Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lunch and love taps

On Monday morning, my guy wrote me an e-mail, asking if I wanted to do lunch. I sure did. I replied, indicating that I'd meet him at our usual restaurant. 

When I got to the restaurant's parking lot, I waited for a bit in my car. I would say that five minutes after I had parked there, he arrived and found my car. He opened my car door, I got out, and we walked in together.

We took off our coats before sitting down at the table. I looked at his shirt. In Las Vegas, I took a risk and bought him a brown dress shirt. I knew what collar size and arm length he wore, but I never feel comfortable buying shirts without him to try them on. This one fit him perfectly. He loved it. I was relieved! I got to touch him and his right shirt sleeve. He looked good in it and I told him so.

He said that wearing the shirt will always remind him of me. I said that his wearing this shirt would be as if I were hugging him all day long. He wanted underwear that did the same thing, which made me smile.

He looked at my pink sweater from Eddie Bauer that I was wearing (outlets rock!) and loved how it "hugged my tits." He really loved it. He told me that he was eager to see what was underneath my sweater. He also said that I looked especially cute today, and that he loved my cute chin and my lips.

We ate, laughed, and talked about work between these compliments that we were both dishing out to each other.

He was kind to pay for lunch. I thanked him again. He always likes the company, as do I.

We left the restaurant and he walked me to my car to "tuck me in." I got in it. He liked my Mickey Mouse steering wheel cover that I had purchased when we were both in New Jersey, shopping as if we weren't going to be in the States for a while.

He leaned in to kiss me. It was a long, nice kiss. I took his hat off and caressed his head. It was wonderful. We both agreed.

We drove back to work and he found where I had parked. We walked into our office building together, which has renovations going on. So, we had to stop by the training room where he is for the entire week.

We held hands. My left hand was cold. His was not. He remarked that it may be a first.

My guy gave me a couple of love taps on my left buttock. I playfully rubbed it and claimed that it hurt. He smiled, as did I. I love when he does that.

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