Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bottom caresses

It's the last day of August. How can that be? I feel like I recently stopped shovelling snow and put away my winter clothes.

Well, at least we experiencing a tiny heatwave this long Labour Day weekend, so it still feels like summer. It has been a rather cool summer temperature-wise.

I will switch the subject a bit. I came across this photo on the Internet. Sadly, I don't know who it belongs to, but I find it intriguing:

I have always loved my backside caressed, groped, touched, and, of course, spanked. I love this photo, but I don't think that we could reproduce it in real life, with both my guy and I not having strong backs. I also feel that it would work better if I were a shorter girl.

Anyway, when we are standing up, he does wrap his arms around me and hold my buttocks similar to what you see in this photo. It's nice. It's affectionate. It also turns me on.

My guy also likes when I grope his butt, too. It primarily happens when we are intimate, but sometimes I will grope him in the office where it's not advertised to the world. He loves it a lot.

With a few weeks left before the weather really gets cool, I should take advantage of wearing as many short shorts as I can, so that he can caress my bottom like that in public!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Spanks: Last Flings or Lessons Learned

A few weeks ago, I decided to participate in the upcoming Summer Spanks: Last Flings or Lessons Learned fun. Between September 5 and 7, I am to post a spanking-related story, poem, or whatever I am in the mood to share.

I then read the fine print after I had signed up and I need to offer an individual prize. Well, I am a huge Starbucks fan, so it is only fitting that I offer a $25 CAD gift card. It is the perfect gift, even if you aren't a coffee lover. I fit the mould in that I like coffee-flavoured drinks, but I can't do coffee with cream and sugar. Starbucks has a variety of non-coffee drinks and yummy food.

So, the tough part is trying to figure out what I plan on writing for this post. The fun part is actually being creative with the post.

I am a writer by trade. Today, I had my performance review at work. Well, my manager and I ran out of time because I had a meeting to attend. He had asked our team on Monday to spend an hour indicating how we achieved our various goals. It took me less than an hour to fill out my form and send it to him. He told me that I wrote a ton. I had to remind him that it's normal for me to write that volume in point form. He nodded in agreement.

Anyway, if you have any topics to suggest for this exciting challenge, please drop me a line!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Missing a Skype text

It has been a busy couple of weeks at work. Last week consisted of packing up my desk contents into a box. We have officially moved office locations as of this Monday.

It wasn't packing my stuff that made things hectic. We also had a bigwig executive who wanted an all-employee meeting at a hotel on our last day at the office. The sad part about his talk was that he didn't use a microphone, so you couldn't hear him for at least half the time.

We also had last-team-lunch-at-the-old-office outings and such. I have spent nearly four years working in that office building. It has come to an end and a new era has begun.

I have to tack on an extra ten minutes to my commute to get to the new office. It's not bad now, but I am sure that it will feel chaotic when students go back to school next week. I am not looking forward to the new school year, but I'll be okay once I get used to the sluggish rush hour traffic again.

Last week, my guy (MG) was in India on business. Last Monday, I drove into work. It wasn't until I was in the office that I got my guy's Skype message. I wrote back to him.

We have fun exchanges, especially when we are both missing each other and are horny.
MG: Tried to call you this morning (last night your time), but you were offline. You know that you should be online all the time, right?
Me: I tend to leave home just before 08:00. Am I in trouble again? My data connection wasn't on.
MG: Your problem, not mine. And yes, you're in big trouble.
MG: I've warned you of being offline when I want you. You know what happens when you upset me this way...
Me: But, it's your fault for wanting to contact me while I am driving to work. I can't be distracted while I drive, right?
Me: I am a good girl, so I shouldn't be in trouble.
MG: You can always pull over and tend to my needs.
MG: It's never my fault.
MG: It's your fault and your bottom will get really sore when I see you.
Me: Yes, you have a point there.
Me: True, but for now, by bottom is safe from Mr Meanie.
MG: Not for too long. I'll make it really red and achy.
It's always great when we both know how to arouse each other, no matter where we are.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Get a room... really! (part 3)

Sure enough, my guy came up to my cubicle to see me just before 17:00 last Monday. He needed to print out a number of documents to get across the American border and didn't have his printer settings on his laptop. I suggested that he send me his documents and I would print them out from my laptop.

