Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cuddles and a hard, bare-bottomed spanking

My guy and I cuddled for longer than we normally do. We missed each other. We didn't have to say it.
"I don't want to let go," I told him, continuing to snuggle up to him tightly.
"I know. You can hug me for a bit longer."
We then had a nice, long kiss. It prompted my guy to touch my lower back, followed by slidng his hand under my panties.
"I want to punish you," he said, rubbing the start of my butt crack.
"No, that's not nice," I said, playfully brushing his hand away, making him want me more.
"Come across my lap," he said.
"It's going to hurt," I said, pulling up my jeans as much as I could.
I always feel like I have been an exceptionally bad girl when he spanks me on my bare backside. In one smooth swoop, he managed to pull my jeans and panties down, exposing my bottom.

I love hand spankings because it makes it more intimate. It also hurts more.

He started to spank me hard with his open hand, alternating between buttocks. Eventually, he smacked my right buttock in rapid succession. It hurt. I whined. He did the same thing to my left buttock. I whined some more.

He teases me often. He'll play with me, which makes me want to orgasm. He's then stop and spank me. He did that for a bit before he made me cum again and again.

I reached into his right coat pocket and took his car keys.
"I have your car keys and a sore butt," I admitted.
"You can't drive when I have four fingers in your vagina," he told me.
"Eventually, they'll come out and I can drive your car," I said.
He helped me sit up after he pulled my panties and jeans up. I then sat in front of him, dopey. I was happy, tightly clutching his car keys in my left hand. He smiled at me.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Testing out seats in my guy's car and cuddling two woolly guys

On Saturday, my guy and I met at work at 15:30. I am the punctual one. I got there twenty minutes early. My guy made the effort to get there on time. He was only three minutes late, which is pretty good. Sometimes, it's far worse.

We parked next to each other. We both got out of our cars. I asked if I could drive his car and fix the slight crookedness of his parked car. He just told me to get into the car. I did. The driver's side.
"No, get back here," he told me, pointing out our treehouse.
"But, I've never been in the front seat. Can I at least sit here?" I asked him.
"Sure," he replied.
"It's nice. I'm a step closer to driving your car," I said enthusiastically.
"Keep dreaming," he stated bluntly.
"That's not nice. Your seat is warm. It's nice."
I then got out of the front seat and joined him in the treehouse.
"Can I have your car keys?" I asked him.
"Um, nope," he replied. "You can have these gifts instead."
My guy is sweet. I wasn't expecting gifts. The first one was a purple plush sheep.
"It's purple woolly!" I exclaimed.
"It had your name written all over it. I had to get it for you," he explained.
"He's huge. He's like a second pillow," I noted.
"He is. You can cuddle him," my guy said, watching me automatically cuddle purple woolly.
"I will, like I do with you," I said, which made him smile.
My guy also got me a practical gift. It's a car trash can that you loop over the headrest. I teased that he thought that I was messy. He knows that I like thoughtful gifts. He actually bought himself one and showed me how it works, which was great.

The gift were a nice start. I then cuddled with my true woolly guy who had a wool coat on.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Waking up in a haze and listening to my guy's voice

On weekends, I set my alarm for 10:55 am. I like to sleep in.

I woke up to the sound of my cell phone vibrating at 10:54 am on Saturday. I thought that it was my alarm. However, I was half asleep and it was actually a phone call coming through.

My guy was calling me. I didn't pick up in time and my voicemail kicked in.

I called him back.
"Hey," he answered.
"Hey," I replied. "I just woke up."
"Wow. I was hoping that I didn't wake you up," he said.
"I'm good now," I said in a sleepy voice.
"I'm heading out to my course. I have to fly out tonight. Do you have any plans?" he asked me.
"Do you have some time before your flight?" I asked him.
"I sure do," he said.
"I can meet you somewhere. I miss you," I stated.
"Likewise. How about at work?" he asked me.
"Sure. I can drive you to the airport," I offered.
"That would be great."
It was nice starting off my day by hearing his voice and knowing that we'd see each other.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Work and the weekend

Work is never dull. Unfortunately, a lot of the work that I had planned to complete didn't happen this week.

