Monday, November 28, 2011

Tell me that I've been a naughty little girl

I recall reading a study last week that said that women absorb text or words a lot better when it comes to visualizing something than men do. In my case, it holds true.

The other day, when I was trying to climax over the phone with my guy, I said something that I have wanted to say for a long time, but have always thought that it was a bit of a cliche:
"Tell me that I've been bad."
My guy did that.
"You've been such a bad girl," he started. "I am going to spank you so hard that you'll never forget it. I'm going to spank you till you cry. Your ass will be cherry red when I'm done with you. You're butt will be sore for a week. You will always be bad, and if I have to spank you in public, I will."
I liked everything that he had said. I especially liked the thought of being spanked in public -- that I've been so naughty that I needed to be dealt with immediately.

A girl can only dream. And yes, I did get off after hearing those words.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Phone sex: hang up the phone after climaxing?

My guy and I had another phone sex session today. Although it was pretty intense, what he had said before we started put a bit of a dark cloud over my head and experience for a brief period. I forgot about it while we were into talking about spanking and having sex. However, the more I think about one of his requests, the more unclear I am about my reaction.

His request was that after he had reached orgasm that he wanted to abruptly hang up the phone. He didn't want to talk. He realized that women like to cuddle and guys just want to sleep. However, he felt that he was too spent to stay on the line.

I told him that I didn't like that. I find it to be rude. I'm the type who likes to cuddle if he were with me. I'd cradle him in my arms if he fell asleep. He immediately said that he wouldn't hang up on me.

Perhaps hanging up on me feels like he is rejecting me. It seems harsh. Sure, you reached orgasm. What about me? Today was one such case in which he got there first, but I hadn't. So, does that mean that you leave me to get to that pleasurable orgasmic phase on my own while you just clean up after yourself or sleep?

I shouldn't feel like I'm being selfish here, but I do right now. If I made him climax in-person and then he just walked away, I'd be hurt. Maybe I'm too emotionally involved when it comes to phone sex.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Play-by-play video scenes and turn-ons

My guy and I talked again over Skype today. It was obvious that we missed each other as we both continue to recuperate from various ailments.

He had a surprise for me. He had searched online last night for a short porn flick that would get us both off over the phone. He played the video on his laptop and provided me with commentary. It was definitely a new experience for me.

The video had a young woman in her early twenties. She was a maid who worked for a fifty-something-year-old man. She was a maid in a typical outfit. She decided to stop working and to masturbate. She thought that no one was looking, but her boss was.

Her boss came over and spanked her over a chair with his hand. She wasn't wearing any panties, so it was a bare-bottomed spanking. Later, they both pleasured each other and eventually had sex. They then put their clothes back on, looked presentable, and carried on with their regular activities.

I liked the flick in that it wasn't the stereotypical maid-boss setup. The boss didn't point out that she had missed dusting a spot on the mantle and decided to spank her. Instead, she caught her doing something unconventional under the circumstances and spanked her for it, telling her so while spanking her buttocks.

We both eventually got off. I did first, but not during the video commentary. He had wondered why I didn't reach orgasm then. He eventually got me there by saying that he wanted me sitting on his lap while he caressed my breasts. He then wanted me to do something, but I had refused. Instead, I got spanked until I caved in. That scenario turned me on.

The commentary by my guy revealed a lot about him. The night when he first spanked me, we took a brief break, and he had commented on how smooth and pretty my hands were. A week before that, he had noticed that I had fingernail polish on. A week after my first spanking, he had noticed that my nail strengthener that I had on my fingernails had a light shade of pink. Today, he indicated that the maid had nicely manicured fingernails.

I had to ask about whether manicures turned him on. He said yes, but went one step further by saying that hands and feet are a huge turn-on for him. It made sense. When he had visited me in the hospital, he touched my right foot and ran his hand up the side of my leg. The following day, he had commented that I had pretty feet. I am fortunate to meet his standards for hands, feet, and nails.

I also noted his reference to stockings that the maid had worn. He likes black stockings that are mid-thigh. I told him that I'd get a pair and would put this task on my to-do list. He didn't have to ask. I just wanted to.

I've learned a lot about him and his preferences over the past three days. Even though he won't say it, I can tell that he appreciates how attentive I am. He's a detailed person. I am, too. We strive to please each other.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Change of plans: over-the-phone spanking

Today was supposed to be the day when my guy was to visit me, as I am still recovering from surgery and won't be back at work for a few more weeks. Unfortunately, my guy had an accident this weekend. He had hurt his pointer finger on his left hand when he used a saw. Six hours at the hospital and he is all stitched up. Our department at work is now becoming a patient ward.

Anyway, we talked yesterday. I assumed that he wouldn't come visit me today, for he needs to pop in a Tylenol 3 before he goes to bed. Naturally, I was looking forward to having my bottom smacked by him, but I understood and wanted him to get better so he could spank me once again. He felt bad and wanted to make it up to me. He suggested that he get me off over Skype today. I was game, although it has been ages since I have had phone sex.