I tease my guy often because he needs my help, which requires me to do more work. I say that he is slave-driving, which fits more in our role-playing scenarios than in real life. I frankly don't mind helping him out, but I like to joke and point out that he owes me something in return. He often replies by saying that he will pay me in services, which is always nice.

My guy was happy that he had all his paperwork. He told me that he had to stay at a hotel close by the airport. He would try flying out first thing the next day, which meant that he had to get up at 03:00. So, we both looked for a hotel room close by for him to stay at. He selected one across from another one that I had stayed at months ago.

He asked me out for dinner and said that I could choose the restaurant. I went with an Afghani restaurant that we both haven't been to for a while. He had to head back to the training room and asked that I stop by.

It was probably 18:30 by the time that we left work and headed in our cars to have dinner. Dinner was fabulous. My guy learned something from me. Instead of getting the huge dinner deal like he normally does, he ordered what I did, which cuts out the huge serving of rice.

We had a good conversation about our career paths. We are sort of in the same boat in the sense that we both possess the most knowledge out of our colleagues in our respective departments. It's a question of growth that we are seeking.

After dinner, my guy knew that I would probably be good at guiding us to his hotel without a GPS. I was glad that I remembered how to get there for the most part. He was impressed.

We checked him into his room. I helped him roll his laptop bag into the room. He called me sweetness, which I love.

I didn't want to stay there too long, for he had to get up early. He was tired, but wanted me to be there. He got himself ready for bed. We then got into bed and cuddled.

I enjoy caressing his head, hugging him, and kissing his forehead. He often falls asleep in my arms, which I love. He wasn't sleepy yet. Instead, he wanted me to jerk him off. It is rare these days that I make him ejaculate a couple of times in a day. He was horny, though. So, I helped him out.

We cleaned up afterward, which is the beauty of having lots of towels in a hotel room. We cuddled some more. He lightly patted my right buttock.
"That's my sore bottom," I whispered in his ear. My backside was sore from the hard spanking that I had received earlier in the day.
"I'm sorry," he said, in a relaxed voice.
"No, you're not," I stated, kissing him on his forehead again.
He held me tightly and continued to caress my buttocks, almost attempting to rub the soreness away. I was actually getting turned on. He sensed it.

He continued to play with my buttocks, to the point where he was pleasuring me. It was a well-calculated climax by him, which took me by surprise and made it even more special. I snuggled up to him for a bit afterwards.

I could tell that he was slowly drifting off to sleep. I told him that I would let me get some sleep, pulled the comforter over him, and tucked him into bed by giving him a goodnight kiss. He told me to drive safely home. I wished him sweet dreams and let myself out.

The day had an unexpected set of events for both of us. It did end nicely.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Boomerang - part 2

It was around noon last Monday and my phone at work rang. I looked at the display and the call came from the training room. I knew that this phone call was both good and bad.
"Hey, there!" Yep, it was my guy on the other end.
"That's not a good sign. What happened?" I asked him.
"There was an issue with my paperwork, so I was denied going through immigration," he explained.
"I"m sorry."
"Don't be. Have you had lunch? If not, did you want to join me across the street?"
"How about we go to our usual place?" I suggested, as I could sense a bit of sadness in his voice.
"I don't feel like driving," he admitted, confirming that he was disappointed.
"I can drive," I said without hesitation.
"Okay. I will meet you downstairs."
I apologized to my colleagues for leaving them. We were supposed to have a team lunch, but I really wanted to make sure that my guy was okay. They were understanding.

I got downstairs and my guy was looking at his phone. I told him to get off Facebook (he can get addicted to it). He smiled and immediately put it away. We got into my car and drove off to our usual lunch place.

My guy played with the Magic Mount in my car, taking my phone off and placing his on. He's like a sweet boy that way.

