Thursday, October 24, 2013

Friday spanking in New Jersey

I didn't realize that I could have spent more time with my guy on Friday. It was the first of two Fridays spent in New Jersey for me. My guy was flying back home on Saturday afternoon, so we had the entire evening together.

Most of my day in training was spent fiddling around and trying out concepts that I had learned. It wasn't a wasted day at all for me. I just could have left early to spend some time shopping with my guy, who had bought a ton of goodies.

My colleague was okay with my ditching him to spend time with my guy. My colleague was going out for dinner and drinks with a fellow colleague who lives in New Jersey, so everything worked out. I basically dropped by the hotel to freshen up and to drop off my laptop. I then drove over to my guy's hotel.

It was coincidental that my guy was driving behind me. It was also a bit of a miracle that I got to his hotel room before he did.

We spent a good hour going through all the goodies that he had purchased. He basically came back with a new laptop case. This exercise was similar to the one back in February. I joked that he was offloading his stuff to me that he didn't want. We have been teasing each other about it for a bit.
"Can I have this?" I asked him, holding a brand new tube of lip balm.
"No, because you think that I am cheap by offloading stuff whenever I clean out my laptop case."
"That's not true. I like free goodies that you don't want, like this package of double hot chocolate that I love so much."
"Okay, you can have it," he caved in and said. I also got hand cream, earplugs, and towelettes. I was a happy girl.
He let me leaf through his passport. Pretty much every page was filled with a stamp from countries that he has visited within the last two years. He also had an older passport with him. I got to see him with hair. He shaves his head these days.
"It's exactly how I pictured you with hair," I said. "I like you better now, though."
He smiled. I could tell that he liked that compliment.

We finally went out for dinner. We settled for a Chinese restaurant. The place was out of the rice noodles that I had wanted. I settled for lo mein, which was a good substitute. My guy had a beef dish and we shared it while I was waiting for my noodles to arrive. The Chinese woman there was yelling at her entire staff. I told my guy that it was a sign that the food would be good. It was.

I wanted to go to K-Mart. We drove over there. It had a Mickey Mouse steering wheel cover that I have been eying since February. I bought it. I was happy.

I reminded my guy that he needed to get weed killer for his lawn at Home Depot. We went across the street to get some. He also bought a Diet Coke for me at the checkout. He's sweet that way.

We headed back to the hotel. My guy had to make a phone call. I decided to take a shower. I washed my hair, too. When I was done, my guy headed into the shower. It was strange that for an hour, we barely said anything to each other. My guy was also starting to pack a bit while I was showering.

I was watching TV and was stretched out at the edge of the king-sized bed, parallel to the bed's headboard. My guy came out of the shower with a white towel wrapped around his waist. He looked at me.
"Are you asleep?" he asked.
"Nope, I'm watching TV," I said.
"Okay," he said.
He dried himself off and changed into his pajamas. He came over to the bed and sat next to my feet.
"You're a bad girl," he said, feeling my leg.
"No, you always say that. I am a good girl."
"That's not true," he said and started to lightly smack my right buttock.
"Yes, it is."
"No, you make fun of me by saying that I offload freebies to you," he stated, continuing to slap my right buttock with his hand.
"Offloading is good. You do that when I jerk you off."
"That's true," he admitted, still spanking my buttock. "Tonight, I want to make sure that you're thoroughly pleased and taken care of."
He gave me a final lovetap on my backside, and went to shave his face and head. He came back to the bed moments later. He sat up in bed. He legs and mine made a ninety-degree angle.
"Hi," he said. I sat up.
"Hello," I said, massaging his feet. "You're feet are so cold!"
"Forget about my feet. Come over here."
I ended up in his arms. We were kissing. I love these sorts of moments.

To make up for the lopsided lovetaps earlier, he was now smacking my left buttock. I was wearing my light green pajama shorts and grey shirt.

The smacks were starting to get a bit harder. He pulled down my pajama bottoms and continued spanking my left buttock over my pink panties. Soon, they came down and he was spanking my bare left buttock.
"I don't think that's fair that you're spanking my bare bottom. I am pulling them back up."
I pulled my panties and pajama bottoms back up. He pulled them down. I tried pulling them back up, to challenge him some more, but he had had enough.
"Come here!"
I didn't even have a chance to react. He pulled me over his lap, pulled down my panties and pajama bottoms, and started spanking me hard. I was so turned on. It's fun to playfully misbehave.

At first, the smacks were consistent and had a regular pattern. He then started smacking each buttock in rapid succession. My left buttock would get three hard smacks, followed by my right buttock. The spanking hurt to the point where my legs kicked up. I had no complains. We both enjoyed it.
"Are you going to be good?"
"Maybe," I said. It is my regular way of saying that I wanted to be spanked more.
He continued to spank by bare backside. Finally, he stopped. I got up from his lap.
"Have you had enough?" he asked me. I kissed him.
It was only the beginning. He told me that he wanted to pleasure me to the point where I just didn't know where I was. He made me come twice. He fingered me once from behind. I felt so dopey. It was wonderful.

I rested in his arms for a bit. He was hugging me tightly. He was smelling my clean hair while holding me. I could tell that he loved that.

We kissed some more. My left hand was caressing his chest. I decided to place my hand under his long-sleeved shirt and play with his bare chest. I enjoyed playing with his left nipple.

He asked me to play with his cock. Needless to say, it was erect. I did. Without saying a word, we removed his pajama bottoms and briefs. I got to play with his hard cock some more.

He asked me to kiss the tip of his cock. I did. I couldn't resist but to suck and lick it. He was in ecstasy. He was able to get a great view of my sucking him. I also got to look up at him more often while sucking him. It's definitely easier to give a blowjob on a roomy bed as opposed to our regular backseat-of-the-car location.

It didn't take long at all for my guy to ejaculate. I had forgotten to have him to ejaculate all over my breasts. Instead, he did it all over my hand. There was a lot of it. It was great!

I got up to get some towels to wipe ourselves off. He was dopey. We cuddled for a bit before we said goodnight.

It was the perfect end to our business trip.

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