Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Playful chat on being a good girl

Texting on Skype is a lot of fun with my guy (MG).
Me: I'm being good
MG: Oh, no. Don't start with this again.
Me: I'm a goodie girl
MG: I had an indisputable confession from you
Me: In a goodie wo-o-rld
MG: No, no, no
Me: No, that doesn't count
MG: Of course, it does
Me: Nooo
MG: Yessss
Me: Noooo * infinity
Me: I win. Yay!
MG: Yessss infinity and beyond
MG: I win yay!
Me: Yes, Buzz
Me: Noooo
Me: Me win first!
MG: We'll see
Me: Okay, says this good girl
MG: Bad, very bad
Me: Nooooo. Good girl forever!
MG: Nope
Me: Oh, well. Just need to continue convincing you
MG: Won't work
It's fun acting like little kids. Playfulness is always encouraged, especially when we are kilometres apart.


  1. LOL CB...you're gonna keep pushing so you can get another long, hard spanking, aren't you. ;) Thanks for sharing your fun exchange.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It's becoming a fun hobby of mine to push his buttons!