Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Plans and spanking checklist of important items

I like when plans and arrangements fall into place. It's nice.

I put in some hours at work on Saturday. I indicated to my manager that I would be cutting my day short on Wednesday, which is today. It gives me time to hit a bakery to get some vegan baked goods for a potluck snackfest at work this Thursday. I have one vegetarian in the group who cannot eat anything with egg in it. Often, I see her excluded from celebrations involving cake. So, I'm going to fix that problem for our gathering.

Wednesday is also when I check in to my hotel room. I like when I have enough points to do a mini staycation. My guy flies in on Thursday morning, so it makes sense to have a room for some quality time and relaxation.

I am all packed. I always feel like I am missing something, though.

Spanking implements? I have a leather paddle and a wooden ruler. He can also use his hand on my backside, which I prefer the most.

His favourite clothing items before they come off me: Black lacy panties and bra? Check. Short skirt? Yep. Low-cut sweater? Definitely.

To say that we are both looking forward to seeing each other is quite the understatement!


  1. Sounds like you're all set and ready to go! Have fun!

  2. Think your checklist has all the essentials. Prefer the leather paddle to the wooden ruler, but that's just me. But a firm, loving hand is the most intimate and satisfying. Bottom's up!

    1. I'm a hand and wooden ruler girl, but I do like the leather paddle, too.