Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Missed lunch date - thanks, Gmail!

It sounds a bit farfetched to blame Gmail for my guy and I missing out on a lunch date today. However, it did happen.

For a while, my guy and I tend to quickly send each other e-mails, asking whether we could get together for lunch. Today, I was hoping for such an e-mail in my inbox, for I was working from home and my guy has sessions all week. So, he would be the one who would best initiate when to have lunch. My schedule is far more flexible.

I didn't get an e-mail from him. I ate lunch at home and headed into the office in the afternoon.

It is rare these days for my guy to leave the training room and come up to our cubicle area just to see me. The sessions that he has with clients can be demanding and they keep him busy. Today, he did just that. He didn't even stop at his cubicle. He came over to see me.

My guy's actions say a lot more than what he verbally says to me. I have known that for quite some time. He's sweet that way.

After we said our usual hellos and such, he continued to talk rather discretely in an open cubicle area, like we normally do at work.
"I came by this morning, but you weren't here," he said.
"Yes, my coming into the office depends on what meetings or interviews that I have scheduled."
"You're so unpredictable."
"I like keeping you on your toes," I explained.
He looked down at my hands. I could tell that he was admiring my manicured nails, which I worked on the previous day.

We talked about how his client sessions were going.
"Are you irritated by the full house that you have this week?" I asked him.
"Yes, with a few of them," he hinted.
"I can tell. You normally don't come up here to talk to me unless you are irritated by them."
He smiled. He told me that he needed to bring down packets of sugar. The fifteen clients did not have any regular white sugar.

I followed my guy unto the communal kitchen.
"I'm not following you. I'm heading to the washroom," I explained.
"I wish you were," he said.
He was looking in various kitchen drawers for sugar. He finally found some. However, he didn't have a bag to put them in. He had thought about putting them in his trouser pockets. I found a coffee filter and suggested that he put the packets in there.
"It's all about presentation," I said.
He transferred the sugar packets over to the coffee filter. Our hands touched. It was nice, on the whole.
"Your hands are freezing!" I said, trying to warm them up.
He laughed. He held the door open for me. I reversed the gesture. I didn't have anything in my hands. He had sugar packets. Instead, I got to gently touch his back.

It seemed odd to me that such a sweet guy, who couldn't be any sweeter, would be holding tons of sugar packets.
"I wrote you an e-mail, asking if you wanted to do lunch."
"Really? I never got it," I said, kind of bummed out. "When did you send it?"
"At 11:40 this morning," he stated.
"I never got it. You sent it to the right address?"
"Yes," he said, repeating my e-mail address to me.
"You know that I would have loved to have lunch with you. Maybe you should call me next time."
We both nodded in agreement.
"There's Wednesday, " he said, bringing optimism to our conversation. "It's my loss today."
"It's my loss, too," I replied. 
The look in our eyes said it all.
"You look good," he said to me.
"You do, too," I replied, admiring how great he always looks in blue.
"See you on Wednesday," he said, blowing me a kiss.
"Wednesday, it is," I said, smiling back at him and seeing that he got into the elevator safely.
I went back to my desk. It was 16:30. Guess what? My guy's e-mail was finally in my inbox.


  1. don't you just HATE it when technology messes up your plans? We've had a few misses this way, but mostly we try and prevent these screwups by sending messages on multiple platforms. FB messenger, skype, fone... one of them has to get thru right?
    well, have fun on wednesday :)

    1. We need to do what you guys do and send messages on different platforms. It is working out pretty well so far!

      Wednesday was great. I have tons more to talk about now. =)