Monday, December 26, 2016

Food poisoning and George Michael's passing on Christmas

Happy Boxing Day! I am still recovering from Christmas.

I had food poisoning from dinner on Christmas eve. I felt horrible for most of the day, especially with the sharp stomach pains that accompanied everything else that was happening.

I had a light dinner, which consisted mostly of soup and some yummy warm bread. I didn't want to take any chances.

I then learned that George Michael had passed away. I equate the 80's to be my decade. My mom bought my first four cassette tapes for me in the mid-80's. One of them was Wham's Make It Big. I loved that album so much. I still have the cassette tape!

He went on to do solo work. At first, I wasn't all that receptive to it, but it grew on me. As I grew older, I appreciated it more.

Like David Bowie, I have only seen George Michael once in concert. He was such a great singer and performer. He danced and sang with soul. I am so fortunate to have seen both these talents perform.

It is sad that they both died so soon. May George rest in peace.

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