Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Meet-and-sleep sessions?

I have a lovely post that is pending from my time in New Jersey with my guy. I reckon that it will be a fairly detailed one. I just need to spend some time writing it!

Anyway, that was the last day that I saw my guy, which was roughly a month ago. On Monday, we both anticipated seeing each other at work.

My guy wrote me an e-mail, asking whether I'd like to do lunch. He didn't know that I was at work at 08:30. He said that he'd check his e-mail an hour later. He did. He said that he'd meet me at the restaurant.

I was hoping that we could ride in the same car. From his e-mail, it implied that I had to drive myself over.

I got to the parking lot and looked around. I started heading towards my car. I am glad that I looked to my left. I saw my guy. He had a hat on and was waving at me. I reciprocated and changed my walking direction.

It was wonderful seeing him. He allowed me to grab hold of his arm as we walked. He commented on how great my stride was. He's sweet that way.

Unfortunately, I had to be back by 14:00 for two back-to-back interviews. As we drove along, my guy asked about my vacation in Las Vegas. I talked about how my two friends had shelled out $200 each to do a meet-and-greet session with a music duo. I didn't, although I have in the past.
"That's a ridiculous amount of money!" my guy exclaimed. "If it were a meet-and-sleep session, I'd do it."
"Figures," I replied.
"Blowjobs, on average, cost $50 each," he said.
"Okay, how do you know that?" I said, which made him laugh. "You're saving a ton of money with me, you know."
"I shouldn't have told you that," he said with a grin on his face.
"Yes. Every time I give you a blowjob, all I am going to hear are cash register bells. I also don't think that you'd want a meet-and-sleep session with these guys. The lead singer is gay, so you'd have to suck him."
When we had arrived at the restaurant, we got out of the car and he reached for my hand.
"I have missed your touch," I told him.
"I've missed it, too."
"You've missed your touch, too? Awesome!"
He's used to my correcting him. He thinks that it's sweet. It also plants a seed for an upcoming spanking.

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