Tuesday, December 12, 2017

First snowfall

We got our first snowfall this winter on Tuesday. It happened just before 16:00. Yep, just before rush hour begins. How fitting!

A colleague indicated that he was going home early and would work from home. I liked that idea and followed suit, indicating to my team to do the same, if they wanted to. Our manager was at an appointment in the afternoon. Perfect!

It was good that I had left the office early. It took me nearly two hours to get home. On a good day, I can get home in forty minutes.

I'm getting winter tires installed on my car on Wednesday. My timing is a bit off, but it's better a bit late than not at all.

My guy is fortunate to be missing all this snow. However, the first snowfall is always nice to look at.


  1. yes, better late than never. be safe!

  2. I agree CB, the snow is lovely...as long as you and/or your loved ones don't have to be out in it. Say safe!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat