Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hearing his voice again is always sweet

My guy called me just over an hour ago.
"It's not too late for me to call, is it?" he asked politely.
"Nope. 23:30 is still early for me," I said.
He knows that I am a night owl. He called me from the gym. He is getting back to working out. He also missed hearing my voice.
"The hotel that I stayed at did not have a very good lounge. There were only drinks because it was Christmas and Boxing Day," he said.
"So, you're calling me to whine because you couldn't whine to any staff there," I said factually.
"Yes, you are my whining hotline," he said.
"Can you get me a bottle of wine the next time when you whine?" I teased.
"Yes, that's fair."
It was good to hear his voice, too.

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