Sunday, November 10, 2013

Creatures of habit, cuddling away

I saw this picture on Facebook a week or two ago. It's sweet.

Over a week ago, my guy and I were having lunch. He tends to ask me, "What else?" when he is interested in hearing me chat away about various things. He is chatty, but he genuinely likes hearing what I have to say. So, I showed him this picture on my phone.
"It reminded me of us," I said. "I tend to rest my head against and my hand on your chest. I love cuddling up to you."
"You look much cuter, though," he said, analyzing the picture on my phone.
"That's sweet," I replied.
"But, my hands would be all over you," my guy said, nodding in agreement while bringing this point up.
"Not when we're both dopey after being intimate," I said. "Your paws would be down."
My guy smiled at me as we continued to eat.
"This picture is perfect. It even shows my slanty eyes," I said, smiling. 
My guy paused for a bit. He knew that it was okay to use slanty, as I was obviously okay with it.
"Having slanty eyes is one of the perks of being with a Chinese woman," he said.
I call him sweetie for a reason. He simply is one.

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