We got to the restaurant and walked in. We ordered and talked. My guy's mood improved as we continued to talk and eat. He looked at me lovingly for the longest time and said that I looked beautiful. He then changed the topic a tad.
"I haven't spanked you for a week, haven't I?" he asked rhetorically.
"That's because I was a good girl all last week," I replied.
"No, you are never good. I need to spank you hard," he insisted.
"No, you don't have to," I said with a slight smile.
"Yes, I do. You are making me hard and I want you," he said.
"That's not my fault," I tried to explain.
"Sure it is," he insisted. "I am not sure how I am going to leave this restaurant with a hard-on!"
So, we needed to attend to our horniness. He told me that he couldn't wait till after work. So, I drove us to our regular parking spot. We then got into the treehouse.
"I need to spank you now," he said sternly and playfully, and assisted me over his lap.
"I need to take my sunglasses off [my head]," I said, which was true. They were banging against the car door.
"Okay," he said, helping me up, so that I could put them in the glove compartment.
"It also gives me some time to not get spanked immediately," I said playfully.
I went over his lap again. He scolded me by saying that I am always a bad girl and slapped each buttock hard. He was tormenting me by playing with my crotch, which was turning me on. More smacks landed hard and in rapid succession. I could feel the heat generated from every smack. My butt was getting achy. I loved every moment of it.

Finally, he played with me. Several minutes later, I reached orgasm. It was intense. It was a wonderful feeling. I sat up, thanked him, gave him a kiss, and rested against his chest.

Once I was nearly back to my normal self, I gave my guy a handjob. He was extremely horny. He ejaculated quickly. Cum was practically covering my entire hand. He felt so good. I kissed him again as he continued to thank me.

Luckily, I had enough paper towel to clean up in the treehouse. My guy actually took a brief nap because the handjob was that intense. Once he came out of his sleepy state, he was glad that he wasn't driving.

I drove us back into the office. My guy had to take care of some paperwork. He advised that he'd come and see me about printing some documents. I looked forward to seeing him, as usual. There is a silver lining to a failed business trip.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Driving my guy to the airport on Monday - part 1

Last Monday was the day that my guy was to fly off to Charlotte, NC on a business trip. I had offered to drive him to the airport, which he accepted. We both like the fact that it gives us time to chat and to send him off on his trip on a good note.

My guy said that he would leave at 11:30 am. I had misinterpreted that fact by thinking that he would get to the office by that time. Instead, he called me just after 09:00. It's a good thing that I tend to get to work on Mondays by 08:30.
"Man, you are early," I said.
"I know," he admitted. "You can still take me across the street, right? If not, I can take a taxi."
"Yes, I can. I will be there in a couple of minutes."
Sure enough, he was parked next to my car and was beginning to transfer his luggage from his car's trunk. It was good to see him. He had a huge smile on his face as our eyes met.

He moved his goods into my car's trunk and we got in my car. I showed him the Magic Mount that I got for my car, which holds your cell phone securely with magnets. To make a long story short, he had debated whether to get the Magic Mount Window for his car. He has a curved cell phone, which doesn't sit flush against the Magic Mount Window. I encouraged him to bend the magnet and knew that my guy was creative enough to do it. He actually took the encouragement to heart and did it. I was impressed and proud of him.

Anyway, he liked the version that I had, but told me that it was his job to get me it. I told him that I still wanted the Magic Mount Window for my GPS, so he could still get me that. He seemed fine with that response. He's like a sweet boy sometimes.

We talked and joked as I drove him to the departures level of the terminal that he needed. I found a decent spot to park. I asked him if I could kiss him. He didn't hesitate and we did. I also got to caress his head. He told me after we unlocked lips that it was the best way to start his day.

We got out of my car and got his belongings from my car's trunk. We hugged. I wished him a safe flight. He told me that he'd call me, he thanked me, and walked into the terminal.

I drove back to work, happy that I got to send him off well. It made my Monday a whole lot better, too.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sugar, spice, and everything nice in our treehouse

Two Thursdays ago, my guy and I decided to have lunch at our usual restaurant. It was to the point where our usual server remembered that we had been at this restaurant for lunch daily that week, except for Tuesday.

We enjoyed lunch, each other's company, and the food, like we normally do. When we were finished eating, my guy and I headed to the front and he paid for our meal. I thanked him, as usual.

At lunch, you get these green melon candies. My guy has been cutting back on sugar, so he has been giving me his candy. The woman at the register is the nosier one out of the entire staff at the restaurant. She chimed in, whether we wanted her to be a part of our conversation or not.
"That's why he's so skinny," she said. My guy is tall and skinny for his height.
"She's skinny, too!" he exclaimed.
He is sweet that way. I am a couple of inches shorter than my guy, but we can wear each other's clothes. He fits fine in my jeans. I once wore his blazer. The length of his blazer's sleeves was fine on me. I remarked that if I didn't have breasts that I could probably button it up properly. He told me that he was glad that I had boobs.

