Sunday, December 29, 2013


My guy came to Canada over twenty years ago. He made a brief stop in the United States to get one of what seems to be many graduate degrees in his life before calling Canada his home.

Last week, we had phone sex (well, it was over Skype, so it's more accurate to call it Skype sex, but that sounds weird to me). I somehow made a reference to mistletoe.
"What's mistletoe?" my guy asked me, which abruptly stopped our fun time. I knew that he was serious.
"It's a green plant that is associated with Christmas," I started to explain. "If we were under it, the tradition is to kiss."
"Oh, I see," my guy remarked.
"We technically don't need mistletoe. We kiss all the time."
"True," he said in agreement.
We continued where we left off in our sexy chat. We didn't skip a beat. We both came.

I often seem surprised when I teach him something new. It's neat when I get the opportunity.

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