Today, I went out briefly to get a peppermint mocha at Starbucks and deposit some money at an ATM. It helped that both places that I had visited were drive-thrus. I came back and had enough energy to do some laundry. My energy level is coming back to life these days.

I checked my e-mail and my guy had written to me, saying that he was available for a chat. I then logged on to Skype and found this tidbit:
"Are you online?"
I obviously wasn't online. My guy wrote some more:
"You know what? I get ticked when you're not online. You know what that means, right?"
 I had a huge smile on my face. I was also getting aroused. I wrote back:
"I must have missed you. You can deal with me and my tardiness once you're back."
Roughly an hour later, he was back on Skype. We went into a chat and played our respective roles:
"When I need to talk to you, I expect you to be online," he insisted.
"But, I was doing laundry," I insisted.
"You can't be making up excuses," he stated.
"You're just being mean and a bully," I shot back.
"You're going to be punished. Bend over. I'm going to lift your skirt up and lower your panties," he said.
I must say that I am with a guy who is great at describing what he is doing to me in detail. He used his hand to slap each cheek and how hard each slap was. He talked about seeing how rosy by backside was becoming and how he could see imprints of his hand on each cheek.
"Are you going to behave?" he asked me, which really turned me on.
"I didn't do anything wrong," I said defiantly. "You're being unreasonable."
"I'm being unreasonable?" he echoed. "Well, you're going to be spanked harder. Let me get that long, wooden ruler out of my bag."
I was excited when he said that the ruler was long enough to smack both cheeks simultaneously. He was rubbing my bottom and then landing a slap across my backside. This pattern continued for a bit.
"Are you going to be good?" he asked me.
"For now, yes," I said.
"You know what happens to good girls?" he asked me rhetorically.  "They cum."
He proceeded to describe how he was going to use his fingers to pleasure me. He had his thumb rubbing my clit and two fingers feeling how wet I was while exploring me. I'd say about ten minutes later, I had reached orgasm. I was relaxed, happy, and sweaty.
"I need to do more laundry," I replied, which made my guy laugh.
"You'll be okay?" he asked me.
"I'll talk to you tomorrow."
We're both looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The aftermath: a sore, achy bottom

My guy did a pretty good job the other day. He spanked me well.

Normally, the soreness disappears after a day. There is a bit of soreness left from the spanking that I received on Wednesday. It's day two.

I wrote him a brief e-mail yesterday. I had one line that said, "Being a lucky girl with a sore backside forces me to walk around more."

He responded to my e-mail by saying, "Hope all is good and you're not as sore. :)"

It's cute that he says after he spanks me that he doesn't want to hurt me. He hasn't. I can take what he can dish, as I know how much pain I can tolerate. He'll know when I can't take it.

I love being sore after a decent spanking. It shows how well the spanking was done. I feel good. I feel loved and I am happy.

I get to see my guy next Wednesday. The soreness that I am experiencing now will be long gone by then. I expect that he will use the slotted bamboo spoon on my backside next and I will have more to say about how sore my butt will be late next week. I am looking forward to it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A visit, a present, and a spanking with the present

My guy came to visit me today before going to work this morning. It was nice.

I decided to wear a short, fitted black skirt and a pink, buttoned top that was also fitted. I felt a bit out of my element, for I tend to be a casual dresser.

He rang the doorbell twice. I saw him take off his cap as I opened the outer door. He came in. We immediately hugged. He kissed me on the cheek.

He had a present for me. He insisted that I open it up. There were two kitchen utensils. Both were made out of bamboo. One was a slotted spoon. The other was a slotted spatula.
"You just made my day!" I said, smiling. "Did you get two in case the first one gets damaged?" I asked him, which made him break up laughing.
"I'm not going to hit you that hard," he insisted.
"Let's go with this one," I said, holding on to the wooden spatula.
I stood against a wall. He came close to me and we hugged. We kissed. I had missed him terribly.
"Have you been a good girl?" he asked me, as we kissed.
"No, I've been bad," I admitted, kissing again.
"Do you know what happens to bad girls?" he asked me before we kissed again.
"They get spanked," I said, and then we kissed again, but more passionately.
We headed into the kitchen, as it made sense to get punished there with the wooden spatula. I bent over the table. He lifted up my skirt and exposed the lilac-laced panties that I was wearing. He started to playfully scold me as he used the wooden spatula to spank each cheek methodically.
"You've been a bad girl, leaving me all alone at work," he said, as he continued to spank me.
"Ow," I said at some point.
"You need to be spanked for wearing such a short skirt," he said, which made me smile.
The spanking continued for a bit. I loved the last part of our exchange during my spanking.
"Are you going to behave?" he asked me sternly.
"Maybe," I said, toying with him, as the smacks continued.
"There is no maybe. It's either yes or no," he said, using the wooden spatula on my backside.
"No," I said defiantly.
"Well, I'm going to have to spank you harder and longer," he said. He did just that.
I was really getting turned on. He was, too. He caressed my inner thighs. While spanking me, he groped my left breast. He then touched my left leg, feeling it from my ankle up to my left butt cheek.

