Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker... I finally saw it!

I had a pretty long Friday. I departed my home at 06:50 to speak with six candidates at a university. My manager and I were interviewing them for our co-op student program in the summertime. They were all friendly, bright folks. Coincidentally, they were all female.

I drove my manager over to the university. Afterwards, I took him to a couple of places that my guy had recommended shopping-wise, as I was in my guy's neighbourhood. My boss loved both stores. Naturally, to complicate things, there was snow here and there. However, we're Canadians. Driving in snow should not be shocking when it's winter!

When I got home, I was tired, but not tired enough to look up movie times for Saturday for Fifty Shades Darker. I decided on a matinee. I looked at the seats that had been already purchased. The theatre still had plenty of seats, so I knew that I was good.

My guy texted me at 11:30 am. I had woken up about 45 minutes earlier (I love sleeping in on weekends) and was eating breakfast. I then headed out when my guy and I talked on Skype.

He is looking forward to my thoughts on the movie. I will share them with him when I talk to him on Sunday. You, lucky reader, get to read some of my thoughts about the movie right now.

Although the movie is two hours in length, it didn't feel like it. This second movie out of the trilogy was better than the first. The focus was on Christian wanting to be with Ana again and how they both compromised to get to a happy medium in their relationship. Christian opened up more to Ana. The whole dominant-submissive-contract deal was dropped.

I liked how happy they both were together and how they constantly worked on their love for each other. Of course, there were plenty of steamy scenes. There was a decent spanking, which made me think about my guy spanking me over the edge of a bed. I also loved the lovetap that Christian gave Ana when he put her over his shoulder. The elevator scene reminded me of the shenanigans that my guy and I have shared over the years.

The movie was darker with quite a number of folks from Christian's past wreaking havoc on Ana and Christian's relationship. The pace was fast to cram everything in, but it worked for me.

The spreader intrigued me. I liked how it was used by Christian to pleasure Ana orally. Christian then flipped her over and they had anal sex.

It was a highly enjoyable movie. I will probably see it again at the theatre with my guy. He would like the movie because it is more focused on working on the romance part of the relationship. Christian comes across as being more human. The coldness goes away as the movie progresses.

I decided to pre-order the digital download of the movie, which allows me to view it before the DVD is officially out. It's a first for me. The digital download will contain edited-out scenes, such as the playing pool scene in which Ana loses, gets spanked over the pool table, and then has sex on the table with Christian.

One final thought: I was the last person to leave the theatre. I waited for all the credits to roll. Why? A preview of Fifty Shades Freed followed. So, if you do watch the movie, stay till the end.

I am one happy fan.


  1. Congratulations, CB...happy you got to see and enjoyed the movie. I'm sure you will enjoy it even more when you see it with your guy. My youngest DIL took my son to see it tonight and posted a picture of them at the theater before the movie started...he did not look thrilled. LOL She loved the first one so am sure she loved this one also. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. That's funny that you mentioned how excited your son was to be dragged into seeing the movie. There were only two guys watching the movie on Saturday! I hope that your daughter-in-law enjoyed the movie as much as I did. =)

  2. Hi CB, I can't wait, we are going on Wednesday :). Glad you enjoyed it.
    love Jan, xx

    1. Have fun this Wednesday! I hope that you enjoy the flick as much as I did and can't wait to hear your thoughts about it. =)