Friday, June 30, 2017

Great day with my guy and former student

Thursday was a wonderful day. I had lunch with my guy. I ended up caressing his head for a minute in his car after lunch, in the parking lot. He loves when I do it. I love it, too.
"You need a replica of my head," he pointed out.
"I know. You keep changing your hair, though. First, you grow it. Then, you shave it all off. Now, it's in-between the two lengths. I still need Velcro for your hair on the replica," I explained, caressing his head.
"That's true," he replied, smiling.
"I love your perfect, uniform head," I replied.
"I know. Rub away!"
My guy is sweet.
"You're in the office tomorrow, right?" he asked me.
"Yes, I am. We're doing lunch together tomorrow?" I asked.
"Of course," he said, smiling.
After work, I had dinner with my former co-op student, who is a wonderful friend. She is taking another co-op term at another company. She works and lives in the same city that I work in. We spent a good 3.5 hours catching up and eating at an Indian buffet. Good times!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Multiple visits at work because we miss each other

This post is slightly out of sequence. I was going to talk about part 2 on Tuesday. Instead, this post is about Monday.

I can always tell when my guy misses me. When we are in the office, he visits me multiple times.

In the afternoon, he came by my desk and dropped off a couple of manuals that I needed.
"Ooh, are those manuals?" I asked, happy to see him.
"Yes, they are," he replied, looking happy that I was hugging the manuals with glee.
"Thanks so much!" I said.
"You're welcome," he replied, smiling.
"I was going to say that it's like Christmas in July, except that it's June," I admitted.
"Yes, but it's only for one product instead of two," he confirmed.
"That's okay. I'm still happy," I replied.
"So, it's Christ, without the mass," he joked, which made me laugh.
My department is hiring another writer. I actually had to ask my manager what this person would be doing. At long last, this person would be taking over some of my work.
"You know that we are hiring another writer. You could join my team. The problem is that you'd be working for me," I said to my guy, smirking.
"You're really tough, though," he said, smiling back.
It was a nice pick-me-up moment in the afternoon to see him. We both loved seeing each other.

Just before I left the office for the day, I sent him a text message, wishing him a good night and to drive home safely. He reciprocated.

As I was putting my bag into my car, my guy pulled up in his car. It was great. We chatted for a bit. I reached in his car and caressed his perfectly uniform head. He has started to grow his hair, so it's short and soft to the touch. 

I went and gently caressed his left cheek. He liked that so much that he kissed my hand twice.

I thanked him for making my day by letting me drive his car. He was beaming, loving this moment before we both headed home.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Birthday suggestions, including unwrapping my guy

My guy and I had this chat over lunch on Tuesday.
"Thanks for letting me drive your car yesterday," I said. "It was like an early birthday present."
"Speaking of birthday, what gifts would you like?" he asked me once again.
"The usual... I want you. Can we put you in a box? It may be difficult finding a tall one, but we'll make sure that there are holes at the top so you can breathe," I teased.
"How about just putting a bow around my hard member?" he said, smirking.
"We need an elastic for the bow, as your member expands and contracts," I remarked.
"What else would you like?" he asked me.
"I want a spanking," I replied.
"It doesn't have to be on your birthday," he hinted.
"I know. I want one, though. I'd also like to unwrap you," I pointed out.
"I would like that," he replied, smiling. 
We had a good lunch. I told my guy that he is great at giving gifts. I did give him a gift suggestion. He liked it and it won't be difficult for him to find the item.

There's part two of our day, which will be covered in an upcoming post. It has been a great couple of days seeing my guy so far this week.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Miracles happen... I drove my guy's car!

For probably a good two years, I have been teasing my guy to let me drive his car. He is like a little boy when it comes to his car. He doesn't want to let anyone drive it. It's his.

I did my usual routine as we walked over to his car on Monday.
"Can I drive your car?" I asked him.
"Sure! I don't see why not," my guy replied.
"Really? You're feeling okay?" I asked him.
"Yes! You're a good driver," he told me.
He let me drive his car. I had to brush the crumbs that he had left from eating breakfast while driving into work. He apologized. He's boyish that way.