It was a short week, but it still felt long.

I had to help out a writer who does not know what he is doing. He isn't even on my team! I spent two hours on Tuesday working with him on something fairly straightforward.

In December, he tampered with a graphic for some reason, which caused a bunch of errors. I asked him to fix the issue, but he never did. I didn't realize until today that his actions caused a PDF document to not generate properly. It opened up a single blank page. I fixed the issue and asked that he consult with me in future if he plans on editing a graphic that my group of writers has worked on. I wasted an hour troubleshooting and fixing the issue.

My students are great, but they need tons of guidance. My manager says to let them run loose. I did that on Tuesday and it was disastrous. Nope, they aren't ready to fly.

I am happy that my week is over and that I can unwind. I enjoy sleeping in on weekends. It's just a nice way to relax and destress.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Being polite and slapping my butt

Although there are some capitalization and spelling issues, I found this image on Instagram:

Sounds like my guy. I love it all!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A (hard) hat for your cock?

A while back, I posted a fun photo on my Instagram account. The photo was an icicle that had fallen in front of my bedroom window. It looked like a penis.

Well, a number of folks liked the photo. One such like came from a company called Cock Topz. Apparently, you can dress up your favourite cock with a hat.

I am wondering what my guy would think about getting such a gift from me. Hmm...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Missing my guy and going with the spanking option

I miss my guy. I miss having a sore butt after being spanked for being bad.

I don't know who to credit for the photo. Then again, if I wrote the second sentence, I wouldn't want to admit that I wrote it!

Always take the second option in this case.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Long weekend is made for geeky projects and sleepyheads

It has been a three-day weekend for me, thanks to Family Day. Unfortunately, it has come to an end.

I have been fiddling around with geeky computer tasks that I once did often. For the longest time, my Mac mini has been without a speaker system. I finally got that resolved. I also ended up doing a few video conversions, so that I can play some of my videos on my phone. Don't worry -- nothing racy!

My guy continues to recover from jet lag. He told me that he is "sleeping around." I told him that he is my sweet slutty sleepyhead, which made him chuckle.

The Fifty Shades Darker DVD allegedly comes out in May. Pre-orders are already available on Amazon! I am going to hold off. Last time, Best Buy had a nice commemorative set that I snatched up last year for Fifty Shades of Grey. I am hoping for something similar with the second movie.

Monday, February 20, 2017

VPN access and Christian Grey wants to spank me on Messenger

I am in a bit of a geeky girl mood these days.

For a while, I have been researching Virtual Private Networks (VPN). I have a few reasons why I need to be connected to a VPN:

  • I need to protect sensitive information while I am online
  • My Skype account got hacked a few months ago
  • I am travelling to a country in a few months that bans a number of Google and social media sites
  • I watch NHL GameCentre Live, a service that often looks at your IP address to determine whether you can watch specific games, depending on where you reside
I finally took the plunge and bought a lifetime membership to a VPN service. MacTrast offers a number of deals on VPNs. I did some research, asked questions, and bought my service yesterday.

The VPN works well on my Google Pixel phone and my Mac products. In fact, I am using it as I type on my Mac mini.

The catch is to figure out how to get it to work while I am using my Playstation 3 to watch NHL games. I figure that I probably need to configure my router settings. So, that will be my next exciting step.

The more enjoyable, geeky tidbit of information that I have is that you can chat with Christian Grey on Facebook Messenger. Well, you're really chatting with a Christian Grey bot, but it's pretty fun if you are a fan. 

He wants to spank me. I don't mind it one bit.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Watching Fifty Shades Darker again and saving money on plastic bags

On Saturday, I went to see Fifty Shades Darker for the second time at a movie theatre. I can't recall when was the last time that I have seen a movie multiple times at a theatre. It is rare. I love this one.

