Monday, December 05, 2016

Affection, lounge hours, and Skype chats

I can always tell when my guy misses me. It all started before he left for his flight.

On Friday, after we had had lunch and some quality time, he reached for my hand and held it. I tend to be the one these days who will reach for his hand and beat him to the punch, simply because it's who I am. He reached for my hand when we were outside in gusty conditions and he wished me a safe drive home. I wished him safe travels.

When we had lunch that day, we had this conversation:
"I have two stops before I reach my destination," he remarked.
"I hope that you have time to hit a lounge, since you have reached elite status," I replied.
"I'm not sure whether that fancy lounge that we've been to will be open by the time I'm there. I am taking a redeye," he responded.
"I'm pretty sure that it's a 24-hour lounge," I replied.
I wasn't expecting him to call me just before his final flight. He did.
"Hey, the lounge was open and it was busy," he replied.
"See, I told you. Did you believe me? Nooo!" I teased.
"Yes, you were right. I had two bottles of my favourite yogurt drink," he said contently.
"That's good. There should be less whining on the plane," I remarked.
"I just had to share that with you," he told me.
"And, I have no yummy food," I teased.
"You never know. Maybe you'll be back there with me," he replied.
"I hope so. I don't have elite status!"
We actually texted on Skype till he had to put his phone away. It's always a sign that he misses me -- that he wants to talk to me as long as he can. The feeling is always mutual. It also feels good to be missed.


  1. I'm sure he always misses you, CB but it's nice to be able to chat and text with him as much as possible. Hope the time flies until he's home.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I agree. He's back in 1.5 weeks. It'll pass. =)