Friday, December 08, 2017

Sharky, pleasure, and math

It has been a while since I wrote about Sharky, a software development manager with whom I work on various documentation tasks. These days, we have a ton of software releases for existing customers. Naturally, they need release notes and documentation.

Last Friday, we crossed paths. My team was working on a major software release and we had to build our documentation. It's a long story, but it does take some time, even with some tasks being somewhat automated.

He indicated that there would be only one trouble report (it's essentially a bug report in either the software or documentation) to indicate in the release notes. I was good with that.

On Monday, I followed up with him. He had changed his story. There were 21 trouble reports and counting! Okay, being a one-year-old toddler versus a 21-year-old undergraduate student is a huge difference. Why can't he count properly?!

Anyway, this past Monday, he assigned me a trouble report to work on. It was incorrectly dubbed as a documentation issue for our part of the software, when it should go to a different writer. I wrote an e-mail to him to explain things. I indicated that he could reassign it to another writer or I could simply reject the trouble report.
"Cutiebootie, I reassigned the report," he said to me.
"Thanks. I wasn't sure whether you wanted to reassign it or have me reject it, which I enjoy," I said.
"I didn't realize that it gave you pleasure -- that it is pleasurable for you," he said.
Of note, Sharky has a thing for me. My guy and I have discussed various actions that he does or says that supports his attraction. My guy often teased me by saying, "But, Cutiebootie, he lusts after you."

My manager had heard the pleasure and pleasurable references. His eyebrows automatically raised as his eyes got larger. Last year, he went on about how Sharky resembles George Clooney. Although I don't see it, I still tease my manager by saying that Sharky is his boyfriend.

Ah, what fun!

I told my guy about it. Naturally, he takes it in good stride.
"He has good taste in women. Anyone would lust after a cute Chinese girl like you," he admitted.
"You're sweet. He's creepy, though. And, he can't count!"
I don't do well being with someone who can't do simple math. Thank goodness my guy and I are math nerds.


  1. As soon as you said Sharky went from 1 trouble report to 21+, I knew you and he were not compatible. LOL Have a good weekend.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. LOL! Yeah, the counting issue is an obstacle. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too. =)