Seeing a movie that you love over again makes you pick up details that you hadn't before. I can't wait to get my hands on my own copy. This time at the theatre, there were about five people who stayed to watch the credits and get a glimpse of Fifty Shades Freed.

My guy has returned from his travels and is dead tired. We talked briefly. He asked me what I did after the movies. I told him that I went grocery shopping.
"The woman cashing me out asked whether I wanted a plastic bag for five cents. I declined. If I needed two trips to get my groceries to the car to save money on plastic bags, I would. I have plenty of reusable bags in my car's trunk," I explained.
"You are becoming a true Cheap Bastard like me. I am so proud of you," he gushed.
He's tired, but he's not so tired to recognize CB tendencies.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

My guy is flying home and I want to see Fifty Shades Darker again

My guy is on a plane, travelling home. It seems like ages since he has been back home. I can't wait to see him again.

He arrives at 05:00 this morning. As much as he wants to see me, he would rather have me sleep in, like I tend to do on weekends. He'll probably be tired himself, now that he has to adjust to his normal timezone.

I may see Fifty Shades Darker again later on today. I can watch it a third time at the theatre when my guy is free next week. Yes, I love the movie that much.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Switching fitness trackers and enticing my guy to exercise for money

A few weeks ago, I noticed that my Pebble watch was not recording my steps correctly. The app that helped track my steps was not working properly.

Fitbit bought Pebble. All support for Pebble pretty much disappeared.

I love my Pebble watch, but I needed to track my steps. I went back to my Fitbit One. The downside was that the band that I had purchased to wear it around my wrist wasn't comfortable. The Fitbit One is normally worn clip-style. However, I broke several of them, which prompted me to try wearing it as a wrist bracelet.

The One is accurate and reliable. I determined that I wanted the best of both worlds -- a fitness tracker that provides some alerts that I love, such as phone calls and text messages, and accurately track my steps.

I settled for the Fitbit Alta. It is stylish and comfortable. You can actually change the bands. Mine is purple, which is my favourite colour.

The Fitbit Alta is equally as accurate as my One. The difference is that the Alta has to be charged after nearly a week. My One can last for two weeks before I need to charge it. The Alta is still better that charging my Pebble Time Round watch every night.

I do love my Alta. It buzzes when I have an incoming call and when I receive text messages. I don't have to deal with the various notifications that I can customize on my Pebble.

At work, we got fitness trackers. I didn't like it because you have to physically get a battery once it dies. My guy put it away after trying it out for a month. He told me that I am polite for not calling him lazy. I simply said that he got bored with it.

Well, I told him about our health program at work. You exercise in three months periods. Depending on how many points you accumulate, you earn money towards getting a prepaid credit card.

I told my sweet guy, whose nickname is Cheap Bastard, that we get money to spend on whatever we'd like when we reach certain fitness goals. He perked up. 

He's sweet. He is my Cheap Bastard.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sweet memories of roses

On Tuesday afternoon, my guy and I chatted on Skype. It's pretty often that we do not celebrate Valentine's Day because we are not physically in the same city.

This fact hasn't bugged us. We know that we love each other.

We talked about when he got me a dozen roses just after Valentine's Day a few years ago.
"I liked when we walked to our cars and you were looking around before giving me a beautiful bouquet of roses," I said.
"Yes, I wanted you to have them," he replied.
"They were beautiful. I took a photo, which is on my Nexus 7's lock screen. I still have the dried version of those roses, but I could use some new ones," I said to him lovingly.
"If I were in town, I would definitely get you a replacement," he advised.
"I know. It was a romantic gesture that evening and it's a wonderful memory," I remarked.
"Yes, it was night. I wanted something special for you," he recalled.
The moment seems so fresh in our minds. It's nice.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Catching up with an friend and having a secret admirer

I grew up in the Beaches area of Toronto. A high school friend of mine is in town and asked whether we could meet. It was nice that it didn't take much effort to figure out where to go and at what time we'd meet.

