Thursday, December 15, 2016

Skype, shellac manicure, sleep, and spanking

My guy pinged me on Skype while I was waiting to see my doctor on Wednesday afternoon. Naturally, my appointment was running late.

I have never understood why things run that late with doctors in general. My appointment was at 13:00. I make it a habit to get there at the exact time of my appointment.

Anyway, my guy kept me company for a bit. I told him that I'd ping him once I was home. He was good with that.

Sadly, we never got around to talking to each other. I texted him and didn't hear back from him:
I'm home. Let me know when you're free.
Think you may be in dreamland =0
At 17:00, I had a manicure appointment. I had to use a Groupon by the end of the month before it expires. I got purple shellac polish, which is my favourite colour. My guy loves when I have purple polish on, as it turns him on even more.

He woke up while I was getting my nails done:
Where did you go?
You will be punished for this
You're in big trouble
My argument is that I shouldn't be spanked because he was his usual sleepyhead self. Naturally, that's not going to hold up well as a decent reason.


  1. Yeah, may as well face it. It is typical spanker logic. Once they decide that a spanking is due, may as well just accept it. You try to debate it, then you get spanked for arguing about it anyways.

    I so hate doctor appointments. Not because of any exam or procedure. It is the wait!

    I don't know how it is there in Canada, but if a patient is more than 20 minutes late for an appointment, they pay a missed appointment fee.

    But, they get to say you have to show up 15 minutes early and then I have to wait 40 minutes PAST the appointment time.

    Just try telling them you are deducting a late fee from your payment.. see how that goes :(

    oh well, what are you gonna do.

    amber xxx

    1. I agree. There isn't any point arguing. I just like to, even though I know that I am getting a spanking no matter what. =)

      There are some appointments here in Canada where you are charged for not cancelling within 24 hours. However, I haven't heard of getting dinged for being late showing up for an appointment. Perhaps it's because I am punctual that I don't pay attention. I must have been German in a previous life. =)

      The wait is a pain. Luckily, my doctor's waiting area has a TV, so it kills some time!

  2.'re guy found another reason for are racking up demerits and have one heck of a barn burner coming. LOL

    My doctor starts out running on time but as the day goes on, he can begin to run later. One of the reasons is because he takes his time with each never feel as though he is hurrying you. I try to schedule my appointments with him in either one of the first morning slots or in one of the first afternoon slots.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I do the same thing with doctor appointments. My appointment at 1 pm last Wednesday was the first one in the afternoon. She was still running late! Oh, well. It's the norm.