Anyway, my guy wanted us to have some quality time after work. Once again, he'd be on the road, heading to the United States and India within the next couple of weeks. He said that he'd try to finish by 16:30.

I got a call from him at around 16:45. We'd meet at our usual spot in the treehouse.

I got there a bit later than he did. I had to change into a pair of navy shorts, which were kind of lacy. He liked them, looking at them on me as I got into the treehouse.

We kissed. It's always enjoyable. He touched my bare thighs. He didn't waste any time to take my shorts off, followed by my panties. Sure enough, he was working on me with his magical fingers, making me reach orgasm a couple of times and feel euphoric afterward. It was great and I was dopey for a while.

My guy wanted to take pictures of my giving him a handjob. He loves my hands. He finds them pretty. Of course, being dopey, it took longer for me to unlock my phone and get to my camera. Luckily, I managed to figure that out. We don't take pictures often, but we like to now and again. We both take pictures, but we don't have too many intimate ones of us.

So, it is one of those rare moments where I share a picture here, but I do like this one that he took of me unzipping his pants so that I could reach in and play with his hard cock:

Eventually, his pants and briefs came off, and my guy ejaculated all over my hand and bare thigh. My guy and I were both happy and dopey.

We rested for a bit before we chatted. My guy was flying off to the States on Monday morning. I offered to be his chauffeuse to the airport. He liked that a lot. It gives us a bit of time to kiss and hug, and I can send him properly off on his trip.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Depression and a movie

It saddened me to hear about Robin Williams's passing. He was too young to take his own life. May he rest in peace.

Depression is an illness. My guy has been talking about his battle with depression often, which I welcome. It does worry me when he doesn't open up, because it is difficult to tell how he is feeling. However, we talk often and he knows that I am there for him whenever he needs a good listener.

What is my favourite Robin Williams movie? Well, there are so many to choose from. I must admit that I love Dead Poets Society.

I was in high school when this movie came out. My closest friends and I hit the movie theatre to watch it. We all loved it. It was inspiring, moving, tragic, funny, and more.

I actually have Robert Sean Leonard's autograph, who went on to star in House. I could identify with Ethan Hawke's character in the movie, for I was a fairly quiet person who didn't enjoy public speaking back then. These days, I can't shut up!

Of course, this movie has a paddling scene. I secretly wanted to be paddled. I never told anyone that I liked this scene. Now, you all do.

I own this movie on VHS. Yes, I even have a dual VHS player, thanks to living in the States and watching QVC. I don't even know if GoVideo is still kicking around, but my double-decker VHS system still works.

Unfortunately, I am not sure where I put this movie, but I need to dig it up. Otherwise, I will need to get with the times by either downloading it off iTunes or getting a DVD version.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Intimate time in a conference room

Last Monday, I moved a number of personal items from my desk into some canvas bags and placed them in my car. We're moving offices by the end of this month, so I decided to get a head start while my guy was working on Civic Holiday.

As agreed, I met him in a conference room on the seventh floor just after 16:30. The floor was completely deserted, as expected. I had brought my short grey skirt. I decided to change out of my three-quarter-length jeans and into my skirt in this room.

I waited. I was in front of my laptop, surfing. Moments later, my guy came into the conference room and closed the door.
"Hey, you made it," I said. "Where's your laptop bag?"
"I left it in the training room," he responded. "I couldn't wait to see you."
My guy wrapped his arms around me from behind and groped my breasts. I love when he does that. He kissed the right side of my neck. It was both affectionate and passionate.

I swivelled my chair around to see him. He bend down to kiss me. The kisses were long and loving. He has the softest lips. They are wonderful to kiss. I felt like melting while gently holding his face in the palms of my hands.

My guy sat down in another office chair. We embraced for a good five minutes. It felt good. He gives the best hugs and I love being in them.

He wanted to feel my bare legs, so my right one rested across his lap. My thighs eventually parted while my guy was feeling me up, ultimately rubbing against the crotch of my lacy black panties. He caressed my right hip, noting how smooth my skin was. He had enough room to grope my right buttock, which made me instantly wet.