I was shocked to drive his car. It handles well. It's like my car, with simulated manual gear shifts, except his car is built like a tank. I also got to check his temperature by touching his forehead. He wasn't running a fever. It was also the perfect time to caress his perfectly uniform head, which I find highly attractive.

We visited our usual Chinese restaurant for lunch. Our usual servers commented that it has been a while since we were there.

While waiting for our orders, I was still stunned.
"I still can't believe that you let me drive your car," I said.
"Maybe it's because I miss you so much that I said yes," he said, smiling at me.
Maybe. He advised that he didn't get a brain transplant, so I will go with his theory.

I suppose that his letting me drive his car is one of my early birthday gifts. I got him a few gifts from my trip to Shanghai:

  • Jasmine tea, which he told me that he loves
  • Chinese currency (Yuan or Renminbi), as we are both currency collectors
  • Dark chocolate, which he loved, including the tin box
It was a happy day for both of us. We both missed each other.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Seeing a hailstorm and my guy

It's officially summer where I am. On Sunday, we got rain. It was unexpected to see a hailstorm!

Ah, got to love how unpredictable the weather is. What is predictable is seeing my guy this week. Yay!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Meeting new employees over lunch and finding out that I am appreciated

While I was away on vacation, we had three new employees joining our team. I am typically the one who trains anyone new who joins our team. For the last couple of waves of new hires, one of my co-op students has been doing it.

It's nice to get some of this work off my plate. It's reduces my workload and stress. My co-op student realized the first time that she did training that it requires a lot of water and admitted that she doesn't know how I can talk so much!

Getting back to the three new employees, I hadn't officially welcomed them to the team. I did it through an e-mail before I left for my vacation. I didn't feel too bad, though. After all, I had interviewed all three of them.

On Friday, I got to sit down and have lunch with them, as well as a few other colleagues. Our team has a weekly lunch on Friday. No one is obligated to go, but I then to go because I like food and don't want to pack a lunch that day. It was great catching up with them over a leisurely meal.

While I was away, my manager took over working with my three students. It's funny, but one of them told me that my manager admitted to them that I do more work than he realized and that he was appreciative. Perhaps I should go on vacation for extended periods and make my manager even more appreciative of what I do!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Turkish delight and tastebuds

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up two boxes of Turkish delight that my guy has bought for me from Istanbul. He left them on my desk at work. I picked them off after having flown in from Shanghai and had to pick up my car at the office. I have grown to love Turkish delight.

Years ago, I tried the Turkish Delight candy bar that you get at the local convenience store. I disliked it. It tasted gross.

The authentic, flavourful version from Istanbul is yummy. My guy and I went into a store and I sampled raspberry Turkish delight. It was so good. I have longed for it ever since. I asked my guy if he could get me some.

My guy apologized that he couldn't find any. I was so sick with bronchitis that my tastebuds were shot. I had a cube of Turkish delight once I got home and imagined that it tasted like raspberries. I could only figure out that there was some acidic flavour in there, but couldn't make out what flavour I was eating.

My tastebuds are back. He got me two boxes of assorted fruit flavours, with rose ones mixed in. The orange, lemon, and strawberry and yummy. I have always enjoyed the rose.

He did well. I am also thankful that I can enjoy tasting what I eat again!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Gifts and appreciation

I like my co-op students. I have three of them for this workterm, which is a record number for me.

On Monday, I met with them and gave them small gifts from my Shanghai travels. I tried to get a couple of items that were made or from China. We joke fairly often that most materialistic items come from this country. However, I truly was looking for items that they would like from China.

I got them each a bag of loose leaf jasmine tea. From China? Check. It's fragrant and helps reduce stress, among other things.

My other gift sounds odd. I found the Hershey's Store in Shanghai. I got milk chocolate in the shape of small balls. They were housed in a beautiful Hello Kitty tin with no English on it. You had a mountain behind Hello Kitty with Chinese characters on the tin. Perfect!

On Thursday, they mentioned how yummy the chocolate was and how much they appreciated the gifts that I had given them. They didn't see it coming, which is the best type of gift that I enjoy dishing out.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Seeing my guy all next week and noticing improvements in my vision

My guy works from home most of the time. He doesn't have a huge need to come into the office, unless he is there for training or has to talk to someone.

