Monday, February 27, 2017

Testing out seats in my guy's car and cuddling two woolly guys

On Saturday, my guy and I met at work at 15:30. I am the punctual one. I got there twenty minutes early. My guy made the effort to get there on time. He was only three minutes late, which is pretty good. Sometimes, it's far worse.

We parked next to each other. We both got out of our cars. I asked if I could drive his car and fix the slight crookedness of his parked car. He just told me to get into the car. I did. The driver's side.
"No, get back here," he told me, pointing out our treehouse.
"But, I've never been in the front seat. Can I at least sit here?" I asked him.
"Sure," he replied.
"It's nice. I'm a step closer to driving your car," I said enthusiastically.
"Keep dreaming," he stated bluntly.
"That's not nice. Your seat is warm. It's nice."
I then got out of the front seat and joined him in the treehouse.
"Can I have your car keys?" I asked him.
"Um, nope," he replied. "You can have these gifts instead."
My guy is sweet. I wasn't expecting gifts. The first one was a purple plush sheep.
"It's purple woolly!" I exclaimed.
"It had your name written all over it. I had to get it for you," he explained.
"He's huge. He's like a second pillow," I noted.
"He is. You can cuddle him," my guy said, watching me automatically cuddle purple woolly.
"I will, like I do with you," I said, which made him smile.
My guy also got me a practical gift. It's a car trash can that you loop over the headrest. I teased that he thought that I was messy. He knows that I like thoughtful gifts. He actually bought himself one and showed me how it works, which was great.

The gift were a nice start. I then cuddled with my true woolly guy who had a wool coat on.


  1. What a thoughtful guy...even if he doesn't trust you with his car. LOL Happy you two had a lovely time cuddling. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I love my purple woolly. Cuddling up to him reminds me of my guy. I don't miss him as much.