Thursday, December 01, 2016

New car, new treehouse, new teasing

My guy called me on Wednesday night.
"I got a car," he told me with excitement.
"Great! What am I driving?" I asked him.
"I am driving a roomy Lexus," he said, which made us laugh at my attempt to break him down.
"Nice! Plenty of room in the backseat?" I hinted.
"Yes, it's a spacious treehouse," he replied.
He's happy with it. He got it on Tuesday night. It's an off-white colour.
"I can't wait to see and drive it," I teased.
"You can see it and say hello. It has a push button to start it," he stated.
"I can't wait to drive it," I reinforced.
"You can push the button and I can drive it," he replied. 
"I like pushing your buttons more," I joked.
It is fun teasing him. My mission to break him down so that I can drive his beloved car starts again.


  1. Not long now until your 34 spank session. I am sure he will let you drive after that.

    1. It's today! Here's hoping that I get to drive his car soon.

  2. Ooh, your guy got a sweet car! Hope the treehouse is as roomy as he thinks. You'll have fun trying it out...maybe you can use it for your big spanks session. Oh yes, you do love to push his buttons. :D

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I'll let you know how spacious the treehouse is. Button-pushing is becoming a fast pastime. =)