He let me know that he is in the office all next week. It's wonderful news, as it means that we will have lunch dates. We both miss them.

The other thing is that he is normally the one who is delivering training. This time around, he is attending a course.

My good news is about my right eye. If you have been reading along for a while, you will know that I had an eye stroke back in late March. On Wednesday, I went back to my ophthalmologist for my third eye injection.

To recap, my first injection containing a pretty powerful drug did a lot of good. A lot of the blood clotting in my central vision dissipated. My second injection continued the trend, although the improvement wasn't as drastic.

I did an eye test on Wednesday. The eye assistant was pleased that I was reading the eye charts well for both eyes.

I then talked to my ophthalmologist, who said that my right eye is "almost perfect." It's great news! After this injection, I will go back in a month to get another assessment. If all goes well, my monthly injections will be staggered over longer periods.

My second injection wasn't too pleasant. We both felt that there wasn't enough numbing done to my eye, so I felt more than I should have. This time around, his assistant put more numbing fluid in my eye and he made sure that there wasn't any stinging happening when he cleaned my eye with iodine. All went well with the needle.

It's definitely encouraging news about my sight. I am glad that I am recovering nicely. My guy never doubted that, which I love him for being so positive and supportive.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Concert and parking lot changes

The other night, I went to see a concert. I had a fabulous time!

I used to work downtown. I have a particular parking lot where I park and walk over to the venue. It has been roughly a couple of years since I have parked at this lot. It has changed! It no longer is dumpy. Luckily, the price is still right.

After the show, I walked back to the building in which the parking lot is located. The security guard and I had a brief conversation. He was pleasant and asked me if I was going to the parking lot. I was and even indicated the level. He was kind to point to the elevator that would take me down. I had used a different elevator that got me on the mezzanine level earlier in the evening. I thanked him and continued on my merry way.

Unfortunately, leaving the parking lot was annoying. The person in front of me could not get his payment method going at the exit area. After patiently waiting for him to get his transaction done for five minutes, I went to a different kiosk, put my ticket in, and left.

I do like the new parking lot. The parking spaces are wide, which prevents idiots from dinging my car if I am parked next to them.

Monday, June 19, 2017

2011 - year of the Cutiebootie

A while back, my guy and I had this conversation.
"We started dating back in 2011," my guy remarked.
"I'm impressed that you remember," I said to him, thoroughly impressed.
"How can I forget? I will always remember it being the year of the Cutiebootie," he said, smiling.
It doesn't seem that long, but it was a magical day in September. He met me at work, fresh from a trip from Portugal. It was the first time that we hugged, kissed, and he spanked me across a desk at work.

I got in a reflective mood. It is a good thing that I blog. It was nice reminiscing by reading a number of posts from early on in our relationship.

I love that the spark is still there and that we have grown as a loving, fun couple.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Coughing fit after seeing poultry blood at the supermarket

It has been an interesting learning experience when it comes to having bronchitis and how my coughing gets worse when I am mildly stressed out.

On Saturday, I felt well enough to go out and get some groceries. I haven't had much to eat for breakfast, other than cereal and English muffins. Then again, my appetite has been shot until now.

The person in front of me at the supermarket checkout had packages of chicken drumsticks. One of the packages had the plastic wrap torn wide open. I was watching the man try and put it back together. He then had chicken blood and juices on his hand, which he decided to wipe on his jeans.

I used to work in food services. It's not the proper way to handle food. I sensed a ton of food contamination happening, among other things. Considering that I am recovering from being sick, I am sensitive to spreading germs.

I spotted chicken blood that his package had started by the product scanner. Sure enough, the cashier scanned my mixed bean salad across the blood and the scanner. I had to point out that she needed to wipe the blood off her scanning area as well as my bean salad container.

She was good with my request. I was so grossed out, but thanked her. I paid for my goodies, put them in my bag, and headed over to my car.

By the time I had loaded everything in my car, including me, my coughing fit had started. A minute later, I was okay.

I am typically not that squeamish when it comes to seeing poultry blood. However, I am not my normal self, so it was an observation that I found intriguing when I am sick.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Why can't medical folks communicate well?

My biggest beef this year seeing various medical folks is that they don't communicate with one another. As someone who needs to communicate with people often, it drives me crazy.

