Saturday, November 02, 2013

Bad girl being good by playing the role of a taxi driver

On Thursday, my guy and I spent lunch and a bit of time after work together. As always, it was terrific and meaningful.

My guy was leaving work on Friday at 15:00, heading to the airport to catch his flight. He is in New Zealand next week. I used to go into the office on Fridays, but I have changed it up within the past two months, opting to go into the office on Thursdays instead.

Well, I had an interview to conduct with a candidate on Friday. It was at 14:00. If I timed everything correctly, I would be able to drive my guy across the street to the airport.

Everything worked out well. The interview ended at 14:45. I grabbed my coat, talked briefly with three colleagues, and went downstairs to the training room. It was my first time using my fancy badge with the new security system. It worked like a charm.

I stood quietly next to my guy, who was on Facebook.
"Hello there!" he said, as he swivelled his chair so that he could look at me directly.
"Hey, you," I said. "Did you still need a lift to the airport?"
"I think that I'm going to call a taxi."
"I'm leaving work now. I can be your taxi driver," I replied.
"That's perfect. I am leaving, too," he said, smiling at me.
He gathered his belongings. We then walked out together.
"I always feel like I am missing something," he admitted.
"Do you have your passport, papers, head?" I asked him.
"I have my passport and papers," he said.
"What, no head?" I asked him, which made him laugh.
"Yes, I have my head," he said.
"You technically have two," I said, which made us both grin.
"You are bad," he said, hugging my waist as we walked towards our cars.
I was fortunate to have found a parking spot next to his car. I teased him that I had parked next to his car so that he could ask me for help locating it.
"You're so bad, teasing me because I am directionally challenged," he said to me, looking lovingly into my eyes.
"You always say that I am bad," I responded in a childlike voice.
He moved his luggage and computer bag into my car. He also got his blazer from his car. He always looks good, especially with this black blazer on. He also packed a bunch of protein shakes into his luggage and gave me one to try.

We chatted as I drove him to the airport. I stopped at the departures area. We talk way too much, to the point where the airport guy had to tell us to hurry up! My guy and I were holding hands as we were chatting. We finally decided that he had to check in.
"Are you going to be okay and behave? You know that when you don't, I get pissed off. You know what happens to bad girls when they piss me off?"
"Good things happen, like they did yesterday. Thank you," I said to him, hinting at the spanking that I got.
He got his bags out of my car's trunk. We kissed. He told me that we'd stay in touch, as always.

I am glad that I got to wish him a safe flight and drive him to the airport. It will be a long week without him, but I will be okay, as always.

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