Friday, December 22, 2017

Meaningful hugs with my directionally challenged guy

My guy's plane was scheduled to arrive at 07:30 on Thursday. The plane had touched down ten minutes early. However, he had to wait longer for his luggage.

I could have slept in more, but got up just before 07:00. My outfit consisted of a short pair of blue shorts with a floral pattern and a purple v-neck sweater. A matching pair of lacy black bra and panties were underneath.

My guy eventually arrived at my hotel room at 08:35. I opened the door and we embraced lovingly. It was the I-have-missed-you-so-much type of hug. The door wasn't even closed yet!

We finally moved a couple of steps into the room and closed the door. We hugged some more, with a few tender kisses squeezed in. I got to caress his uniform head, which I find sexy.
"Can I freshen up?" he asked.
"Sure," I said, taking his coat.
My guy opened my closet. I pointed to the washroom.
"Directionally challenged still... some things never change," I remarked.
"Yep, I'm still me," he said, smiling, and headed in the right direction.
It was great to have him back.


  1. Sounds like nothing has changed - which is all good as far as you're concerned, i'm sure. hope you had a lovely time catching up!

    1. Thanks, Fondles! It has been great catching up with each other so far. =)

  2. That is always such a special moment upon being reunited with a lover after time apart built up longing and anticipation of rediscovery. Especially when it is in a hotel room where you can close out the rest of the world. Happy for you.

    1. Thanks, Styxman! It's nice being in our own little bubble, shutting the world out.