The other day, when I went in to see my doctor for my regular quarterly checkup, as well as for my bronchitis. She asked a ton of questions about my eye stroke. I couldn't answer any of them. I asked if she got the report from my ophthalmologist. She didn't. I know that I gave him my family doctor's name and address.

She asked for the phone number of my ophthalmologist's office. Luckily, I had that on my phone. So, I showed her the number on my cell phone. She called her receptionist and asked to get my report from that office.
"Do you mind waiting for the report?" she asked me.
"Frankly, I want to go home and sleep," I admitted. "I don't know how long it will take."
"You have a good point."
I had already waited for 40 minutes in the waiting room to see my doctor. Why do I need to do it for an unspecified period when I am obviously not feeling well with all that coughing and sniffling?

My doctor is understanding. She said that she would follow up with me once the report comes to her. I just wish that medical folks made my life easier, rather than causing more havoc that I do not need to be subjected to.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Sick day, windshield replacement, sleep, and a one-word meme

I decided to take a sick day on Thursday. It worked out fairly well.

I got a solid block of sleep overnight. However, I wanted more. It wasn't going to happen, as it was garbage day. All I heard were doors opening and closing on my street, garbage and recycling trucks stopping and going, and kids screaming as they made their way to school. Ugh!

On a good note, the windshield to replace my car's cracked one was in stock. I drove my car over to the glass shop and got a courtesy shuttle back home. Three hours later, it was done. So, said shuttle came back to fetch me and my car looks new again. I'm thrilled!

I slept from 15:30 till 18:45. It did a world of wonder! I feel less grumpy and more rested. More importantly, I don't seem to be coughing as much. Perhaps my bronchitis is slowly dissipating.

The other day, I saw a one-word meme on Fondles' blog. So, here goes:
  1. Where is your phone? Lap
  2. Your hair? Medium
  3. Your dad? Sleeping
  4. Your other half? Sleeping 
  5. Your favourite food? Tiramisu
  6. Your dream last night? Jumping
  7. Your favourite drink? Mojito
  8. Fear? Heights
  9. Favourite? Vacation
  10. Favourite way to relax? Sleep
  11. Your mood? Tired 
  12. I love? Relaxing 
  13. Where were you last night? Home
  14. Something that you aren't?  Petite
  15. Muffins? Sometimes
  16. Wish list item? Money
  17. Where you grew up? Toronto
  18. Last thing you did?  Showered
  19. What are you wearing right now? Pyjamas
  20. Something you hate? Tardiness
  21. Your pets? Fish
  22. Friends? Grateful
  23. Life? Rollercoaster
  24. Regrets? Some
  25. Missing someone? Boyfriend
It's tough to narrow a description down to a single word. Give it a try if you feel like it!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

First day back at work and a sticky note message for my guy

I made it through working from home. Barely. Towards the end of my workday, I actually had to take it easy. I felt tired. Coughing up mucus will do that to a girl.

On a good note, I did get a few e-mails welcoming me back. That was nice. I have thoughtful colleagues.

Tomorrow, which is really today now, I will take a sick day. I need to rest and recover. We'll see how that goes.

I wrote my guy a brief e-mail. It's better than coughing up a storm and sounding like a guy over the phone. He's doing well. He can't wait to see me, but he wants me to get better soon with a ton of rest.

Before I left for Shanghai, I parked my car at work, walked over to his, and placed a sticky note on his driver-side window. It said, "Welcome home, CB!" He told me that he loved that. We were about four hours apart that day between his arriving and my leaving the city.

Anyway, I signed my e-mail with good girl. I like doing that, because it makes him tell me that I'm bad. It's fun.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


On Tuesday, I went to see my doctor. It was my regular quarterly appointment. I was also coughing, so I had to get this issue taken care of, too.

I spent nearly two hours at the doctor's office. While waiting there, I called my car insurance to make a claim on my windshield damage caused by a stone. Fun! There is far more to this story, so I will save it for another post.

Anyway, when I finally saw my doctor, she determined that I have bronchitis. I am now on an antibiotic and am using an inhaler to clear up my airways. I sometimes find that I can't breathe as well as I should. So, it's my first experience using a puffer.

