Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Seeing my guy on Saturday and getting a spanking

My guy misses me a ton. The feeling is mutual.
"I get to see you on Saturday," my guy said.
"What time do you arrive?" I asked him.
"19:30," he said. "I can meet you somewhere."
"Sounds great. It'll be nice to kiss you again," I replied.
"It'll be nice to punish you," he stated seriously.
"Why? What did I do now?" I asked him rhetorically.
"You couldn't talk to me when I wanted to talk to you on Sunday," he reasoned.
"But, I asked you if it was okay and you said not to worry," I replied, in a mild whiny tone.
"I just wanted to make you feel good about being out with your friend," he replied.
"And, you're breaking the news to me today?" I asked him.
"Yes, because you're at work and work isn't fun."
That's true, especially when he isn't there with me. Of course, I am excited about seeing him and having a sore backside this weekend. The weekend can't come any sooner!


  1. ROFL CB...I knew he was gonna use that as a 'reason' to spank! My Matthew used to tell me not to worry and then spank. One time I said "Hey, you said not to worry" and he said "no reason to worry as you were always going to receive a spanking for that." LOL Have fun this weekend.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Haha! It's all about perspective, of course. =)