Friday, November 22, 2013

Lunch, served with a bit of spice, kissing, and groping

Wednesday was wonderful. My guy and I actually got together for lunch without any technical difficulties.

We met at our usual Chinese restaurant. He came over to my car and apologized for being late. Traffic was horrendous around the area. I teased him by asking whether he was responsible for the delay. He gently grabbed my hand and we walked into the restaurant.

Our conversation was fun and flirty. He told me that I keep getting cuter. I blame that on my latest Starbucks addiction: the frosted snowman cookie. It's one of the few baked goods that I like at Starbucks in Canada. There is more selection at Starbucks in the States and even abroad. The one at Istanbul Airport was awesome. It even had a lemon tart!

Anyway, I had my usual chicken chow mein dish and he went for a spicy beef dish with rice. He rubbed his leg against mine under the table.
"Are you playing footsie with me?" I asked him.
"Yes," he replied, looking lovingly into my eyes and I rubbed my other leg against his.
"That's nice," I replied.
"What about after work? Did you want to meet?" he asked me.
"It depends on your schedule. I would love to, as I have missed you so much."
"I have missed you, too."
My guy and I have this ongoing joke about going downstairs. There was never a deliberate sexual inference until recently. These days, when we say that we want to go downstairs at this restaurant, it is to kiss and hug. Downstairs is where the restrooms are, as well as the storage area.

We went downstairs and stood behind a wall. He cupped my breasts. He loved how they looked under my grey v-neck sweater.

Our lips locked. His arms wrapped around my waist. My hands wrapped around the back of his neck.

I stopped kissing and hugging him a couple of times. I thought that someone was coming. My guy reassured me that we were okay. He was correct. A woman came out of the women's washroom and headed upstairs.

We kissed and hugged some more. His hands slid down from my waist to my buttocks. He was groping them. I loved it. We were French kissing.

We finally decided that we should head back upstairs. He groped my backside some more as I walked toward the staircase.

I thanked him for treating me to lunch. He told me that he couldn't wait till after work. I felt the same way.

We drove back to the office, walked in together, and kissed before we went our separate ways for the next four hours.

Lunches should always be like this one.