Moments later, I reached orgasm and came. I rested in my chair and hugged him. He was standing next to me. I reached over and put my hand on his crotch. His member was hard in his pants.

He let his hard cock out of his pants by unzipping just his pants and taking it out from his briefs. I started giving him a handjob while groping his right butt cheek, which turns me on as much as it does him.
"Can you kiss and suck me?" he asked.
"Are you sure?" I asked him, as there is a reason why I needed to make sure that he wanted it.
"Yes," he insisted.
I kissed his erect penis from the shaft all the way to its tip. I then licked the tip for a bit before I started sucking him. I could tell that he was enjoying it.

Then, the unexpected happened. His cell phone rang. It was one of his guests from his seminar. He felt obligated to answer the phone. It was funny, but the guy on the other end was asking about the other restaurant that we had recommended at lunch. I could tell that my guy wanted to get rid of that guy on the phone.
"I thought that it was something urgent," he explained, after he had hung up the phone.
"He wanted the name of the Afghani restaurant that we love?" I asked him.
"Yes. I had to quickly end the call. He was interrupting a perfectly good blowjob!"
I continued on. He was enjoying every moment of it. Normally, my guy is either lying down or reclining when I give him a blowjob. His standing up was a first.

I could tell that he was about to ejaculate. I pulled his fully erect penis out of my mouth and jerked him off. He came all over my chest and his juices oozed down the right cup of my black bra. We were both happy and dopey. We both sat down. His cock was still jutting out of his pants. I was there with cum all over me.

We went to wipe ourselves off. We talked for a bit, which my guy marvelled over the fact that I could remember when he had bought his car and his first business trip in it to Montreal.

When we decided to call it a day, he sweetly kissed me on his forehead. We both went to freshen up before we headed to our cars. My guy showed me his Magic Mount Window for his cell phone. I asked him if he could get me one. He agreed.

We both kissed. I caressed his head, which we both love. We then blew each other kisses as he drove off and I headed back to my car.

Being at the office on a holiday isn't bad at all.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Strokes - Is This It?

I love music. I played various musical instruments in elementary school until my last year of high school. I don't do it as much, but am an avid music lover. I continue to listen to a lot of music.

Well, I found this list last week of the best albums of the 21st century and more. Sure enough, The Strokes made it with the band's This is It album.

The album cover is intriguing:

It almost make you want to get the album cover and forget about the music on it... almost! It's fitting that the band's name hints at what this fine backside should be receiving.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Lunch and breaking on Civic Holiday at the office

Monday was Civic Holiday. I went to work to visit my guy. He had to work and had a whopping eleven people in his seminar.

Being his usual sweet self, he wrote me an e-mail, saying that one of the folks had a car, that there were ten people, and that I could skip lunch. Instead, he insisted that I see him after work.

However, an hour later, he wrote back and said that another person had joined, so he needed my transportation services. I was going to drive to work anyway, so it wasn't a huge issue.

I dropped by the training room and my guy was beaming. He introduced me and said that he was nearly wrapping up.

It takes a bit of coordination to transfer a baker's dozen of people to a restaurant. We did it. They were nice to chat with for the hour or so. The restaurant that my guy and I frequent were happy to see us. I joked to one of the nice staff there that we had brought them business on a holiday. They like the fact that we love being there and eating their yummy food dishes.

My guy was kind to pay for lunch. He does it all the time and I appreciate it. We sat down and talked as the rest of the people were paying for their lunch that they were going to expense.

I told my guy that I would hang out at my cubicle. We are moving to a new office in a few weeks, so I thought that doing a bit of packing would be good. I don't exactly have much to pack, but I do have a lot of tea at work. It would be best to bring most of my stash home.

I decided to watch some Web episodes of Live! with Kelly and Michael on my laptop. I heard the door open. I knew that it was my guy, for we were the only ones in the building who had access to the top floor.
"Hey, there!" he said to me, standing at my cubicle.
"Hey! Let me pause my show. I'm watching TV," I explained.
"It is a holiday. You can certainly do that," he said, approving my TV-watching at work, which I don't normally do.
"It's nice to see you. Are you taking a break?" I asked him.
"Yes," he replied. "I thought that I'd come up and see how good you look to me."
"You're so sweet."
"I can't wait till after work," he said, looking straight at my face, chest, and further down.
"Me, too."
"Let's try the conference room on the seventh floor," he said.
"That would be wonderful," I said.
We blew each other kisses. Unfortunately, my cubicle is by the security camera. I was sitting down, so I could discretely blow him a kiss. I then stood up and my guy walked away. He did turn around when he was just under the camera and blew me a kiss in return.

