Sunday, November 17, 2013

Banter for a purple butt

Quick love texts, e-mails, or messages are nice to receive and exchange. Like with any couple, ours can be sweet, quirky, funny, and playful.

A couple of weeks ago, I drove my guy to the airport. When he had arrived in Auckland, he wrote this quick e-mail:
Hey there sleepyhead (I'm assuming)
Thanks a bunch for the nice cab service yesterday. That was the first time I felt the urge to kiss the cab driver ;)
Part of my reply was as follows:
I was happy to take an attractive guy to the airport yesterday. It made my day.
Cab girl, who misses her favourite customer 
My guy is bright as can be. We both work in the Information Technology (IT) sector. He has told me that he is technology-challenged. It's difficult to believe, as he as been in IT for years. However, I see hints of that when he tries doing various tasks on his cell phone. Last week, he wrote this work-related e-mail:
Hey there sweet lips,
It was very nice to see you yesterday (as always).
I need a favour from you. Could you please save me countless hours of sifting through past e-mails and tell me which e-mail is the one that explains how to log on to our new intranet site with our little fob "thingy"?
Your reward will be a purple butt :)
Some e-mails are wonderful to get, especially those that instantly arouse me.

I like being a playful, insolent little girl. The end of my reply was the following:
The purple butt is just all talk. We'll see if you deliver. =)
We'll find out this week if my backside matches my favourite colour.

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