We chose a restaurant-pub that was a block away from where I had attended elementary school. We spent nearly four hours together catching up.

I haven't seen her since my last year from high school. She came to the school to visit and we chatted.

She told me that I look the same. She also noticed that I have a good memory and that I am naturally musical.

It's nice that, after all these years, it was effortless chatting and catching up with her.

I told my guy earlier on Tuesday that I'd be seeing her.
"I'd like to visit where you grew up," he told me.
"Sure, I can show you where everything is when you're back," I replied.
"That would be nice."
My guy is still feeling the effects of jet lag. Although he was sleepy, he sent me an e-card for Valentine's Day. He is sweet that way. Ever since we have been a couple, he sends me e-cards like clock work. This one had a penguin. He knows that I love penguins.
"I like how you addressed the card by secret admirer," I commented. "It took me a while to figure out who that was until I saw your e-mail address."
He chuckled.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Being together and learning about a spreader bar

My guy and I always have good chats over Skype when we are apart. Somehow, our conversation got a bit serious for a bit the other day.
"It has been over five years that we have been together," he said to me.
"Yes. It doesn't feel like it, though," I replied.
"I agree."
It doesn't. It's probably because we see our relationship constantly strengthening and growing. Things are still fresh and exciting after all these years.

Then, there's the spreader bar that intrigued me from Fifty Shades Darker. It did the same thing for him, too.

Again, our relationship continues to be fun the more we learn about things together.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sharing my thoughts on Fifty Shades Darker with my guy and receiving my next spanking

My guy and I had a decent chat on Skype on Sunday. We got snow in my area on Friday. It was a repeat on Sunday. I decided to stay at home, as I had enough fun driving in snowy conditions late last week.

He asked me about Fifty Shades Darker. I told him how I felt. He is intrigued and can't wait to see it with me.
"I liked when we watched Fifty Shades of Grey on your phone," he reminisced.
"Yes," I replied. "You complained about how much of a jerk Christian was and then you got horny. You shouldn't have a problem with him in the latest movie. I think you'll still be horny," I replied.
"Good," he said. "I want to spank you hard again for being the bad girl that you are after we are done watching Fifty Shades Darker."
I like all of it.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker... I finally saw it!

I had a pretty long Friday. I departed my home at 06:50 to speak with six candidates at a university. My manager and I were interviewing them for our co-op student program in the summertime. They were all friendly, bright folks. Coincidentally, they were all female.

I drove my manager over to the university. Afterwards, I took him to a couple of places that my guy had recommended shopping-wise, as I was in my guy's neighbourhood. My boss loved both stores. Naturally, to complicate things, there was snow here and there. However, we're Canadians. Driving in snow should not be shocking when it's winter!

When I got home, I was tired, but not tired enough to look up movie times for Saturday for Fifty Shades Darker. I decided on a matinee. I looked at the seats that had been already purchased. The theatre still had plenty of seats, so I knew that I was good.

My guy texted me at 11:30 am. I had woken up about 45 minutes earlier (I love sleeping in on weekends) and was eating breakfast. I then headed out when my guy and I talked on Skype.

He is looking forward to my thoughts on the movie. I will share them with him when I talk to him on Sunday. You, lucky reader, get to read some of my thoughts about the movie right now.

Although the movie is two hours in length, it didn't feel like it. This second movie out of the trilogy was better than the first. The focus was on Christian wanting to be with Ana again and how they both compromised to get to a happy medium in their relationship. Christian opened up more to Ana. The whole dominant-submissive-contract deal was dropped.

I liked how happy they both were together and how they constantly worked on their love for each other. Of course, there were plenty of steamy scenes. There was a decent spanking, which made me think about my guy spanking me over the edge of a bed. I also loved the lovetap that Christian gave Ana when he put her over his shoulder. The elevator scene reminded me of the shenanigans that my guy and I have shared over the years.

