Sunday, November 03, 2013

Receving a thoughtful e-mail

My guy is travelling to Auckland for business and had a stop in San Francisco last night. He wrote a nice e-mail to me on Saturday morning.

We give each other pet nicknames. We have a lot of them! I started off calling him sleepyhead a while back, because he tends to travel a lot and is often jetlagged. I have seen him asleep at his desk, but it hasn't happened these days, simply because he seems to be constantly on the road.

In his e-mail, he called me sleepyhead, with the additional comment that he was assuming that I was still asleep. He knows that I tend to sleep better on weekends. I slept in till 10:00 on Saturday morning.

The best part of his e-mail was this excerpt:
Thanks a bunch for the nice cab service yesterday. That was the first time I felt the urge to kiss the cab driver ;)
He often has to call a cab from our office to the airport. It is barely a five-minute drive. From my recent experience, that trip costs anywhere between $25 to $35 CAD. It is a ripoff, but I wasn't doing it because I wanted my guy to save some money. Frankly, he can expense that charge.

I simply wanted to spend some time with him. I wanted to chat, hold his hand, and kiss him. I wanted to make sure that he was okay. I wanted to send him off on a good note.

My reply to his e-mail ended with this line:
I was happy to take an attractive guy to the airport yesterday. It made my day. 
His flight has taken off. In thirteen hours, he will be in Auckland. There is a seventeen-hour difference, so connecting on Skype will be challenging this week. We'll try and make something happen, as always.

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