Thursday, November 07, 2013

Hallowe'en spanking

On Wednesday, my guy and I were both at work, but we never saw each other. I was in meetings for most of the afternoon. He came up to see me at 17:10, but I was still stuck in a meeting. He had an evening course to give, so he had to leave work early.

Just before my ongoing, crazy meetings on Hallowe'en had started, I sent him an e-mail, saying that I was sorry that I had missed him. I indicated that I was at work. He wrote back immediately, intuitively knowing that I would write to him, asking me to have lunch with him at our usual restaurant. I met him there at 13:00.

He was wearing the brown dress shirt again. I was flattered. He wore my gift twice in one week. He truly does love it!

He was teasing me about the fact that I order a specific noodle dish at this restaurant. I tend to alternate between the noodle dish and the lemon chicken. I went with the latter today. Thus, the teasing commenced.

We held hands at the table. I love that.

He told me that I was getting cuter. He suggested that I work in marketing, as I could sell anything with such a cute face. He said that no one could say no to me. I gave him an example of an exception.
"When we're at Costco and I want a hot dog, you won't get me one. You'll tell me, 'No!'"
"That's true. You have a point there."
When we were done eating, we walked to our respective cars. He told me that he wanted to pleasure me before he flew off to Auckland. I was happy and extremely excited.

We drove back to work and parked practically next to each other. We chatted as we walked into the office.

The next few hours of work rolled by smoothly. When it was finally 17:00, I promptly left work and headed to our usual spot.

As expected, my guy tends to be tardy. He was thirty minutes late. He opened my car's passenger-side door.
"I'm sorry," he said, catching me reading.
"What are you sorry for?" I asked him, for I hadn't noticed how late it was.
"For be so late."
"It's okay. You're here now."
We both got into my guy's treehouse. I was wearing a navy blue skirt and looked down at my shoes.
"Converse sneakers don't exactly go with my skirt," I pointed out.
"You look great no matter what you wear," he tried to reassure me.
It seemed like ages since we had treehouse time.
"We only have twenty minutes," he said, explaining that he had to meet friends in an hour.
"So, we need to be in the express lane," I joked.
We kissed. I always enjoy how full and soft his lips are against mine. His left hand touched my thighs and nearly made it to my crotch until I started to squirm and laugh.
"I'm sorry for my cold hands," he said, which made us both laugh and hug each other tightly.
"It's like having ice cubes between my legs," I remarked.
We hugged for a couple of minutes.
"While we wait for my hands to warm up, we'll work on you," he said, lightly swatting my right buttock.
"You want to warm up my backside?" I asked him, playing a ditzy girl.
"Come over here," he said, guiding me over his lap.
"I don't know why you're about to spank me," I said.
My spanking began. Each smack wasn't too hard at first. He paused briefly to tease me. He was starting to pleasure my pussy. As I was getting more aroused with being fingered, he smacked each buttock.
"You are so mean," I said after he did this routine a couple of times.
"You're a bad girl, you know."
"I have to protest against this spanking," I said, using my left hand to protect my backside against his smacks.
Well, it was all in good fun, of course. He decided to smack my hand a number of times to see if I would remove it from my backside. I didn't. He smacked the backs of my thighs. I didn't move my hand. Finally, he removed it for me, moving it behind the small of my back and holding it down while spanking my backside hard. I loved every minute of it.

He plunged his fingers into my wet pussy and allowed me to come. My left hand shifted a bit, clasping my guy's hand as I came. It was awesome!

I slowly lifted myself off his lap and hugged him. I always feel the need to cuddle next to him after being spanked and pleasured.

I rested for a bit. I could tell that he wanted me to return the favour. I had asked him whether he wanted a handjob or blowjob. He said that there wasn't much time for the latter, so we went with the next best thing.

He was erect. It didn't take long for him to ejaculate. It helped that I was wearing a skirt and that I was kissing him on the lips before he came. He was dopey. I was trying to get out of that state. It was all good.

We kissed before we called it an evening. We'd both be at work tomorrow, but I wasn't sure whether I would see him. He was planning on leaving at 15:00 to catch his flight. Luckily, everything worked out nicely.

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