Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Long weekend is made for geeky projects and sleepyheads

It has been a three-day weekend for me, thanks to Family Day. Unfortunately, it has come to an end.

I have been fiddling around with geeky computer tasks that I once did often. For the longest time, my Mac mini has been without a speaker system. I finally got that resolved. I also ended up doing a few video conversions, so that I can play some of my videos on my phone. Don't worry -- nothing racy!

My guy continues to recover from jet lag. He told me that he is "sleeping around." I told him that he is my sweet slutty sleepyhead, which made him chuckle.

The Fifty Shades Darker DVD allegedly comes out in May. Pre-orders are already available on Amazon! I am going to hold off. Last time, Best Buy had a nice commemorative set that I snatched up last year for Fifty Shades of Grey. I am hoping for something similar with the second movie.


  1. Sounds like a lovely 3 day weekend. Hope you get another bargain. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat! Here's to long weekends and deals. =)