Thursday, December 29, 2016

Opening my 2011 time capsule and reflecting on my life then

I am on vacation till mid-week next week. It has been nice to sleep in and not deal with work-related issues.

I have been cleaning up around the house. I opened a box with tons of magazines and photos. It felt like I was opening a time capsule of sorts.

Most of the items in this box are from 2011. This particular year is significant for a number of reasons:
  • I went on a cruise in February and decided to change my eating habits, which led to my losing sixty pounds. I have kept it off ever since.
  • I injured my back in August, which required back surgery in late October.
  • My guy dropped hints that he liked me in September. We started dating in mid-October.
This box contained a few articles of clothing that are now way too big on me. I washed them last night and am ready to donate them.

I also found a number of magazines that I had subscribed to back then. Within recent years, I decided to cancel all my subscriptions, as they were a complete waste of paper. Many of these magazines were still in their own plastic wrap, in pristine condition.

It has been nice to read each issue. I have been reading a lot lately. I have missed reading for pleasure rather than for work.

Before my guy and I dated, he had visited India on a business trip and gave me a letter opener made of teak. It was also in this box.

On my cruise, I looked at a photo of me posing, barely on the ship for more than thirty minutes. I was at my heaviest weight. I looked happy in the photo, but I wasn't.

2011 was a whole bag of mixed emotions. It ended nicely, with a sweet guy who wanted to be with me at my worst state.

He has stuck by me ever since. I have supported him with challenges that were tossed at him. We make a good support couple, among other things.


  1. It's wonderful to look back and be content. And you should be! But it's your own strength that put you where you are right now, never forget that.
    It's wonderful to have a guy that loves you through thick and thin. But it's you that had to overcome difficulties and how well you did that.

    I admire you,

    1. Thanks for the reminder, Han. It means a lot. =)