Friday, October 18, 2013

A future cop-and-punishment scenario to try out

It has been a while. I flew back home on Tuesday evening, which signified the end of my vacation.

My flight from Las Vegas to Cleveland was half an hour early. I was delighted! Well, until I found out that my flight to Toronto was delayed by two hours.

I did what any hungry girl would do. I had lunch, except that it was now 17:00! I have adjusted to springing forward just fine. I slept on the plane for most of my flight from Las Vegas.

I need to get back to blogging regularly. It's difficult after having back-to-back trips.

An incident did happen to me the second last night that I was in New Jersey, which occurred a few weeks ago. I was driving with my colleague from the restaurant where we had dinner back to our hotel. We must have been five minutes away from it. The road leading to the hotel was dark. My colleague talks as if there's no tomorrow. This evening was no exception.

When I did get a word edgewise, I indicated that some local drivers tend to be crazy. While I was stopped at a red light, a guy pulled around my car and made a right turn, for instance. There was only one lane. There wasn't a designated right turn lane. I told my colleague that I was going to play it safe.

Suddenly, I see bright lights blinking in my rear-view mirror. I thought that perhaps the police car was going to pass. I pulled over. It stopped. I didn't like that.

I couldn't think of what I had done wrong. Did I miss a stop sign earlier? I was driving at the speed limit. I had no clue.

The cop came over, and asked for my vehicle registration and my driver's licence. I handed over both. I was driving a rental car.

He finally explained to me that my car's high beams were on. I must have inadvertently switched them on. I apologized profusely. I seriously did not know that they were on.

The cop was kind to let me off the hook. I was relieved and drove away.

A few days later, I talked to my guy on Skype. He was in India on business. I told him about what had happened to me. He teases me that I seem to perform a Houdini act when it comes to getting myself out of a traffic violation.
"If you were that cop, you would ask me to get out of the vehicle and bend over. You'd spank me," I told him.
"Yes, and we'd both benefit. You would be paying a different type of fine and would love it. I would get a really good view."
It looks like we have another fun role-playing scenario to try out soon.

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