Thursday, November 14, 2013

Late night chat with spanking undertones

I was awake on Sunday morning at around 01:00. Coincidentally, I was online looking at potential spanking implements that I wanted to purchase (more about that in another post).

My guy was in San Francisco for one final night before returning home the following day. I had urged him to do some sightseeing and recommended visiting Fisherman's Wharf. He logged on to Skype at 01:15 my time.
"Hey, night owl girl," he wrote.
"Hoo hoo!" I exclaimed.
"Wanna chat?"
We chatted for nearly two hours. It felt so good chatting about everything under the sun, even though we didn't exactly see any sunshine during our conversation.

At one point, I was on a roll, teasing him about various things. My guy was contemplating getting another rolling computer bag. I told him to get it and he did, for he was complaining about how small his current one was. When he changes bags, he often gives me goodies that he carries around in his old one that he no longer wants. I don't mind getting freebies, but my guy likes to spin things by saying that I think that he likes offloading junk to me.
"You always say that I am offloading junk to you," he stated, playing the part of being an annoyed guy.
"That's not true. I like freebies from you. You're just a cheap bastard," I replied.
"Oh, really?" he asked rhetorically. "You know that you are pissing me off."
"No, I would never want to do that to you," I said playfully.
"I know how to deal with girls like you who get me all worked up. You know the saying about the proof being in the pudding?"
"Yes," I replied.
"Well, the pudding is really how sore and purple your butt will be after I am done with it," he stated firmly.
"I like purple. It's my favourite colour," I stated factually.
"We'll see when I am done with you," he said with a menacing, playful tone to his voice.
"You're just all talk and no action. You're far away, so I'm safe."
We actually had this conversation twice during these two hours. I enjoy when he wants to give me a spanking. I instantly get excited. It helps that I get the added bonus of being spanked by an attractive guy who loves me.


  1. Hahaha Purple's one of my fave colours too!

    and the "you're not here so I'm safe" argument is one I use often!! LOL

    1. Awesome! I own a lot of purple items.

      LOL on the I'm-safe-because-you're-far-away line. It's nice to know that I am in good company. =)