I was working from home on Wednesday. I received an e-mail from the credit card company that issued my corporate credit card. It has an early credit fraud department. Just having that alone impressed me.

I continued reading the e-mail. There were four transactions that occurred rapidly on my card. The credit card company indicated that they were suspicious.

After analyzing them, these transactions were not made my me. In the e-mail, there was a button to click if at least one of these transactions were fraudulent. I did just that, which automatically froze my credit card from any new transactions.

The first three transactions were peanuts. They were flagged as being transactions done in Virginia, in different towns. The first one was just under $1. It made me believe that it was a test to see if my credit card was valid. The next charge was under $8, followed by one registering $13.

The last charge was the largest. It was for over $2,100. I didn't recognize the location.

I gave my credit card company a call. It's US-based. When the automated voice asked to confirm my identity, I pressed the 1 button on my phone. The call disconnected. I did this a couple of times more. The same thing happened.

Instead, I called the number on the back of my credit card, which automatically forwarded me to the early fraud department. I do like this credit card company. All four transactions were immediately declined. I had a helpful woman tell me what steps were going to happen.

It turns out that the over $2,100 transaction was for liquor in Vietnam. First, that's a ton of liquor! Second, if I wanted a booze fix, I would got to the local LCBO store and get me a bottle of whatever I wanted. The woman on the other end laughed.

Anyway, my corporate card has been closed. A new one is coming to me. More importantly, I am not liable for any of these fraudulent charges.

Peace of mind is wonderful.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Nail polish on toes and fingers

Sometimes, it amazes me how attentive my guy is. He notices details about me that I forget about myself.

The other day, we were walking over to his car. We were going out for lunch. We were walking and talking.

In the car, we were stopped at a red light.
"I like your nail polish. It's a pretty pink," he said, holding my left hand and observing.
"Thanks," I replied. "I found a new nail polish brand at the drugstore for $6."
"Nice," he replied. "The pink is different from the blue on your toenails," he noted.
"Wow, I'm impressed that you noticed," I remarked.
"I notice a lot about you, especially when I miss you," he said sweetly.
I rarely have the same polish colour on my fingernails and toenails. It never works out that way.

I love that he is so observant and attentive.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Selling highs and lows

This post will be short. I am trying to sell my iPhone 6. I am not cut out to be a seller.

I got the buyer from hell on Sunday. Just talking about how high-maintenance this woman was will take one long post. That'll be a future post. I still haven't recovered.

I ditched her. She was causing me stress.

On a good note, I posted my ad again and got a new buyer. I'm meeting him at a coffee shop a block away from my home. I am crossing my fingers that this transaction will be smooth.

My guy is much better at selling and buying goods. I don't have the knack for it. It's a good thing that I don't sell often. I am a better buyer.