Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Anal sex after a spanking

My guy and I have been thinking about giving anal sex another try.

When we first gave it a try a few years ago, it didn't work out as planned. When I look back at our experience, it's rather comical.

We were both incredibly inexperienced. I wasn't spanked beforehand. We hadn't bought lubricant. We relied on our natural juices and the condom's lubricant to help us out. My head was also too close to the headboard, so it's amazing that I came out of the experience without a concussion. After that experience, I still wanted to give it a second attempt.

My guy and I talked about preparing while he was away and we constantly chatted on Skype. I agreed to get lubricated condoms. He would pick up the lubricant. I had arranged to book a hotel room, using my points for a free staycation. I was also responsible for getting my spanking implements. We both agreed to be far away from the bed's headboard.

He spanked me hard across both my black lacy panties and on my bare backside. He made me reach orgasm, so I was nice and wet.

My guy got out a condom and placed it on his erect member. He then asked me for the lubricant, which I was holding the whole time that I was being spanked. He applied it carefully.

I could feel some pressure at first when my guy entered me from behind. Once he was in, I felt good. He started off gently and slowly. He increased the in-and-out rate, which was incredible. I came a few minutes later.

My guy slowed it down a bit and then gave it a second go. This time, we both came simultaneously. It was exciting and nice. We were one. It felt special.

He pulled out and cleaned up. I took my time getting up to find my panties.

We both rested on the bed. He looked sweet as I held his face in my hands. He smiled at me, and then kissed me. He told me that he loved me more than ever. He liked the view that he got. He's such a sweet guy.

It was a wonderful, memorable, concussion-free night.


  1. Cripes. That was a good read. Loads of mind food in that tale.You are very generous to your guy. Will he reciprocate? Have a good Christmas.

    1. Thanks, Michael! I'll let you know when he reciprocates.

      Have a happy Christmas, too!