Friday, December 23, 2016

Let's schedule a late afternoon meeting on a Friday, shall we?

I worked on Saturday. It helped that my guy was late dropping by the hotel. I finished my work just before he knocked on my door.

I was hoping to take Friday off in lieu of working Saturday. Instead, I have an interview to conduct at 15:30. Who schedules a late afternoon interview on the last Friday before Christmas holidays?

So, I am going to spend an hour driving across the greater Toronto area to get to the office for a one-hour interview. I can only hope that this candidate works out.

It isn't all that bad, though. I had to pick up some parcels about five minutes away from my workplace. Still, it has caused me to shift various errands around to accommodate this rather last-minute interview.

C'est la vie. La vie est tellement maudite.


  1. Bet you choose a her for the job this time around.

    1. She was okay. She's the type who just done what she is told regardless of whether she thinks that it is the right or wrong choice.