There are guys in Texas who monitor the footage from those cameras. It wouldn't be right to put on an affection show for them. That show is strictly for us.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Stretch and pop

I should have written this post two weeks ago. Yes, I am a bit behind with my observations here.

My guy and I were having quality time in the treehouse. He wanted my bare legs over his lap. I was sitting and just draped them over his thighs. My position soon changed a bit. My legs remained over his lap, but I was on my back, being well-pleasured by my guy.

When it came time to reciprocate, he unfastened his belt, and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. His hard cock greeted me immediately. It was poking straight at me.

My guy was wearing briefs that had a single button opening. There was his erect penis, jutting out, and skipping the entire unbuttoning process.

I remarked that his hard cock did not have any hands to unbutton and escape. Instead, it decided to bust out of his surroundings to greet me.

I found it to be flattering.

Why am I mentioning this incident now? It happened again today, except that my legs weren't over his lap. Instead, he had plenty of opportunity to touch them. More about that soon. By soon, I mean this week!

Monday, August 04, 2014

Long weekend, but not for my guy

It is a long weekend for most of us in Canada. In Ontario, we have Civic Holiday on Monday. Unfortunately, my guy does not have the day off.

He wrote to me yesterday, indicating that he is back home from his camping adventure. It sounded like he needs another vacation to recover from this vacation. I can relate, especially when you cram so many activities that you want to do that you don't feel like you have done any relaxing.

My guy has a seminar at work on Monday, which is only several hours from now. Since there aren't any restaurants open in our office area, he has to take his guest someplace for lunch. I offered to help drive some of them, as I am sure that there will be more than four people in his group. My guy's car can't hold everyone.

He told me that he looks forward to seeing me. I do, too. I can't wait to hear about his vacation adventures. He has also told me that I break up his day nicely. He enjoys eye candy now and again, especially after camping with a bunch of guys.

Yep, he's a charmer. And sweet, too.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Fuzzy peach bottoms

My guy has a fuzzy backside, which I absolutely love. I can't explain exactly why I feel that way, other than the fact that he has been the first guy that I have been with who does. It's not like he is so hairy that he needs to shave his butt often, but it's fuzzy and nice to the touch.

The plain and simple answer? I find his backside cute and it turns me on.

Anyway, speaking of cute, I found this article interesting when I saw peaches in cute panties:

Image: Mashable
If you order them, they come in a lovely satiny-lined box, bottom side up, of course:

Image: Mashable
I suppose that if you don't have any peaches, you can also use nectarines and plums.

Now, I am wondering whether Victoria's Secret should get into the business of making panties for these voluptuous peaches. I think that a stern spanking with a wooden coffee stir stick would cause these peaches to bruise easily.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Kiss my butt... really!

I miss my guy. He is camping right now on his vacation.

It's funny when I have so many thoughts in my head that I want to write about throughout the day. Then, when it comes to actually sitting down to finally write a post, I don't know where to start!

My guy has always said that I am an affectionate person. I love to kiss and hug. I enjoy holding hands with my guy when we are walking to a store or into a restaurant. When we are sitting next to each other, I squeeze his thigh or I caress his back. I am a touchy-feely girl.

My guy is equally as affectionate. He will tenderly kiss my forehead now and again if he is walking by me while I am reading or watching TV. He will reach for my hand and kiss it. He loves to hold me in his arms. I love all of that.

From time to time, after a bare-bottomed spanking, he will caress my sore bottom. He will go one step further and either kiss my hip area or a bit lower. It's sweet. He is the first person who has ever done that.

I remember the first time that he kissed my backside, I smiled and was surprised simultaneously.
"You just kissed my butt," I remarked.
"Yes, I like it."
"I like it, too. That was very sweet."
It doesn't happen too often. When it does, it's meaningful and special to me. Not every guy would. Then again, I have no qualitative or quantitative data to back me up. Maybe I should consider such a study one of these days. It would be fun and fascinating, especially when my guy is a participant and skews the results!