The movie was darker with quite a number of folks from Christian's past wreaking havoc on Ana and Christian's relationship. The pace was fast to cram everything in, but it worked for me.

The spreader intrigued me. I liked how it was used by Christian to pleasure Ana orally. Christian then flipped her over and they had anal sex.

It was a highly enjoyable movie. I will probably see it again at the theatre with my guy. He would like the movie because it is more focused on working on the romance part of the relationship. Christian comes across as being more human. The coldness goes away as the movie progresses.

I decided to pre-order the digital download of the movie, which allows me to view it before the DVD is officially out. It's a first for me. The digital download will contain edited-out scenes, such as the playing pool scene in which Ana loses, gets spanked over the pool table, and then has sex on the table with Christian.

One final thought: I was the last person to leave the theatre. I waited for all the credits to roll. Why? A preview of Fifty Shades Freed followed. So, if you do watch the movie, stay till the end.

I am one happy fan.

Friday, February 10, 2017


Today, I am off to interview a number of students for the summer co-op session. It requires my driving about 1.5 hours to get to the campus with my manager.

Apparently, it's supposed to snow. I am not looking forward to the messy commute home.

The other day, my guy and I chatted about oral sex.
"I'd like you to lick my hard cock when I see you," he said to me, obviously horny.
"I'd lick it like a popsicle?" I asked him.
"Yes, let's give it a try," he suggested.
"I'm game. I have a number of flavoured oral gels that I'd like to use on you," I replied.
"Good," he said.
"So, it's really a cocksicle," I replied.
We both laughed. I thought that it was bad. Being a punny guy, he loved it.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker is a day away from being in the theatres... I can't stand it!

I cannot contain my excitement! Although I won't have a chance to see Fifty Shades Darker on its opening day, I am so excited. I can't stand it! The wait is killing me.

There is yet another new trailer for the movie. I can't find the one where Christian Grey is working out on a pommel horse. It is a mighty impressive pose! However, this trailer makes me equally as happy:

I am going to do my best to go see this movie on Saturday. My guy said that he'd like to fondle me while watching the movie and vice-versa. He thinks that it can be done if we're sitting at the back of the movie theatre.

I like how he thinks. He also told me that he would get me real Diet Coke and not bring microwaved popcorn to the theatre... haha!

I can't wait for him to return home.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Lunch chat

My guy and I chatted for an hour. It was evening for him and it was around the lunch hour for me.

He told me that he misses me. I know that he does when he tells me first. I am often the one who says it first. Naturally, it's mutual.
"Are you interviewing today?" he asked me, as it was the case on Monday.
"I'm working with the students today. Our IT helpdesk is useless!" I exclaimed.
"That doesn't surprise me. So, you're being the helpdesk. You're more like the help bombshell," he replied.
"You're sweet, as usual. That would make a good Hallmark card greeting," I noted.
We both laughed. Some of the things that we say to each other should not be in a greeting card!

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Thoughtful texts and nice complements on training

My guy and I have a 10.5-hour time difference these days. Luckily, when I start my day at work, he is done eating dinner and is catching up on work in his hotel room.

Just before my guy wakes up in the morning, I will send him a text message, wishing him a great day. When I start my morning, he will do the same. It gives us time to briefly converse and see how we're doing.

He's still adjusting to the time difference. He is in Chennai for two weeks. By the time he is fully adjusted, it'll be time for him to return home.

Last week, I finished training our latest contractor at work. I continue to train my two co-op students.

A few weeks ago, my guy asked me whether I was getting sick of training folks. He does it for a living and was at the stage where he felt like he was a broken record with the content. Although I tend to train different folks on similar content, there are changes to procedures that keep me on my toes. So far, with each student that I end up working with, their assignments have been completely different.