He knew that I was ready to climax. He fingered me. I was incredibly excited. I was smiling and incredibly happy when it was over.
"You're so wet," he said, stating the obvious. I think he was a bit surprised.
"It doesn't take much," I said, getting up from being bent over and embracing him. "Thank you."
He is a keeper.

I reciprocated by providing him with a handjob. I kissed the tip of his penis a couple of times before I began. In the end, we both worked on getting him to cum. He did.
"I made a mess," he said, as if he were a little kid. It made me smile.
"That's okay," I admitted. "It's good."
We cuddled for a bit. He thought that I was lucky that I could get so wet thinking about spankings or being spanked. I am lucky. I was in good hands today.
"I'll see you next Wednesday?" he asked me, just before we started to kiss again.
"I'd like that," I said, planting a kiss on his lips.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Naughty girl with a short skirt

My guy knows what to say to me to get me excited. We had a phone conversation this afternoon.
"What do you want to do tomorrow?" he asked me.
"I want to kiss and hug you," I replied. "You can spank me if I've been bad."
"You have been a bad girl," he responded. "You left me at work all by myself. You deserve a good spanking."
I was turned on. He had me talk about what I was going to wear tomorrow when he comes over to visit me. I told him that I had found a mid-thigh-length black skirt.
"I am going to lift up your skirt and spank you till your butt is red," he insisted. "I'm then going to touch your clit and pleasure you."
I love him. For a self-proclaimed newbie to the world of spanking, he's doing just fine.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Missing and yearning

I had a good conversation with my guy this morning. He had contacted me about ten minutes after I had woken up from a nap. Our chat went as follows:
"Hey," he said to me.
"Hey," I replied. "You get to hear my sexy morning voice."
"I like your voice at any time," he said rather smoothly.
"I woke up about fifteen minutes ago."
He manages to put my mind at ease. We both miss each other.
"I miss you," I said. "I miss how great you smell."
"You smell great yourself," he said, quietly laughing a bit, as I'm sure my comment was unexpected.
"I miss your back and its contours," I said. "Your lips are incredibly soft."
"You have soft lips, too," he said. "I miss your butt."
Yes, I miss my backside being spanked, especially by him. I get to see him next Wednesday. The anticipation of getting my bottom smacked is exciting.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Spanking interest and preferred implements

My guy has never been with someone who likes getting spanked before until now. I had anticipated one specific question from him. He posed it today.
"So, how did you get interested in spankings?" he asked me.
I told him about getting swatted lightly for finishing my math homework fairly fast when I was in elementary school. He seemed intrigued by my story. It made sense to him. A good girl who wants to be naughty. I fit this mould perfectly.

I talked about implements tonight. I like getting spanked with an open hand. The spanking is personal to me. It's difficult to describe, but there's more of a connection there.

The wooden ruler is another object that I enjoy getting spanked with. I remember going to summer school in grade 5. Back then, we had these yellow plastic rulers. One boy was making such a fuss and had his backside in the air. The teacher had a yellow ruler in her hand and gave him a few strokes over his shorts. I remember wishing that my backside were taking those strokes instead of my classmate.

I have never been big on having the belt used on me. I just don't find it appealing. I'd rather have a wooden stick come across my buttocks as if I were being caned.

My guy wants to get a ruler and use it one me. I may have to give him a slipper, too. I love a good spanking with a slipper.

I like that he's willing to fulfill my spanking needs. He's a trooper and a keeper.

He has never done role-play before, but is open to trying it out. I think that it's fun. There's something exciting and creative about acting out a part. It's good fun, as is spanking.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Back surgery and affection

So much has happened to me. I have been dealing with a herniated disk in my back for two months. My doctor thought that the disk would heal by itself, but my physiotherapist didn't agree. I ended up going to Emergency at my local hospital last week.

Six hours later, both the emergency doctor and the orthopedic surgeon there recommended that I have surgery on my disk. It was a large herniation and was narrowing my spinal column.

I had surgery on Saturday and have been at home for a couple of days. I am adjusting to the changes and coping with aching all over.

The day before I was discharged, my guy came with another colleague to visit me. Although it is not ideal to give me a spanking these days, he was sweet.

He sat at the foot of my bed. He looked at my feet.
"You have pretty feet," he said, rubbing my right one, which made me laugh.
"Thanks," I said.
"Are your feet ticklish?" he asked me, as he knows that I am.
"Yes, but it's okay," I said.
He proceeded to rub my leg, between my ankle and the side of my calf.
"So smooth," he remarked.
"I can feel your touch. I couldn't before the operation," I remarked.
I am a lucky girl.

Later, my colleague was asking for directions to the nearest subway station. I drew a map for my guy, to help get her there. I said that he would be dropping her at a "kiss-n-ride" dropoff, and teased him as to whether any kissing would occur, using my leg to stroke my guy's back. He was laughing. It was a playful moment for both of us.

I am looking forward to getting better. My bottom needs a good spanking.