Friday, December 09, 2016

Fixing more issues with my cell phone plan and having my photos credited on Facebook by one of my favourite music bands

A follow-up post about ironing out my cell phone plan issues. My sales rep wrote an e-mail on Thursday night, claiming that she had fixed everything. It appeared that way until I analyzed my plan's details carefully.

I was supposed to get a $10 per month discount on my plan. She managed to reimburse me for the last two months and add it to my plan going forward. However, to get this discount required moving my account from a business one to a residential one. Okay, no big deal.

What she did instead was create two accounts for me. One was a temporary one (why, I haven't got a clue) and the other was my new one. I get a corporate discount. Apparently, she applied this discount to the temporary one and not my actual account. I didn't figure this detail out until I spoke with a representative over the phone.

She also failed to give me Canada-wide long-distance calls on my plan yet again. So, this issue alone prompted me to call to have it slapped on. 

The service representative did a fantastic job fixing everything. I was impressed. I am a happy camper. My cell phone provider also increased my data limit each month. I have a ridiculous 7 GB each month. I don't know what I am going to stream away from home now!

On a wonderful note, one of my favourite music duos included two of my photos taken at their show in Toronto on the band's Facebook page. I am over the moon and about to faint!


  1. Why is it that in every call centre there are dozens of also-rans and only a few hot shots who will listen to all the conversation and look at all the issues.
    Having worked in an IT call centre for 17 years I know the answer, but would have to be very rude and dis-respectful to say.

    1. It happens. My first job after I got my undergraduate degree was at a call centre. The one that I worked at was a toxic environment, full of jealousy, backstabbing, and sabotage.

      I can't imaging working at that place for 17 years. I would have been committed by now!

  2. I companies seem to consistently have the worst track record with billing. So happy you finally got someone who was able to straighten it out. Congrats on getting your photos on your band's FB page. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I couldn't agree with you more, Cat. At least all has been fixed, but it is such a waste of time to deal with all these issues when they could have been avoided.

      I am still over the moon on having my photos posted on this band's Facebook page. Crazy, but I love it. =)