My guy is pressed to deliver new content for his upcoming course offering. To say that he is busy is quite the understatement. The change will be good for him. He won't sound like a broken record for a bit, as he continues to fine-tune his course material.

On Monday, my manager and I interviewed a candidate who knows our latest contractor. After the interview, the candidate asked whether she could say hi to her friend. We were both game.

The new contractor said in front of her friend and my manager that I am a hoot. She also said that I am an excellent, patient, logical trainer.

It's nice to hear such kind words. I never paid her anything!

Monday, February 06, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker - over-the-shoulder smack

I am enjoying the various teasers coming from Fifty Shades Darker. I can't believe that the movie is out this week. Eek!

I like the thought of a good over-the-shoulder spanking. I don't think that it would work for me, as I am tall and I don't want my guy getting his shoulder dislocated.

My guy and I have talked about how much this position turns me on. We both have not-so-great backs to make it come true, but we love the visual.

In Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian picks Ana over his shoulder and gives her a smack on her backside. I loved it.

Today, I saw another teaser on Twitter where Ana reminisces about that particular moment. Christian says, "Like this?"

Yep, he does it again. It makes me happy.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Checking in to let me know that my guy made it safely

My guy is sweet. On Saturday, he made the effort to check in with me, to let me know that he made it safely to Chennai.

He never takes it for granted that I am always thinking about him when he is on the road. I know how tired, sleepy, and hungry he tends to be when he travels. I don't nag him to let me know when he has arrived at his destination. I simply know that, once he is well-rested, he will text or call me.

The nicest part about our texting conversation was that he sent me a blowing-a-kiss emoji. Normally, I am the one who initiates it. It was nice that he did that first this time, despite how tired and sleepy he was.

I am thinking that the time change should be a bit easier for him, since he now faces a 4.5-hour difference between Brussels and Chennai. Then again, he has a worse time adjusting to timezones than I do.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Watching Fifty Shades Darker and touching in the theatre

My guy has completed his first week on travel. He told me that it has been a rough week for him and is glad that it is over.

He is travelling from Brussels to Chennai as I type. He called me just before leaving for the airport.
"Fifty Shades Darker is coming out next week. I can't wait to see it," I told him.
"I know," my guy acknowledged. "Are you going to touch yourself in the theatre as you watch it?"
"I'd rather have you touch me while we watch the movie," I pointed out.
"True. We'll see it once I'm back and can touch you then."
We miss each other. He's still my sleepyhead, trying to adjust to the time difference. He gets to do it all again once he arrives.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Worship at your feet or spank you

Let the Fifty Shades Darker clips begin before the official movie launch in North America next week!

Jamie Dornan, who plays Christian Grey, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other evening. The show had a clip where Ana and Christian are at a fancy ball. There's an auction happening. One of the items up for bids was a week's stay at Christian's home in Aspen.

Ana makes a bid for $24,000 and indicates that the money will go to someone who needs it. Christian is pleasantly surprised at her gesture and says, "I don't know whether to worship at your feet or spank you."

I am melting.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Missing my guy and waiting for Fifty Shades Darker

It's February. Time certainly flies.

My guy has a number of rushed business trips. He is away from three weeks, may be back for a week, and then is off to another destination for a week. So, I won't be seeing him for a month, give or take a week.

One of his trips is to India. He didn't have time to get a work visa. Instead, he has to get a shorter term visa that only allows entry into the country once.

On top of that, he has a pile of work to do for his last trip at the end of the month, which is to our main headquarters. The subject matter is new, so he feels stressed. He trains during the day and works in his hotel room at night.

We talked about it yesterday. I told him that he always comes through. I always have faith in him. I just wish that I could help him. He knows that.

So, I miss him.

I will be watching Fifty Shades Darker on my own first. When he returns, we'll watch it together. I can't wait! The more I see press junkets and snippets of some movie scenes, it makes me happy.