Thursday, December 14, 2017

New winter tires and shuttle driver comparison

Wednesday was a long day. It was also a good one.

I finally got my winter tires installed on my car. It makes a huge difference. I'm glad that I got them.

I had to get a shuttle ride home and back to the car servicing centre. I had two different shuttle drivers.

Some drivers need to work on their conversational skills. I felt like I was being interrogated by the first driver.
"What's wrong with your car?" he asked me, pulling out of the service area.
"There's nothing wrong with it. I'm getting winter tires," I replied.
"Are you parents Chinese?" he asked me.
"Yes," I replied.
"How long have you been in Canada?" he asked me.
"All my life," I replied.
"How long is that?" he asked.
"I'm not telling you. I would be revealing my age," I said firmly.
The interrogation stopped. I turned the table and asked him about cruises that he has been on.

On the contrary, I enjoyed chatting with the driver going to the service centre to pick up my car.
"Hi there," I said, getting into the van.
"Hello. Cold, huh?" he asked me.
"I used to live in Winnipeg. Today is a good day," I replied (-14°C).
"You must be a good winter driver," he concluded.
"You do learn how to drive in winter conditions when you are in Winnipeg," I replied.
We ended up talking about his winter driving experiences in Tokyo and more. He had one other customer to pick up. We all ended up chatting about being a mail carrier (this customer's mail carrier had just handed him his mail while he was walking towards the van).

When I was doing paying and getting my paperwork, my service advisor shook my hand, and wished me a happy Christmas and 2018 to come. He's a good person.

I drove home happy with my new wheels.


  1. I do agree that some drivers could stand to take a course in good conversational skills. I've taken lots of cabs (now that the parents don't travel well) and some of them I just want to strangle.

    Hurray for winter (safe!) tires!

    1. That's a good idea. Perhaps this conversational skills course should be mandatory for such drivers. He was missing a bright light on me to complete the interrogation process!

      I love my winter tires. So far, so safe. =)