Ah, the joys of coming home from a vacation sick.

I slept for most of the day when I got home. There were a number of annoying phone calls that I had to take from my windshield guy, the insurance woman, and more.

I technically go back to work on Wednesday, but will be working from home. I will likely be taking a sick day, depending on how I feel. Perhaps I will extend my sick absence, so I can rest properly.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Back home -- sick, tired, and happy

On Sunday night, I returned safely home from my vacation. The flight was rather long. It wasn't the smoothest trip.

I didn't realize that you can't pack nail polish in your checked-in luggage in Shanghai. Sadly, I had to surrender three bottles of Formula X polish that I had brought with me. I just found out that this entire line of nail polish is being discontinued at Sephora. It's a bummer, for this polish works well for me. It stays on for a long period and I love the colours.

I also had a can of dry shampoo. Apparently, it is okay to pack that in your luggage. I also had a bottle of water with me. You can bring that through security. I don't get it, but what do I know?

For the first time, I left my passport at security after my carry-on belongings and I went through the scanners. I normally hold my passport in my hand, but the guy tossed it with my laptop. So, I didn't fetch it until five minutes later when I realized that I didn't have it with me.

I didn't sleep much on my fourteen-hour flight back. The three folks in front of me were constantly yakking for the first four hours. The guy in the same row, separated by the aisle, had his reading light on the entire time. I also flew back with a cold and an annoying, mucus-abundant cough, so that wasn't fun either.

And, yes, my flight was delayed by forty minutes. Customs in Toronto took forever. I managed to select one that was interrogating every little thing with folks who could not speak English and needed an interpreter. Wonderful!

When she got to me, my interaction with her took a minute. I didn't mind the wait, as I was sweating so much from dashing here and there that I needed to cool off.

I do like the express walkway. That helped a ton.

I took a limo taxi to my office. My car was still there after over two weeks.

When I was driving to my workplace to ultimately catch a taxi to the airport back then, a stone hit my windshield and chipped it. By the time I had arrived at my workplace, it was a good four-inch crack. On Sunday, it was much larger. It was a swirl. Sadly, I will need to get the entire windshield replaced. Ugh!

There is a silver lining, though. I went into the office after the taxi had driven to my car and had offloaded my luggage. On my desk, my guy had left two boxes of Turkish delight, which made everything better.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wooden shoehorn and brush

My hotel room is fancy. It has a nice shoe-shining kit.

I looked at the shoehorn and thought that it would make a nice spanking implement. I love the wood and the feel of it in my hand. I feel the same thing about the brush.

It's too bad that I can't take these items back as souvenirs.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Birthday gift? You and a spanking!

My guy tends to ask me what I want when he wants to give me a gift. He's sweet. I don't need anything, but he insists.

My birthday is less than a month away. I am impressed that my guy is planning ahead.
"What would you like for your birthday?" he asked me.
"The usual... I want you," I stated.
"You always have me. What else?" he asked again.
"A hard spanking," I admitted.
"I can do that. I love spanking you, especially on your birthday," he confessed.
He has still asked me what he can get for me. I'm good with just his love and a good spanking.

Friday, June 09, 2017

If my guy and I were babies...

I saw this photo on Facebook. Sadly, I don't know who to credit.

If my guy and I were babies, I am pretty sure this incident would happen:

I love his uniform head. I wouldn't hesitate to touch it, even as a baby.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Butt and heart tattoo

I found this photo on Instagram. It's actually a tattoo that I dig.

A post shared by Heart Magazine (@heartmagazine) on
It's cute. I love it. My guy does, too. He tells me often that he loves my butt, especially spanking and groping it.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Kissing and vacationing

My guy misses me. The feeling is mutual.
"I miss kissing you," he admitted the other day.
"I miss kissing you, too. It's always enjoyable," I indicated.
"It sure is," he agreed.
My vacation in Shanghai is more than halfway over. It's hot and humid here, although there have been breaks here and there. I tend to duck into air-conditioned places when it gets unbearable for me.

I feel relaxed. All is great.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Marriage reflections

June 5 was my wedding day ages ago. It's pretty scary to think that if our marriage had worked and if he were still alive, we would have celebrated our 22nd anniversary.

