Monday, December 12, 2016

Texting with my guy on a snowy Sunday afternoon

I woke up to a couple of nice messages from my guy. He knows that I like sleeping in on weekends.

My guy loves to sleep. I tend to greet him with wakey, wakey. He reciprocated today, which was sweet.

It was snowing all over the greater Toronto area. It's still snowing as I type!

On Sunday, I went out in the early afternoon with a friend to exchange Christmas cheer and gifts early. My guy (MG) texted me while I was walking into a store.
MG: How is your snowy day excursion going so far?
Me: Good. Shopping and in one piece!
MG: One piece is good
Me: How are you doing?
MG: I made it to Moldova
MG: You wanna chat a bit?
Me: Good
Me: Sadly, I can't chat. I'm with a friend
Me: Am I in trouble?
MG: No worries
MG: We can do that tomorrow
Me: Yay!
MG: Happy shopping
Me: I can be a good girl
MG: We'll discuss that tomorrow
Me: Thanks! Hope you have a good evening.
Me:  No, me good girl!
MG: Thanks
MG: You're sweet, pretty, sexy.... etc., but not good
Me: Mr meanie!
MG: That is me
My guy is definitely in a good place. He doesn't have to deal with wintry weather for a week.


  1. Funny how they never seem to think we can be good girls.

    My boyfriend says the only time I am good is when I am asleep.

    HAH.. If only he knew some of the dreams I have, eh?

    Hope you have a good "chat" tomorrow ;)

    amber xxx

    1. Thanks for making me smile, Amber. We really are good. =)

  2. LOL CB...aren't you the sly just gave him another reason for a spanking. ;) Stay safe on the roads.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I try my best, Cat!

      Thanks. The snowy drive was fine, but there were over 400 accidents within that snowfall.