Sunday, February 05, 2017

Checking in to let me know that my guy made it safely

My guy is sweet. On Saturday, he made the effort to check in with me, to let me know that he made it safely to Chennai.

He never takes it for granted that I am always thinking about him when he is on the road. I know how tired, sleepy, and hungry he tends to be when he travels. I don't nag him to let me know when he has arrived at his destination. I simply know that, once he is well-rested, he will text or call me.

The nicest part about our texting conversation was that he sent me a blowing-a-kiss emoji. Normally, I am the one who initiates it. It was nice that he did that first this time, despite how tired and sleepy he was.

I am thinking that the time change should be a bit easier for him, since he now faces a 4.5-hour difference between Brussels and Chennai. Then again, he has a worse time adjusting to timezones than I do.


  1. So happy your guy checked in with you, thoughtful. I'm with your guy...I do not handle time changes very well either. Hang in there...he'll be home soon.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I totally agree with you that you and my guy are related in a past life. It takes him a few days to get used to a new timezone. For me, it takes me a day or two, depending on how bad the time difference is.

      Here's hoping that the weeks fly by!