I don't feel that old. Then again, I did get married at such a young age.

I like where I am at these days. I am content being in a solid, loving relationship with my guy. We don't need an official piece of paper stating that fact.

In a way, I am relieved that I am not married. As of late, several friends who got married are now divorced. Perhaps it is easier to not be committed legally and to love unconditionally instead.

Then again, I don't know what the right answer is. It's best to do what is right for you.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Going with an airport shuttle instead of a taxi

I decided to go with a airport shuttle service for next Sunday. I see this shuttle bus every day in front of my hotel.

My experience dealing with two different taxi companies when I got to Shanghai was not enjoyable. It was way too stressful than I had anticipated.

After doing a bit of research and using a different Web browser (it works fine in Firefox, but not Chrome), I completed booking my ticket online. Here's hoping that it comes to fetch me on time!

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Offloading items and being sweet

My guy and I had this conversation before I started my vacation:
"Do you have any extra training manuals that I can take off you? I need the beginner-level ones," I asked.
"Sure. I like when you take them off me. I like offloading things, as you put it," he teased.
"You know that I like when you give me stuff. I still have the sleeping mask that you gave me. I remember wearing it and you kissed me," I said, fondly.
"Yes, I always love kissing you, with or without the blindfold," he remarked.
As usual, he's sweet.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Birkenstock sandals and blisters

I have a love-hate relationship with Birkenstock sandals. They support your feet nicely and are comfortable once you break them in. The problem? The entire breaking-in process.

Every year, I need to break them in. I had thought that a couple of days of wearing them would be enough. Nope.

I wore them on my first full day in Shanghai. By the time it was late afternoon and I was sitting on the tour bus heading back to the main stop closest to my hotel, I touched my left heel and noticed blood. Not only did I develop a blister, but it had burst. Both blood and fluid was at the bottom of my heel. Luckily, I carry tissue, so I wiped up and tried to stop the mess from oozing out.

I do come prepared. I came back to my hotel room, cleaned up my heel area, and found my stash of bandages. It has been three days and the area has nearly dried up.

If you do experience a blister on your foot that bursts, do not try and get rid of the flap of skin. It's better to have it there to protect the area from any infection. Just wait for the area to dry on its own. I tend to have a bandage on it when I am out. When I am back at home or the hotel, I let the area breathe without wearing any shoes or socks on.

Being on vacation is never dull!

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Trials and tribulations travelling

Hello from Shanghai! All is well. It's hot, hazy, and humid. I am enjoying being away from work and being a tourist.

My VPN access works well. You can tell because I have managed to write this blog post!

My first day of travelling started off rough:

  • While driving to my workplace, my car's windshield got a stone ship. By the time I had parked at work, I had a three-inch crack on my windshield. I am hoping that my windshield hasn't shattered by the time I fetch my car.
  • I called a taxi number on my cellphone that I typically don't use. Luckily, the nice driver got to me in ten minutes.
  • My 14-hour flight was good, except for the woman next to me who kept flip-flopping everywhere. She slept on my shoulder. She sprawled across her husband's tray table. She curled up in both her husband's and her own seat, bumping her head against my thigh. Thankfully, for the last two hours of the flight, her husband changed seats with her. I was able to sleep for longer than twenty minutes.
  • I got to Shanghai and got a taxi driver who dropped me off at the wrong hotel. He was yelling at one point. I don't understand Mandarin.
  • I asked the woman working at this hotel whether it was the hotel name that I needed. I was still in the taxi. She said yes. I checked in and realized that she just nodded without understanding a thing. After talking to her manager, he got me a courtesy taxi ride to my hotel.
  • The taxi driver seemed to be on the ball, However, he also had some trouble finding the hotel, too. To put it into perspective, my flight touched down at 15:00. I got to my hotel at 18:35.
The good news is that the staff at my hotel have been exceptionally accommodating. The check-in process was smooth. I had ordered a cell phone plan for Shanghai. My SIM package was ready for me when I checked in. My luggage was set upstairs. I get lounge access, so breakfast and dinner are free, along with any beverage under the sun.

Both the bad and good balance out. All is great. I will write more when I am not exhausted from being out and about. Hope you are all doing well!