Sunday, September 08, 2013

Birthday wake-up spanking

I haven't done much browsing on YouTube lately for birthday spanking videos. If you have been following along from the early stages of my blog, I find birthday spankings to be big turn-on.

My rationale is that I never got such a spanking when I was a kid. Rather, I insisted on getting my much deserved yearly spanking when I became an adult and was with a significant other at the time.

Anyway, this video reminded me of my guy. He has roughly the same build. He's slender. I have given my guy a few lovetaps now and again. He has told me that it doesn't do much for him, but he has never told me that he doesn't like when I do that. What is interesting is that my guy likes when I grope his backside. Sometimes, he'll take my hand and place it on his butt. So, there is hope.

My guy also has a difficult time waking up and getting started with my day. This video is cute.

Of course, it would have been better if my guy were in it, that I were administering his birthday spanking, and that he were over my knee.

A girl can fantasize, right?


  1. On my birthday and my wife's she wakes me up (I sleep naked) by pulling the covers down and sitting on my back facing my feet and spanks away. I can't dislodge her because I'm laying flat (she is sitting high up on my back) and I'm caught completely off guard. I have to endure as long as she chooses to dish out. markiee

    1. I love the birthday ritual that you and your wife have. Wow, I love picturing your wife in that position, spanking you and you have no place to go. Here's to many fun birthday spankings! Thanks for visiting. =)