Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Good girl, bad girl

My guy and I like to send quick notes to each other. It's simply nice to know that we are thinking about each other.

I recent went to a supermarket that he had recommended to get basturma, which is a spicy version of pastrami. I told him about it in a quick e-mail. My closing salutation was the following:
Your good girl
He wrote back and opened with this salutation:
Hey there BAD girl
Yes, he likes calling me a bad girl. I enjoyed how he capitalized BAD.

It's always good to be his bad girl. It just means that another spanking is coming.


  1. I hope your man is not away for too long and that you get that good girl spanking soon.

    1. He came back the other day, so I am sure that I have a spanking session coming up soon. =)